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Meeting on Tue December 9th 2014 to discuss HOT activation. Lasted about 2 hours.

The specific Hackpad is still the live shared document for the Working Group to exchange ideas.


To be added.

Action points

  • To be added.

Previously the AWG meeting should occur monthly every 2nd Tuesday. The next one would then be January 13th, 2015 2PM UTC.

IRC log

14:56 MarkC: Im here for he Activation Workgroup Meeting .. :)
14:57 sev_hotosm: I am here on smartphone
14:58 MarkC: Hi Sev
15:00 harry-wood: hello
15:00 BlakeGirardot: Hi everyone
15:00 sev_hotosm: How are you?
15:00 sev_hotosm: And where are gou currently?
15:00 pgiraud: currently under the hood, the progress status can be "invalidated", "ready", "done", "validated"
15:00 pgiraud: I don't think that "unmarked" (ie. "invalidated") needs to be specific
15:01 MarkC: @sev Tired .. but Ok .. Im in Dumaguete, Negros, Southern Philippines
15:01 althio: got it pgiraud
15:01 MarkC: Hi Harry, whats happening with the BBC?
15:02 harry-wood: Thanks for all your work on this MarkC
15:02 harry-wood: I'm lined up to talk on BBC radio at 7pm
15:02 MarkC: Its a pleasure, could hav ebeen our place, both times, not a burden at all ..
15:02 MarkC: Cool, so no video then :)
15:03 harry-wood: no video no. Should be recorded on the internet again though I think
15:04 sev_hotosm: Interview will be about Hagupit?
15:04 harry-wood: Yeah it'll be in relation to Typhoon Hagupit
15:05 harry-wood: They'll no doubt be interested in any specifics of how aid agencies are using our stuff for it
15:05 sev_hotosm: So let us start the AWG
15:06 MarkC: All Ears
15:06 sev_hotosm: Are there people interested for a very brief summary of current activations?
15:06 MarkC: Yes ..
15:06 harry-wood: yes
15:06 althio: of course
15:06 CGI223: yes
15:06 MarkC: mkl will join in 15 mins
15:07 sev_hotosm: So Mark please start with Hagupit. Let us have aframe like: Objectives, current state, next steps
15:07 sev_hotosm: Other suggestions?
15:09 sev_hotosm: Maybe everyone having to report can start typing otherwise it will take a long time
15:10 MarkC: Ok, briefly, RC through Dale asked us to Activate. We have done Pre-Disaster Mapping. Typhoon Track bounced all over the place. HIU was able to supply imagery for areas with No Hio Res Bing. Focus is now on finsihing tasks in East Samar and West Samar North and OSuth fo Track, Roads, Infra, etc. No request for Post Disaster yet, Currently do not expect any. ARC handed over to ICRC, waiting for their needs
15:11 harry-wood: This is the wiki page for it
15:12 harry-wood: I like the new "track" image. Is that on umap somewhere too?
15:12 MarkC: Mappimng interest i srelatively low as poor media coverage, but progressing slowly. First task was 90% done in 5 hours, but interest waned.
15:13 sev_hotosm: Hopefully it has not been as catastrophic than Haiyan. Dozen of casualties though
15:13 MarkC:
15:13 sev_hotosm: This is classic regarding participation
15:13 harry-wood: Yes my impression is that it weakened a lot just before landfall unlike haiyan
15:14 sev_hotosm: Would be god to still promote what needed to be completed
15:14 sev_hotosm: Ebola?
15:14 MarkC: No, so far low casualties. We are hoping for a no repeat of Pablo, where announcements were low numbers but changed a few days later. Everyone here trads lightly with the numbers. Mayor of Borongon denyng deaths related to Typhoon
15:14 harry-wood: In the UK I think we must be low on news. This did actually get a good slot on the evening news
15:15 sev_hotosm: Are Andrew or Pierre B here?
15:15 sev_hotosm: Same on French medias
15:16 harry-wood: I'm talking to the Missing Maps organsers at 4pm, so I'll ask them if they think Hagupit will be a good priority by monday
15:18 MarkC: They had an RHoK event last weekend. Some contrivbuted to Phls Activation
15:18 sev_hotosm: For CAR, objectives are to have a consolidated mapping, now focusing on refugee areas in close countries like Cameroon. Will launch a soecific task to monitor the road network. Fran Boon is in Bangui as a telecom Consultant and promoting/teaching OSM on bis free time
15:18 sev_hotosm: He joined the Activation coordination for CAR
15:19 sev_hotosm: HIU will also provide imagery on some Bing holes
15:19 MarkC: #777 was a task I helped Set up for Camaeroon. They had a MapaThin last weekend too
15:20 sev_hotosm: I am currently in Mali and would like to coordinate with the remote Activation
15:21 harry-wood: I noticed you used a wiki page to list tasks in a big table: Is that working well? I guess it could be powered by the task manager instead somehow
15:22 sev_hotosm: Great if it can be fed automatically. Aim is tracking what has been chronologically
15:23 sev_hotosm: And stroed in the OSM wiki
15:24 BlakeGirardot: I think that gets to the TM2 does not currently have a way to group projects.
15:24 sev_hotosm: I will present and teach OSM to the UN IM/GIS working group in Bamako
15:25 sev_hotosm: I know what we need from them, but if you also have a specific aspect in mind, please tell me
15:26 sev_hotosm: BlakeGirardot Nitika should solve this
15:27 BlakeGirardot: Good point.
15:27 MarkC: There are some issue sabout who shoudl create Groups. very limited number of people, or gorups will be as common as tasks are now. I have a bunch f Git Issues in for improvements based on recent experience
15:29 harry-wood: Didn't we used to have some sort of "tags" feature? which would essentially let us group things
15:30 MarkC: Anyone can add a tag and ther projet shows up. It is too open. Had that with recent activation, soemone added Ruby to some old projects. They got removed
15:30 MarkC: The ruby Tags, taht is. Can reduce focus
15:30 BlakeGirardot: Really? Where are the tags in teh the TM2?
15:31 sev_hotosm: AndrewBuck update on Ebola Activation?
15:31 AndrewBuck: Not much to add really. The activation is kind of slowing down
15:31 MarkC: @BG, in teh Subject line, it will search on content there
15:31 pgiraud: harry-wood, tags don't exist in V2
15:31 AndrewBuck: We are getting to the point where there is not a lot left to map that would be relevent.
15:32 harry-wood: AndrewBuck which activation you mean now?
15:32 AndrewBuck: I lost my connection last night so don't have the scrollback. Is the the activation work group?
15:32 AndrewBuck: harry-wood: talkking about the ebola activation
15:32 sev_hotosm: Yes
15:33 jeeltcraft: pgiraud I'm here
15:33 jeeltcraft: I'm Laura camellini
15:34 sev_hotosm: AndrewBuck so working on completing holes, validation, etc?
15:34 pgiraud: BlakeGirardot was looking for you
15:34 mkl1: hi i'm back. a few comments after reading back.
15:34 AndrewBuck: sev_hotosm: yes, that can of course be done. There is always more to do. But I think we are approaching the point where shifting the focus to other activations makes more sense.
15:34 jeeltcraft: BlakeGirardot: if you explain the problem I'll answer with what I know of moodle
15:35 AndrewBuck: For example the typhoon response, and the ongoing work in Nigeria and elsewhere in africa
15:35 sev_hotosm: I will organize a mapping party from Bamako on this Saturday, what could be the best MLi TM to focus on ?
15:36 mkl1: sev_hotosm: wasn't clear if you're imagery requests are fulfilled or will be. if there are new requests, please submit asap. we developed an improved process over the weekend, which should help make this work easier
15:36 jeeltcraft: BlakeGirardot: you can ask in pvt also
15:37 mkl1: on OSMTM groups, you all probably saw that pgiraud is working with Nikita on improving the front page of the OSMTM. I would bet this would be one of the features of focus
15:37 MarkC: @mkl It Works GREAT!
15:38 mkl1: for the ebola response, agreed, we've reached the limit of what we can do remotely. but from talking with IM folks there, there are still needs to fill in more details and improve data.
15:39 mkl1: but this can only effectively be done with workflows based with people present locally. whether IM officers, or local folks.
15:39 rbanick: mkl1, are you saying that experienced folk can help remotely with those tasks, or that we should leave them to IMers on the ground?
15:39 AndrewBuck: Yeah, I argued with a few people in the skype chat trying to get them to contribute data on the gorund but they all think it is impossible.
15:40 AndrewBuck: rbanick: I think his point was just that, experienced or not, we have mapped most of what is visible in the imagery in a lot of the area there. There is just not much left to map other than POI info and names and such
15:41 mkl1: i think that remote folks could help, but it would need to be well integrated with workflows based with folks on the ground
15:41 mkl1: for instance, they may not need to contribute to OSM directly. but would need to post collected data somewhere.
15:41 AndrewBuck: yes, like processing walking papers or digging through geotagged pics. Stuff we can help with but not without data to crunch and that data can only come from the ground.
15:41 mkl1: whether a shapefile on ebolageonode. or a photograph of drawings on a paper map
15:42 mkl1: the hard part is to task IMers on the ground
15:42 AndrewBuck: That worked pretty well for lubumbashi, but the workflow was really hacked together. Would be good to get something equivalent to the TM but for walking paper scans.
15:44 rbanick: @AndrewBuck - agreed. Walking paper integration would be a beautiful thing from a field perspective
15:44 AndrewBuck: Basically just a web app that you could upload a zip file of page scans and then they get dumped in a queue for people to look at/mark complete/validate
15:44 AndrewBuck: Uploading one at a time to the WP site is a major pain.
15:44 mkl1: rbanick: would ARC folks on the ground be in position to do data collection?
15:45 rbanick: @mkl1 I wouldn't be too optimistic. There are no ARC folks, only responders from the larger Red Cross movement. So we're not well positioned to make specific requests like that
15:46 sev_hotosm2: There is the big task over Juba that is progressing slowly but surely
15:46 sev_hotosm2: Sorry I was disconnected
15:46 rbanick: Our default is to be responsive to their needs and work with HOT if those needs can be met by HOT. So right now they're not requesting anything that requires data collection, ergo we aren't requesting anything from HOT
15:46 mkl1: ok. i understand UNMEER is deploying IM officers to every affected district. but similarly, major coordination issue
15:46 rbanick: I would try to work with Andrej Verity to get UN connections going. If anyone was going to make it happen it'd be him.
15:47 rbanick: But again, not optimistic
15:47 sev_hotosm2: Sorry what is the topic?
15:47 rbanick: What role HOT still has to play with the ebola activation
15:49 rbanick: My perspective is that we likely will have one or two more things to contribute, but right now we can move to a more "standby / monitoring" role until we get specific requests or intelligence
15:50 mkl1: agreed
15:51 BlakeGirardot: I think there must still be data clean up to do, tagging roads properly, making sure roads are connected and such
15:51 mkl1: i gotta run. but wanted to ask. has this group been looking at documentation of activation processes at all? or has that more moved into the training working group?
15:52 mkl1: for instance, after we tweaked the imagery coord process over the weekend, I tried to quickly capture that in the wiki. still needs refinement and clean up. but i didn't want to lose that.
15:52 mkl1:
15:53 mkl1: ok gotta go
15:54 russdeffner: It hasn't been part of the Training WG agenda, not sure about this wg
15:54 BlakeGirardot: We did talk about in the TWG a while back, but not much since, but I have been trying to get a fuller picture of the process to help with documentation
15:55 BlakeGirardot: At least defining what needs to be done at a somewhat high level, all the individual tasks and such that need to be done
15:55 BlakeGirardot: for an activation.
15:56 MarkC: FYI: Philippine red Cross and NDRRMC (National Disaster Reduction .... I forget the rest) are arguing overg the Ruby Death Toll ..
15:57 rbanick: gotta love politics in the Philippines
15:58 MarkC: No kidding .. really ..
15:59 rbanick: regarding Mikel's bit about documentation, would anyone be interested in working on that with me? I could allocate a few hours in the next two weeks to draft some things if I had a partner
15:59 MarkC: Yes, me. :)
16:00 rbanick: brb
16:04 MarkC: #RubyPh is off the Twitter Trending List
16:08 pierzen2: Hi All, about Ebola, now in a phase to interact with UNMEER, support for data request. About field data collection, a workflow to build. But surely long term action. We do not progress in the emergency with this. Teams not prepared. We have to assure that ODK tools integrate OSM, that NGO's plan to collect and send data to OSM. We should discuss wh
16:08 pierzen2: at we plan to do with ODK developments.
16:09 AndrewBuck: Hey everyone... just got off a skype call with someone from the London school of hygeine and tropical medicine...
16:09 AndrewBuck: They have a csv file of all the cases of ebola from WHO that they are trying to geocode, and I suggested feeding them into nominatim.
16:09 pierzen2: For the TM main page, I made many propositions in the past. We should find a place to discuss developments and not be placed in a situation like at the beginning of Ebola with many new elements without discussion.
16:10 AndrewBuck: Is there someone who could hack together (or pull up) a simple script to bulk feed them into nominatim at 1 per second and store the results?
16:12 AndrewBuck: I will cross post this request in #osm as well just so more people who might have the ability to do such a thing see it.
16:19 sev_hotosm: Sorry my connection is very erratic
16:19 sev_hotosm: pierzen2 I agree about having a WG on the TM improvements
16:20 sev_hotosm: Sorry I missed everything and cannot see the log, was there any discussion about South Sudan?
16:21 BlakeGirardot: No, not yet sev
16:21 sev_hotosm: Would there be someone motivated to join the Activation coordination?
16:21 sanderd17: AndrewBuck, 50 000 records, @ 1/s, that would have to run 13 hours. Or are there many equal strings to look up?
16:22 AndrewBuck: no, 13 hours is right
16:22 sanderd17: And what's the format to look up the strings?
16:23 AndrewBuck: He tried a table join in arcgic but only matched up about 300 or so because of all the varous spelligns of town names and whatnot. ArcGIS join only matches the exact name.
16:23 AndrewBuck: I don't have it, he can provide some "dummy data" in the same format though if someone is interested in coding the thing.
16:23 sanderd17: dummy data would be welcome
16:23 AndrewBuck: Obvously the real data can't be shared for confidentiality reasons.
16:24 sanderd17: it's the only way to decide if I could do it or not :D
16:25 BlakeGirardot: sev, I am happy to help with the South Sudan activation if I can.
16:25 MarkC: @sev, what is HOT's role in South Sudan?
16:25 AndrewBuck: Sure. It is not difficult, I could almost do it myself but am so bad at scripting I would spend more time learning to deal with the various bits than it would take someone more experienced to do it properly.
16:26 AndrewBuck: I pinged him about getting some dummy data, should hear back shortly I expect
16:29 Zverik: [18:27] Zverik: AndrewBuck: well, I have a solution that's unnecessary complex and interactive :)
16:29 Zverik: Zverik: AndrewBuck:
16:29 Zverik: [18:28] Zverik: (basically *.js and index.html from there, if you don't need building contours)
16:29 Zverik: [18:29] Zverik: you would need to change geocodeLine() function to just one line, tryGeocode('nominatim', n, toGeocode[n][0])
16:29 Zverik: Zverik: (keeping n>= ... check)
16:29 Zverik: (sorry, cc from #osm)
16:30 Zverik: I wrote this script just last weekend for a russian project of geocoding some thousand buildings in saint-petersburg, but it could help your case
16:30 AndrewBuck: interactive could be good actually. Will pass it along. Thanks zverik
16:31 Zverik: mail me to, I'll reply with a guide for using that
16:31 sev_hotosm: MarkC we activated last year in South Sudan around Christmas
16:31 sev_hotosm: Interactions with some humanitarian orgs
16:36 MarkC: @BG is interested? I could help him out .. I still have Tharparker in the background as well
16:37 BlakeGirardot: I am glad to help if I can, I have not had any interaction with outside organizations, but organizaing projects, imagery, review, training, etc, I can do.
16:38 sev_hotosm: But the media focus became low since despite the situation is basically bad�
16:38 althio: I could be interested too as a 'trainee' for Activation but I doubt I can give so much time and availability yet
16:38 BlakeGirardot: data clean up in OSM from projects etc
16:39 MarkC: Tharparker has worsened as well ..
16:39 MarkC: I sthere much traffic between the Aid Organizations and HOT?
16:39 sev_hotosm: Monitoring the humanitarian Information Management (aka IM) maps and reports to identify/precise AOIs
16:39 sev_hotosm: Is also important
16:40 BlakeGirardot: I see sev
16:41 MarkC: @BG, if you want to get involved, I wil back you up, and Andrew, Piere and Sev can back me up, as they always do :)
16:42 sev_hotosm: Yes the aim is to have more coordinators :)
16:42 BlakeGirardot: Ya, luckily they have been very helpful with me as well so far
16:42 BlakeGirardot: So I will follow up with you sev about what I might be able to help with.
16:42 sev_hotosm: We can set a specific meeting in which I would present what we have
16:43 althio: Count me in then, we will see if I have what it takes
16:43 BlakeGirardot: Oh that sounds great if you have the time
16:43 sev_hotosm: Eg the road network needs to be really improved
16:44 BlakeGirardot: And you have local contacts in South Sudan?
16:45 sev_hotosm: MarkC not mucb traffic now, but during the fights in the first months, IRC, Mapaction and a few others made requests
16:46 sev_hotosm: BlakeGirardot no, will try in the IM/GIS group though. Someone else from WFP was interedted ans about to coordinate but may haveeft tbe country
16:47 MarkC: Wiki Page is quite good. I see most of teh TM Jobs are marked as done. Were you handling this before Sev?
16:48 sev_hotosm: Currently I am in Bamako and will train the UN, local NGOs, Geography Institute, local volunteers
16:49 sev_hotosm: Would like to include Mapillary even if there is not yet a plugin for it in JOSM
16:50 sev_hotosm: Yes I handled this Activation and the wiki
16:50 sev_hotosm: There is a uMap too
16:51 MarkC: @BG, suggest you set up a Skype Group, it worked great for Ruby. Peeple can lurk and watch as needed, or contribute ..
16:51 Zverik: sev_hotosm:
16:52 Zverik: sev_hotosm: zoom to an area ? press "download gpx" ? open it in josm ? click on photos
16:52 sev_hotosm: Malakal was interesting cause mapped through an informal partnership with GIScorps
16:54 BlakeGirardot: MarkC: Good idea
16:54 MarkC: markwaresoftware
16:56 BlakeGirardot: I will get it going here shortly, skype and I have been having a disagreement about who I am and my proper log in info :)
16:56 sev_hotosm: Zverik Testing!
16:56 MarkC: Microsoft bought it, what do you expect :)
16:57 sev_hotosm: IRC then?
16:57 Zverik: Google Hangouts, Mumble?
16:57 sev_hotosm: Somewhere it is easy to have a log
16:58 BlakeGirardot: I am good with any of those, I know skype gets used a lot on the backend for activations, or has in the ebola activation.
16:58 Zverik: sev_hotosm: audio, video or text?
16:58 Zverik: if the latter, IRC is the best
16:58 MarkC: Skype worked well with Ruby, it is better becaus eof how well it works on mobiles.
16:59 MarkC: And everyone is on it.
16:59 BlakeGirardot: But you were using it for text right MarkC?
17:00 Zverik: irc has web clients, so it basically can work even on j2me phones
17:00 MarkC: BG: yes.
17:01 MarkC: BG: just create a new account ... another email address ..
17:02 BlakeGirardot: sev you are ok with a skype group or you would prefer something else? skype does log all the text in "skype group" chats
17:03 sev_hotosm: Zverik personally I do not mind, but there are people that hates one of the possibilities
17:03 pierzen|2: experiencing problems with my connection. Went to web irc and been cut there too. Then you loose history. With skype not
17:04 Zverik: there are some bots that would keep logs
17:04 pierzen|2: but hard to follow the conversation if you have to run for the logs. Easier to follow with skype.
17:05 MarkC: Most people use skype .. it just works .. and discussions are quick, Cut and paste logs ot somewhere if no auuto logging ..
17:05 MarkC: Plusm who wants to run two clinets on their smart phone chewing battery
17:07 BlakeGirardot: I am good with anything, I'd leave it up to sev who is travelling and has some limited connectivity issues I think.
17:08 MarkC: Past midnight here I'm going to bed ..
17:09 BlakeGirardot: Also, sev, I will put the log of this meeting up on the wiki when we are done
17:09 BlakeGirardot: Good night MarkC
17:12 MarkC: Ahhh .. people may not be as open and candid if they know their comments will be posted on a public wiki??? Night All ..
17:13 BlakeGirardot: I thought all these meetings (working group meetings via irc) usually had the logs posted, it is already posted as part of the irc channel history
17:13 BlakeGirardot: Not the skype chat log for activation work, I just meant this meeting.
17:23 sanderd17: MarkC, I agree, I don't like running two clients on my smarphone. Skype is way too heavvy to install
17:28 BlakeGirardot: I think we lost sev_hotosm for good here. Does anyone for the Activation WG meeting have more to discuss or should we call this one done and pick up at the next meeting?
17:28 sev_hotosm: BlakeGirardot thanks for the log
17:28 BlakeGirardot: I will follow up with althio, MarkC and sev
17:29 BlakeGirardot: Oh you are back :)
17:29 BlakeGirardot: I was going to follow up with you out of this meeting about South Sudan and what althio and I can do to help with the activation