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Activation WG Meeting Tuesday, June 16, 2015 - 14:00 UTC

Participants (IRC handle)

BlakeGirardot, pierzen, mataharimhairi, TomG, DanCulli, cristiano, Tyler_Radford, harry-wood

Links mentioned in meeting

Meeting Summary

  • Approved last meeting summary [1]
  • Continued Discussion on co-lead for the Activation Working Group.
  • Cristiano Informed the group an Imagery Coordination After Action Review is planned, some feedback for items to cover were:
    • How to join imagery-coord, normally (blu-sky) and during an activation?
      • Public description of workflow and transparent process
      • How to join? Requirements? Expectations?
      • Describe imagery-coord components and functions (e.g. list, github repo, ..)
    • Role and responsibilities of imagery-coord within HOT Activation Protocol
    • Imagery request workflow
      • Review of current github-based imagery requests workflow
      • Define ideal workflow and implementation for imagery requests
      • Document typical processing workflow and tools
      • Other types of imagery requests (e.g. compressed images, WMS proxies)
      • Monitoring tools
    • Criteria for searching, filtering and prioritizing imagery in rapid response situations
    • Underutilized imagery
      • Research Planet's imagery usability for HOT/OSM mapping
      • review UAV imagery and its usability for HOT/OSM mapping
    • Define communication protocol and protected channels between imagery providers, imagery-coord and activation coordinators
    • Processing capacity of imagery-coord participants
      • Do we need additional hardware/cloud for serving imagery?
      • How to increase the imagery processing skills resources in HOT
    • Criteria for defining priority areas using HOT/OSM data (e.g. gaps because of Bing imagery coverage)
    • Use and re-use of Google Crisis Map open source platform
  • Short Discussion on Activation Protocol
    • Trying to have draft ready by 23 June
    • Tyler to present at June Board meeting
  • Short Discussion on Activation Curriculum
    • Opening up the Narrative and Curriculum Outline documents to wider audience for review
    • Next steps is to begin building out the Modules for a new section on LearnOSM for Activator training
  • Discussion about Phase III of the Nepal Activation
    • Asking if banners on our wiki and other prominent displays should begin to be reduced/refocused
    • From Nepal Activation Lead - it is too soon with monsoon season and risk of landslide to de-escalate Nepal, need to coordinate Phase III with KLL
    • Other Activation such as West Africa Ebola could potentially become monitoring/non-Activation projects
    • Desire to have enhancements to Tasking Manager and generally better designs for handling the larger number of projects we often need to have
    • Action Item (Pierre): follow up with KLL both on the next steps and needs for mapped data and consider de-escalation process for Nepal, to be discussed for sure next week.


Jun 16 16:02:17 BlakeGirardot: Greetings
Jun 16 16:02:48 BlakeGirardot: Is it activation working group meeting time?
Jun 16 16:02:57 pierzen|2: Hi
Jun 16 16:03:14 BlakeGirardot: Hi pierzen
Jun 16 16:03:48 BlakeGirardot: I am just wrapping up another meeting so maybe we give it a few minutes. I know cristiano was planning on comming
Jun 16 16:03:59 pierzen: ok
Jun 16 16:04:35 mataharimhairi: hello everyone
Jun 16 16:05:19 TomG: hi
Jun 16 16:06:00 DanCulli: Dan Culli here for the working group meeting. I'm fairly new to HOT in general. This is my first working group meeting...just want to get an idea of how the group works and see where I might be able to contribute. Thanks.
Jun 16 16:06:14 BlakeGirardot: Welcome DanCulli
Jun 16 16:06:16 mataharimhairi: Welcome Dan!
Jun 16 16:06:39 DanCulli: Thanks!
Jun 16 16:09:33 BlakeGirardot: I am the chairperson for this meeting
Jun 16 16:09:42 BlakeGirardot: I apologize I am running just a little late
Jun 16 16:09:47 BlakeGirardot: Here is the agenda
Jun 16 16:09:54 BlakeGirardot:
Jun 16 16:10:02 BlakeGirardot: Feel free to add to it
Jun 16 16:10:22 BlakeGirardot: Russ did an excellent summary from the previous meeting
Jun 16 16:10:49 BlakeGirardot: So if we could review those quickly and let me know if there needs to be any adjustment.
Jun 16 16:13:13 BlakeGirardot: Any changes or can we accept them as presented?
Jun 16 16:13:44 BlakeGirardot: I guess I should have mentioned they were linked to from the agenda :)
Jun 16 16:14:07 BlakeGirardot: cristiano, are you with us now?
Jun 16 16:14:44 TomG: looks good
Jun 16 16:15:30 cristiano: Good morning everyone
Jun 16 16:15:52 BlakeGirardot: Hi cristiano the agenda is here:
Jun 16 16:16:11 mataharimhairi: Good morning Cristiano :)
Jun 16 16:16:59 BlakeGirardot: Ok
Jun 16 16:17:05 BlakeGirardot: Sorry for the delay
Jun 16 16:17:20 BlakeGirardot: So without objection, we will accept the previous meetings minutes.
Jun 16 16:17:54 BlakeGirardot: Cristiano were you planning on covering all of those points today in this meeting?
Jun 16 16:18:23 cristiano: No, just to mention that those will be discuss in imagery-coord for after action review
Jun 16 16:18:30 cristiano: *discussed
Jun 16 16:18:48 BlakeGirardot: Ok, got it.
Jun 16 16:19:10 BlakeGirardot: So, just remind everyone on agenda item 2 - Russ is still looking for a co-chair for this working group.
Jun 16 16:19:35 cristiano: and let the AWG now. I am also looking for feedback and to see id there is anything else that AWG recommends we cover
Jun 16 16:19:40 BlakeGirardot: Duties include helping with the agenda, doing summaries of the meetings, leading the meetings, announcing the meetings.
Jun 16 16:20:22 BlakeGirardot: So, lets move on to item 3
Jun 16 16:21:16 BlakeGirardot: cristiano: does it make sense to have a voice call of some sort to do the after action review?
Jun 16 16:22:02 Tyler_Radford: Hi all, just joined, running late from another meeting
Jun 16 16:22:18 cristiano: Yes, we will brake them down into several groups and probably have voice calls to discuss
Jun 16 16:22:25 pierzen: Imagery-Coordination : Fist point should be the process to add members to this coordination group.
Jun 16 16:23:01 cristiano: thanks @pierzen - that's the feedback we need from AWG ;-)
Jun 16 16:23:31 BlakeGirardot: hi Tyler_Radford
Jun 16 16:23:35 BlakeGirardot: agenda here:
Jun 16 16:23:41 BlakeGirardot: we are on 3
Jun 16 16:24:18 Tyler_Radford: Thanks
Jun 16 16:24:37 cristiano: @pierzen - do you mean how to join imagery-coord normally or during an activation?
Jun 16 16:24:47 pierzen: normally
Jun 16 16:25:38 pierzen: There has been constant control on who can be part and no answer asking to add members. We need a more transparent organization.
Jun 16 16:26:19 cristiano: perfect - added to the list as first point, thanks
Jun 16 16:27:53 TomG: Also a need to differentiate the different parts of the image-coord group. The way I understand it, the image-coord listserv is more for HOT to make official imagery request to imagery providers. While other place such as the image-coord github repo are more suited to discussion around imagery needs for HOT
Jun 16 16:28:20 BlakeGirardot: Thats a good point
Jun 16 16:28:41 cristiano: OK, so as part of the first item: to describe imagery-coord and its components?
Jun 16 16:28:45 BlakeGirardot: And I think I saw the gh repo being used to somewhat organize what needs to be processed, where stuff was, etc.
Jun 16 16:29:16 DanCulli: Sorry....newbie question....imagery-coord is a subgroup of the AWG? Or a separate group entirely?
Jun 16 16:29:33 BlakeGirardot: DanCulli: It is an email list
Jun 16 16:29:40 BlakeGirardot: that activation coordinators
Jun 16 16:29:44 BlakeGirardot: can send an email to
Jun 16 16:29:49 BlakeGirardot: asking for imagery
Jun 16 16:29:55 BlakeGirardot: or saying where imagery is needed
Jun 16 16:29:58 pierzen: TomG: this github repo is part of the HOT workflow to document needs / images received. As the Nepal activation showed again, we need to rethink and assure we have tools to monitor in context of emergencies and massive infos to look at.
Jun 16 16:30:25 BlakeGirardot: I personally don't know much mroe about it, like who is on the list, its main purpose, history etc.
Jun 16 16:30:53 DanCulli: Ok, thanks Blake
Jun 16 16:31:01 BlakeGirardot: I know we try not to bother the imagery coord list very much and often coordinate imagery through other activation channels as well like skype and github.
Jun 16 16:31:22 BlakeGirardot: and now trello I guess too
Jun 16 16:31:23 pierzen: I did sent request to add a member and did not receive confirmation. This is a recurrent problem.
Jun 16 16:32:23 Tyler_Radford: pierzen as part of the activation protocol that Russell is working on, we need to include processes and procedures for this
Jun 16 16:33:13 Tyler_Radford: The curriculum defines a number of roles during an activation, so we can more clearly define which roles are responsible for which activities
Jun 16 16:34:10 pierzen: The risk with this is to rigidify where we need flexibily. And it wont fix problems where people do not accept to discuss who can participate.
Jun 16 16:34:43 TomG: maybe let anybody who is part of the activation group be part of the image-coord listserv
Jun 16 16:35:44 BlakeGirardot: It is a valid issue and added literally to the top of the list but I do not think we can fully address it here.
Jun 16 16:35:53 Tyler_Radford: So I am clear: are we discussing each agenda item now, or are these for discussion later during a voice call?
Jun 16 16:36:01 cristiano: The scope is different and activation@ should not have to deal with imagery-coord traffic
Jun 16 16:36:07 BlakeGirardot: This is to look at what will be part of the imagery process review
Jun 16 16:36:11 TomG: as cristiano mentioned, describing imagery-coord and its components is important and should be communicated to everyone that is part of image-coord
Jun 16 16:36:18 BlakeGirardot: we are not covering each small point in this meeting.
Jun 16 16:36:27 BlakeGirardot: just reviewing the topics for the imagery coord review
Jun 16 16:36:35 cristiano: This is just a list - only for initial feedback - we will review in details in separate places/times
Jun 16 16:37:19 Tyler_Radford: Great - there were already some important points made so looks like we will have a lively after action discussion on imagery
Jun 16 16:37:26 cristiano: I just wanted to ask AWG and see if we needed to cover anything else as part of imagery-coord Nepal lessons learned / after action review
Jun 16 16:37:37 BlakeGirardot: Are there any other issues for the imagery review that should be added or modified?
Jun 16 16:38:02 pierzen: d: Define ideal workflow, monitoring tools and implementation for imagery requests
Jun 16 16:39:37 BlakeGirardot: pierzen: that is now on there as 3(c)(ii)
Jun 16 16:40:02 pierzen: ok
Jun 16 16:40:02 BlakeGirardot: ooops not monitoring tools
Jun 16 16:40:13 BlakeGirardot: lets get that on there
Jun 16 16:40:42 pierzen: since this is an important element of the workflow.
Jun 16 16:41:36 cristiano: Thanks @pierzen - I combined several items under 3-C now
Jun 16 16:42:22 cristiano: please add there anything you want to add to the "imagery request workflow"
Jun 16 16:42:56 BlakeGirardot: I added monitoring tools so that doesnt' get lost
Jun 16 16:43:17 BlakeGirardot: I would need some clarification on them, but hopefully pierzen you will be in on the review and we can get it then.
Jun 16 16:43:40 cristiano: OK great - unless of any other comments or suggestions I think we are done on item 3 for now
Jun 16 16:43:49 BlakeGirardot: So if anyone thinks of anything else please add it and we will move to item next
Jun 16 16:44:19 BlakeGirardot: item 4 activation protocol update from mataharimhairi on behalf of russ
Jun 16 16:45:07 mataharimhairi: hello
Jun 16 16:45:31 mataharimhairi: yes just filling in for Russell this week and recapping some of what was said in last weeks meeting
Jun 16 16:46:20 mataharimhairi: the 'Activation Protocol' document can now be viewed and commented on with the following link
Jun 16 16:46:30 mataharimhairi:
Jun 16 16:47:03 mataharimhairi: there has already been a bit of feedback
Jun 16 16:47:19 mataharimhairi: please take the time to look over it if you haven't done so already
Jun 16 16:48:17 mataharimhairi: Russell would like to aim for the 23rd June as a tentative deadline for the final 'Activation Protocol' document
Jun 16 16:49:02 mataharimhairi: so that Tyler_Radford can present it to the board at the end of the month for approval
Jun 16 16:49:46 mataharimhairi: does anyone have any questions regarding the 'Activation Protocol' before I move on?
Jun 16 16:51:13 mataharimhairi: i see a lot of people currently on the document - so I might just wait a min or two ....
Jun 16 16:53:11 mataharimhairi: okay, so the next phase is opening up the 'Activation Narrative' and the 'Activation Curriculum' to the wider audience to go over
Jun 16 16:53:13 harry-wood: good to see the wiki page creation as an early step pre activation
Jun 16 16:53:32 mataharimhairi: :) harry-wood
Jun 16 16:53:34 harry-wood: it's also mentioned in the second phase. so maybe that should be clearer (when the page should have been created)
Jun 16 16:55:02 mataharimhairi: thanks harry-wood, perhaps some clarification is needed. please add it as a comment to the document so that it is recorded and taken into account!
Jun 16 16:55:16 harry-wood: I can think of a few sensible guidelines on how to name a wiki page and that kind of thing
Jun 16 16:55:28 harry-wood: I'll stick some comments in the doc
Jun 16 16:55:36 BlakeGirardot: In theory the wiki page is part of both phases
Jun 16 16:55:58 BlakeGirardot: Created initially in phase 1, routinely updated as part of phase 2 on going operations.
Jun 16 16:57:24 BlakeGirardot: And should be created in phase 1 even before go-no go decisions and stays a valuable and needed resource even if we do not activate
Jun 16 16:57:55 harry-wood: yes. In my opinion it would be good to see a wiki page getting created pretty early on, and that can be a good way to amass some information to base a Go /No go decision on
Jun 16 16:58:29 mataharimhairi: the following links for the 'Activation Narrative' and the 'Activation Curriculum' allow viewing but cannot currently comment
Jun 16 16:58:45 mataharimhairi:
Jun 16 16:58:54 mataharimhairi:
Jun 16 16:59:35 mataharimhairi: the curriculum may provide more of the details as to the timing of when things are executed occur
Jun 16 17:01:48 mataharimhairi: the next phase that Russell is embarking on is breaking out the ' Activation Curriculum' into 'Activation Modules'
Jun 16 17:02:46 mataharimhairi: there are to be 10 modules based on the identification of 10 roles from the curriculum
Jun 16 17:03:46 mataharimhairi: please take the time to go through the documents
Jun 16 17:04:40 mataharimhairi: i believe the 'Activation Curriculum' will be opened up next week for commenting
Jun 16 17:05:36 mataharimhairi: that is all i really have to update on BlakeGirardot
Jun 16 17:05:46 BlakeGirardot: Ok, great.
Jun 16 17:05:56 BlakeGirardot: Lets give it just a minute or two
Jun 16 17:06:07 BlakeGirardot: to see if anyone has any questions while you are here mhair
Jun 16 17:06:08 BlakeGirardot: i
Jun 16 17:06:47 BlakeGirardot: So please, if you have questions, ask away, and if you think of questions later, you can follow up with Russ
Jun 16 17:07:02 mataharimhairi: sorry, forgot to mention if anyone does have any questions or comments for the 'Activation Curriculum' please e-mail Russell and myself directly, so that they can be considered at this stage
Jun 16 17:08:01 BlakeGirardot: While you think if you have any questions, does anyone have Any Other Business ?
Jun 16 17:08:33 BlakeGirardot: I do
Jun 16 17:08:49 harry-wood: question about the Nepal activation
Jun 16 17:08:59 BlakeGirardot: Please harry-wood, ask away.
Jun 16 17:09:30 harry-wood: Are we following a 'third phase (activation conclusion)' on that?
Jun 16 17:09:51 harry-wood: At this stage for example, I think the pink banner at the top of should be removed
Jun 16 17:10:21 harry-wood: de-escalation
Jun 16 17:10:53 harry-wood: homepage shows Nepal very prominently
Jun 16 17:11:18 BlakeGirardot: I don't know harry, I personally think it is a bit early to start removing those items
Jun 16 17:11:34 BlakeGirardot: pierzen: What do you think?
Jun 16 17:11:37 harry-wood: Could we do some sort of place-holder project, or carousel of different past projects appearing there instead? (at some point at least)
Jun 16 17:11:52 BlakeGirardot: Ya, that would be better harry
Jun 16 17:12:02 BlakeGirardot: is that in the github issues for the hotosm website?
Jun 16 17:12:17 BlakeGirardot: It probably is not too hard to add, that stuff is sort of off the shelf now.
Jun 16 17:12:25 harry-wood: nope. can add it as github issue
Jun 16 17:13:19 BlakeGirardot: Ya, my search says "rotate' is not in the issues so if you would add it.
Jun 16 17:13:22 BlakeGirardot: please
Jun 16 17:14:15 BlakeGirardot: So, seems like we might have lost some of the momentum here :)
Jun 16 17:14:33 harry-wood: At this stage with the Nepal response I feel like it should be pretty clear that we're not in mega-time-critical-get-everyone-involved stage
Jun 16 17:14:40 harry-wood: we need to de-escalate in a few places
Jun 16 17:14:50 harry-wood: That doesn't necessarily mean declaring that it's finished
Jun 16 17:15:05 harry-wood: just downgrading the prominence in various places
Jun 16 17:15:12 pierzen: Ok I am back. For Nepal activation too early to remove. The monsoon is starting with high risks of landslides. we need to make the point with KLL. But this is surely going more slowly actualy.
Jun 16 17:16:27 harry-wood: There's a similar problem of use of "priority: Urgent" in the task manager
Jun 16 17:16:41 pierzen: For west africa Ebola, this is now more monitoring support of the international organizations via skype coordination.Surely a different level of action
Jun 16 17:16:53 harry-wood: Basically if we stay on high alert all the time, then we have no way of moving to higher alert when something new crops up
Jun 16 17:17:29 harry-wood: and volunteers will start to mistrust the signals. "boy who cried wolf"
Jun 16 17:17:57 BlakeGirardot: I agree harry, but a big part of that is how we use our outreach channels.
Jun 16 17:18:18 BlakeGirardot: which has de-escalated significantly naturally it seems.
Jun 16 17:18:23 pierzen: We did discuss about this a few times. We need more flexibility with the tasking manager than this classificaion urgent / high / medium. Even with the urgent, could not for Nepal prioritze tasks for beginners for example.
Jun 16 17:19:28 harry-wood: feature I was pondering: I wonder if the task manager should automatically downgrade priority on all projects at the end of each week. Then the only way of a project to remain 'Urgent' is for admin to pro-actively ratchet up the priority each week
Jun 16 17:19:51 BlakeGirardot: Ya, for sure the tasking manager as it is presents some challenges to managing multiple efforts at once.
Jun 16 17:21:06 harry-wood: Maybe we just need a few admins to be bold about downgrading priority across a lot of them
Jun 16 17:21:12 pierzen: Automatic downdgrade would be a patch and simply add burden for the major activations. We need redesign.
Jun 16 17:21:50 pierzen: of the main page
Jun 16 17:22:02 BlakeGirardot: Ya, as you know we are working on that pierzen
Jun 16 17:22:23 pierzen: yes, but as I say, the solution is there.
Jun 16 17:22:26 BlakeGirardot: But these are two seperate issues as well
Jun 16 17:22:46 BlakeGirardot: harry-wood's de-escalation in our commns channels, wiki, website
Jun 16 17:22:56 BlakeGirardot: and how to handle priorities in the TM at this time.
Jun 16 17:23:24 BlakeGirardot: So an action item could be to review where were are in nepal and make some decisions based on that
Jun 16 17:23:38 pierzen: De-escalation - we could have some definitions to indicate different status. We also have the problems of long conflicts like South-Sudan and CAR.
Jun 16 17:23:47 BlakeGirardot: I know pierzen is going to follow up with KLL and see where we are and whats next if I understand things correctly
Jun 16 17:24:05 pierzen: yes
Jun 16 17:24:33 BlakeGirardot: pierzen, do you think we can do that by next week's meeting?
Jun 16 17:25:56 BlakeGirardot: Then we can talk about de-escalation in general then and Nepal in particular or next steps for Nepal in that meeting
Jun 16 17:26:04 pierzen: Will try to contact KLL on this and make the point next week. We have to decide what to do with the ungoing post-disaster jobs.
Jun 16 17:26:05 Tyler_Radford: Looking at Activation Protocol. Looks like we need some guidelines there as well for de-escalations
Jun 16 17:26:27 BlakeGirardot: Yes, actually
Jun 16 17:26:36 Tyler_Radford: It should talk about these steps we are undertaking - talking with local OSM community, humanitarian orgs, etc.
Jun 16 17:26:41 BlakeGirardot: you saw the follow up email about new buildings in brownfields now
Jun 16 17:27:24 pierzen: Yes. but is the person asking that involve in any way in the field?
Jun 16 17:27:36 BlakeGirardot: no, but it i think it is a valid issue for mapping.
Jun 16 17:27:55 pierzen: Yes, we should integrate this in the tagging schema
Jun 16 17:28:07 BlakeGirardot: we have pre-event buildings, brownfields and now post event buildings, we will need to figure out how to deal with that
Jun 16 17:29:06 pierzen: we could have the event tag added to the building plus a specific tag that indicate building reconstructed.
Jun 16 17:30:14 BlakeGirardot: We have to figure that out, but I think part of the problem will just be objects on the map itself, my guess is the new buildings will not usually be in exactly the same footprint as the previous buildings.
Jun 16 17:32:04 pierzen: It depends what would be done for the reconstruction. If new imagery, we can re-evaluate after a certain reconstruction period. If field teams want to record reconstruction, then a tag to follow the reconstructed buildings.
Jun 16 17:34:39 BlakeGirardot: ok
Jun 16 17:35:34 BlakeGirardot: So are we settled on that? Action item of follow up with KLL both on the next steps and needs for mapped data and consider de-escalation process for Nepal, to be discussed for sure next week.
Jun 16 17:37:21 BlakeGirardot: Ok, I will take that as agreement
Jun 16 17:37:25 BlakeGirardot: Any other business?
Jun 16 17:37:39 pierzen: will follow with Nama on this and see his points.
Jun 16 17:40:25 BlakeGirardot: Ok, not hearing any other business, I think we can conclude this meeting.
Jun 16 17:40:42 BlakeGirardot: Thank you very much to everyone who attended, I really appreciate it.
Jun 16 17:40:56 BlakeGirardot: I expect the next meeting to be at the same time and same location
Jun 16 17:41:01 BlakeGirardot: but with Russ leading :)
Jun 16 17:42:42 Tyler_Radford: thank you all
Jun 16 17:42:48 Tyler_Radford: have a good rest of the day