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Activation WG Meeting Tuesday, July 07, 2015 - 14:00 UTC

Participants (IRC handle)

russdeffner (64), cristiano (21), mataharimhairi (4)

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Meeting Summary

  • Agenda used was this hackpad.
  • Review last meeting minutes (russdeffner, 14:03:50)
  • Pressing Activation Needs (russdeffner, 14:21:09)
  • Potential Project (russdeffner, 14:23:44)
    • ACTION: Russ to follow-up regarding potential project with activation mailing list (russdeffner, 14:34:39)
    • IDEA: Try to find/contact local OSM community; might be best as a local project supported by HOT (russdeffner, 14:37:37)


14:02:58 <russdeffner> #startmeeting Activation Working Group 7 July
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14:03:14 <russdeffner> Hi everyone, we're starting the AWG meeting
14:03:19 <russdeffner> Agenda is here:
14:03:50 <russdeffner> #topic Review last meeting minutes
14:04:04 <russdeffner> first item is to review the last minutes/summary
14:04:08 <russdeffner> here
14:04:35 <russdeffner> Not sure who is here, so I'll give everyone a few minutes to review and say hello
14:06:43 <russdeffner> hmm, well this might be interesting if I have a solo meeting :)
14:09:38 <russdeffner> Marco?
14:10:53 <russdeffner> Well, I'm going to give just a few minutes if no one says anything, I'll be adjourning the AWG
14:11:00 <cristiano> Hey Russ - sorry, I had to step away for a few minutes. This is actually not an ideal time for me. It may be easier if it was every two weeks, or a later time in the day in general.
14:11:32 <cristiano> Have we discussed alternative times? Was 14UTC selected for allowing KLL participation?
14:11:48 <russdeffner> no this is a long standing timeslot (years) for this group
14:12:04 <russdeffner> around early afternoon utc is 'best' global time
14:12:32 <russdeffner> I know, it's not ideal for me; but that hour between us is a crucial one
14:13:05 <russdeffner> and maybe part of 'de-escalation' is to return to two weeks
14:13:21 <russdeffner> reasoning for every week was more for 'monitoring
14:13:40 <russdeffner> and we actually have a 'disaster mapping' project potential
14:13:41 <cristiano> Yes, my vote goes for that ;-)
14:13:55 <cristiano> I mean, the every two weeks schedule
14:15:05 <russdeffner> well, don't think it is 'fair' if you and I make any 'critical' decision for the group
14:15:32 <cristiano> ehehe, yes, let's put it to the list
14:15:35 <russdeffner> so I'm pretty much ready to call it and try again next week (w/ better announcing schedule, etc)
14:15:52 <cristiano> is there anything urgent about that new project?
14:16:03 <cristiano> would it require a new activation?
14:16:10 <russdeffner> I just got pulled into the loop yesterday
14:16:21 <russdeffner> Tyler isn't available this AM
14:16:37 <russdeffner> I was hoping JGC or FredM could fill us in
14:16:48 <russdeffner> probably not a 'full-blown' activation
14:17:16 <russdeffner> and there is some sensitivities that need delicate hands
14:17:27 <cristiano> OK, it maybe be better to inform the list first with the details
14:17:59 <cristiano> then we go from there and stand up a separate activation room if needed
14:18:32 <russdeffner> so Tyler asked me to 'present' it, so I guess let's just burn through the agenda
14:18:53 <russdeffner> anything wanting change from last summary:
14:19:24 <mataharimhairi> hello everyone
14:19:51 <russdeffner> Hi Mhairi, just you, me and Cristiano
14:20:05 <cristiano> Russ: summary looks good
14:20:30 <russdeffner> yes, the new meetbot does make things much quicker/simpler
14:20:51 <russdeffner> agenda for today is here (fyi mhairi)
14:21:09 <russdeffner> #topic Pressing Activation Needs
14:21:19 <russdeffner> are there any pressing needs?
14:21:43 <russdeffner> I haven't heard from Pierre B today and I know Blake is traveling
14:21:49 <cristiano> Probably not, otherwise there would be more people here :-)
14:21:51 <mataharimhairi> not that i have
14:22:08 <russdeffner> so last I heard was Blake is still 'leading the remaining validation'...
14:22:28 <mataharimhairi> perhaps we should consider reducing the Activation WG meetings to bi-weekly now that things are a little quieter
14:22:43 <russdeffner> and Pierre is coordinating with KLL to monitor landslide risk and activation conclusion
14:23:10 <russdeffner> :) @mhairi see above - still think only three shouldn't cahnge that for the group
14:23:44 <russdeffner> #topic Potential Project
14:24:11 <cristiano> (I think Mhairi entered the room after we discussed the bi-weekly schedule change)
14:24:11 <russdeffner> so, let me pull up some emails on this subject
14:25:34 <russdeffner> In a nutshell, a representative from UN OCHA has requested some help
14:25:39 <mataharimhairi> perhaps we should have a vote on the regularity of the meetings ....?
14:26:34 <russdeffner> to replicate the work that Fred Moine did to get building for Gaza
14:27:14 <cristiano> @Mhairi, yes but we should ask the list and vote there
14:27:27 <cristiano> @Russ - what's the urgency?
14:27:33 <russdeffner> now they are looking for buildings and road network for West Bank, Palestine
14:27:38 <cristiano> do you have enough details to set up a task?
14:27:49 <russdeffner> don't think there is much urgency
14:28:16 <russdeffner> I haven't had time to fully read, but Fred did reply to Tyler's email; let me quickly read that
14:28:24 <cristiano> we should check with Mikel and make sure we leverage any local group as well
14:30:16 <russdeffner> of course this area of the world is politically extremely sensitive
14:30:34 <russdeffner> no offense to Mikel or any of our state-side folks (me included)...
14:31:35 <russdeffner> but correct me if I am wrong, but the US actually has agreements with Israel not to provide things (i.e. imagery) of what the UN recognizes as Palestine
14:31:35 <cristiano> No, I mean, I know he worked there before with local groups, so he may have some good connections for on-site participation
14:31:46 <russdeffner> ah, yes
14:32:00 <russdeffner> but again just need to be careful how we work this one
14:32:22 <russdeffner> Fred explained that he did the Gaza mapping all personal volunteer time
14:32:30 <russdeffner> in his email
14:32:41 <russdeffner> and declined to do the same for this
14:32:45 <cristiano> That would be something Tyler has to chime in and discuss through the appropriate channels
14:33:01 <russdeffner> mentions even some quick deletions of his work, etc...
14:33:54 <cristiano> I would just email activation@ as the first step, and then we go from there, based on everyone's feedback
14:33:58 <russdeffner> From Tyler's email, he just wanted the AWG to give feedback
14:34:02 <russdeffner> :)
14:34:06 <russdeffner> yep
14:34:39 <russdeffner> #action Russ to follow-up regarding potential project with activation mailing list
14:34:40 <cristiano> Thanks. Please include all the details and extent of the AOI
14:35:29 <russdeffner> ok, again, I don't have a lot; just one thread of emails, but doesn't really say much about the 'reasoning'/extent/usage from the UN
14:36:18 <russdeffner> Fred suggests that they may have to provide/purchase imagery
14:36:58 <russdeffner> and I'm going to document a suggestion from Cristiano
14:37:37 <russdeffner> #idea Try to find/contact local OSM community; might be best as a local project supported by HOT
14:37:45 <russdeffner> with some tweaking :)
14:37:59 <russdeffner> ok, I think we can move on to 'any other business'
14:38:28 <russdeffner> I'll just post for the log that Mhairi and I are trying to get a 'final draft' of the Activation Protocol to Tyler by Friday
14:39:50 <russdeffner> any other business, going twice...?
14:39:51 <cristiano> Right on ;-) Thanks Russ and Mhairi
14:41:06 <russdeffner> ok, well thanks for coming Cristiano and Mhairi
14:41:09 <russdeffner> #endmeeting