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Meeting of the activations working group which took place on Thu 22nd March 2012

IRC log

14:01 Schuyler: good day everyone
14:01 Schuyler: who is here for the Activation WG meeting? show of hands please
14:04 Severin: here
14:04 : nico [~user@] entered the room.
14:05 PierZen: bonjour
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14:05 nico: bonjou tout moun!
14:05 nico: greets from Ayiti
14:07 balrog-k2n: Hi
14:07 : Severin [] entered the room.
14:08 Schuyler: ok, looks like a relatively quiet morning/afternoon/evening here :-)
14:08 Schuyler: thank you all for coming
14:08 Schuyler: unfortunately I have a flight to catch, so I can't stay for long myself
14:08 Schuyler: but
14:08 Schuyler: I have been working on this:
14:08 Schuyler:
14:09 Schuyler: I was hoping to fill out the list of possible activation types during this meeting and get volunteers to address the questions on the wiki for each
14:09 Schuyler: does anyone have any other agenda items for the meeting?
14:10 Schuyler: okay
14:10 Schuyler: I wonder if there's a better time to have this meeting? 14:00 UTC seems to be sort of equally unfair to people in the western US and eastern Asia
14:10 Severin: what do you mean ? Other items regarding the activation or other stuff ?
14:10 Schuyler: anyway. can we brainstorm a list of possible activations for the bottom of that page?
14:11 Schuyler: Severin: well, in the last meeting, we talked in a general way about what it means for HOT to "activate" and what the different kinds of activations might be
14:11 Schuyler: I was hoping we could systematize that discussion a bit
14:12 Schuyler: with the longer range objective of making some of this into HOT working protocol or policy
14:12 Schuyler: in essence a set of recommendations to the rest of the team
14:12 Severin: yes, we talked about that during the week :)
14:12 Schuyler: right :)
14:12 Schuyler: was there anything else you wanted to discuss today?
14:13 balrog-k2n: Humanitarian_OpenStreetMap_Team/Activation/Template won't load for me, can you check the link?
14:13 nico: same here
14:13 PierZen: worked for me
14:13 Schuyler:
14:13 Schuyler: doesn't work? works fine here...?
14:14 balrog-k2n: strange, basically says this page has no text
14:14 Schuyler: some kind of browser issue? I'm on Chrome
14:14 PierZen: firefox working to.
14:14 Schuyler: or some kind of Mediawiki error/
14:14 Schuyler: ?
14:14 Severin: just a question : is this activation policy smth completely independant from our participation into CrisisMappers ?
14:14 balrog-k2n: i'll try FF in a moment
14:15 nico: not working on FF and Chrome-
14:15 Schuyler: Severin: I think that's a question that should be addressed for each kind of response, no?
14:15 Schuyler: nico: it must be a server-side issue then, *weird*
14:15 nico: ok
14:15 Schuyler: my plan for the meeting kind of hinged around filling out this wiki page, though
14:15 Schuyler: does anyone have any ideas?
14:15 nico: re-Crisis Mappers:: I agree with an ad hoc handling of the link
14:16 Severin: but this is smth we should think about too
14:16 Schuyler: <- does that work?
14:16 nico: I´d like to insist on the need to plan for on the ground deploys as well as remote work in the work of this WG
14:16 Severin: the cases we coordinate into it or not
14:16 Schuyler: nico, that does seem to be the consensus
14:16 Schuyler: can you guys see that second (shorter) link?
14:17 balrog-k2n: Schuyler: this one works
14:17 nico: Well I was caught in the midst of a project here and can not make the time do discuss
14:17 nico: But I really think this has not to be left aside
14:17 Schuyler: nico, don't worry, we're not deciding anything today :) and we seem to be in general agreement
14:17 Severin: yes this second link works
14:17 nico: There is no problem getting work going first on remote activiation and leaving the disucsion on on the groudn going in hot
14:17 Schuyler: that field deployment is an important kind of activation
14:18 Schuyler: huh I made a bunch of quick edits to the page before posting it, I wodner if Mediawiki has some kind of bug
14:18 Schuyler: *anyway*
14:18 Schuyler: does anyone have any thoughts about those questions?
14:19 Schuyler: are there any important questions about each kind of activation that are missing from that list?
14:19 Schuyler: are there any questions on that list about different kinds of activation that seem irrelevant? or could be worded better?
14:21 PierZen: A Pre-Qualification step could look if it is relevant to move to activation. This would then be evaluated.
14:21 PierZen: First contac HOT list and examine the Activation request.
14:23 nico: I think we need to look at the lenght of an activatioin
14:23 Schuyler: I added "response qualification" as a kind of response
14:23 Schuyler: nico -- good call! I thought about that and then forgot. I'll add it right now
14:24 nico: And depending on this length and the volume of coordination, assess if this can be done through 100% volunteer approahc, or if some $ have to be brought in
14:24 harry-wood: ooh Sorry I was forgetting about this. Hello everybody
14:24 nico: Hi Harry
14:24 Schuyler: nico, I've added those questions to the wiki page
14:25 Severin: we shoud also think about the coordination between volunteers and HOT taht are working within a funded project
14:25 Schuyler: Severin, agreed. Can you explain what you're thinking a bit more fully?
14:25 nico: Coordination: I think we will also need to specify the networks we are working with and how they relate, i sse this as specification of the coordination-
14:25 Schuyler: harry-wood:
14:27 Schuyler: are there any other meta-questions?
14:27 Severin: this also leads us to define, for a response, what can be done with only volunteers and what can be done is some funds allow soe people to work full time on it
14:27 Schuyler: any concerns about trying to describe all possible HOT activations in these terms?
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14:29 Schuyler: okay
14:30 Schuyler: Severin: those are good concerns -- I think they may apply only to a very small number of responses, fortunately
14:30 Schuyler: but we should address that question on the pages for thoese responses -- like remote activation
14:30 Schuyler: all right
14:30 Schuyler: have a look at the list of responses at the bottom of that page, please
14:30 Schuyler: are there any that are missing?
14:30 Schuyler: are there any that are irrelevant or unclear?
14:31 PierZen: Tools Development?
14:31 Severin: TIm gave good suggestions in the HOT list
14:32 nico: I feel like the big blocks are here, itś now more a question to fill them and then re-run the checks
14:32 Severin: regarding the concept of rotating
14:32 nico: For example the tools will be part of the materials needed for an acitvation
14:33 nico: I would not see Tools Dev in this WG, but its product being used and the WG making recommenddations tot hlep in the soft design
14:33 PierZen: yes
14:33 harry-wood: Severin: Yes I thought the rotating stand-by team idea was interesting (from Tim on the mailing list)
14:33 nico: I really support this idea too
14:33 harry-wood: could work well. I like the idea of quite a slow monthly switchover
14:33 Severin: I think we would need this to be sure we really can provide a response during several months
14:33 Severin: if needed
14:34 nico: It also ties to defiinition of roles and capacity building in our teams to ahvve this pool of hotties willing to step in and do this ocordination over lla ong time period
14:34 nico: @ Sev: yes
14:34 Severin: this is something CrisisMappers already organize
14:34 PierZen: capacity building means more training materail also.
14:35 Schuyler: so, things like tools and training development should be ongoing, rather than a specific crisis response
14:35 PierZen: yes
14:35 Schuyler: at least, IMHO
14:35 nico: @ schuyler: yes
14:35 Schuyler: so I feel like we can leave those questions to other working groups in the team
14:36 nico: There is just the needs for the Act WG to feed both Tools and Doc WGs
14:36 Schuyler: absolutely
14:36 Severin: we already have a roster that Kate organized, right ?
14:36 nico: @ Sev: roster : yes
14:36 Schuyler: friends, I need to split soon, and go catch my flight
14:36 Severin: so the idea is to open our agendas now ?
14:37 Schuyler: can I ask someone to finish chairing the meeting? i.e. tell everyone that we're done at at 15:00 UTC :)
14:37 nico: @ Sev on Crisis Mappers and rotation : yes. this can be a model for this WG to be adapted to how we feel getting going
14:37 Severin: have a safe flight Schuyler!
14:37 nico: yep
14:38 harry-wood: So I was just looking at Schuyler's wiki page. The list at the bottom "Activation Catalog"...
14:39 harry-wood: …this is different types of activations?
14:39 Schuyler: I'm still here for a few minutes, but finishing packing
14:39 Schuyler: harry-wood: that was my thought... to linkify each of those entries in the "catalog" to another page on the wiki, where we copy the questions from the template and answer them
14:39 PierZen: The ticket!
14:39 Schuyler: my hope for this meeting was to ask for volunteers to take on one or two of those pages each
14:39 Severin: diffrent types considering different types of emergency situations I guess
14:39 Schuyler: and try to answer the questions as constructively as possible
14:40 harry-wood: ah I see
14:40 Schuyler: you know, before the next meeting
14:40 Schuyler: the other agenda item is of course to schedule the next meeting
14:41 harry-wood: I'm still juggling these things in my head ...into some kind of diagram to end all diagrams :-)
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14:44 Schuyler: ok. must run. thank you all for coming to the meeting. I will check in from the airport and post the meeting logs to the mailing list. good luck!
14:45 nico: speaking of diagram, once the above has been done, we will need workflow and diagram-
14:45 Severin: so if we try to sum up, considering the response that should be given, we would activate the rotating volunteer HOT community + if needed qnd funded some paid people for their deeper contribution that may be located in the ground if ever they can be hosted within an organization (we talked about OCHA and MapAction, at least).
14:45 PierZen: good flight.
14:45 Severin: and for every response we would aslo have to evaluate if we participate within the crisismappers community or alone ?
14:45 nico: @ Sev: this would encompass a whole cycle, which is what happened in Haiti
14:46 Severin: what do you mean by whole cycle ?
14:47 nico: @ sev on Crisis Mappers : we always work wihtin HOT and OSM and make our networks aware of an actication then we can seize additional opportunities to run a specific project like the Health Fac localization project in Haiti, and in Libya
14:47 nico: @sev - whole cycle: you are describing steps where a HOT response starts remote and then transitions on the ground
14:48 harry-wood: Strange. I'm seeing a wiki bug now too. Schuyler's wiki page. The list at the bottom "Activation Catalog" ….is now blank
14:48 harry-wood: but with no record of it being blanked.
14:48 harry-wood: weird.
14:48 PierZen: I dont have these problems.
14:48 Severin: sorry I was not clear, I was just describing the different types of activations regarding the situaiton, not within a temporal cycle
14:49 nico: Ok
14:49 nico: I think the initial focus is on remote and we can keep discussing on the ground and preparing along the same lines for those who are interested into this
14:50 PierZen: yes
14:51 : CanoeBerry [~CanoeBerr@] entered the room.
14:51 Severin: I know I was just trying to scope the whole thing
14:51 Severin: What actaition tool do we have till now ?
14:52 PierZen: the task manager. And we develop tools like Presets, Styles, maps, etc
14:53 : jsanz [~jsanz@] entered the room.
14:54 PierZen: When an emergency arise, we start a wiki page and indicate ressources, contributions.
14:54 Severin: OK but regarding the data fo the roster / skills,a vailability, etc ?
14:55 nico: @ Sev: the roster is a Google Spreadsheet so far-
14:56 Severin: Do you (I mean everybody here) think that a tool like Sahana Mayon would be useful or not ?
14:57 PierZen: describe it.
14:57 Severin:
14:57 nico: May be shall we lieave this for the subsell materials/ tools to support an activation
14:58 nico: It's 3:00 PM UTC, and time to wrap up: pick tasks and set date for the next meeting
14:58 nico: Unless some wants to continue the chat, which is entirely possible
14:59 nico: @ Harry: any idea on next meeting date/time?
14:59 harry-wood: I gotta. Busy at work :-(
14:59 harry-wood: Gotta go I mean
14:59 Severin: it is more for municipalities actually, but gives possibility to set resposnes from events with different kind of staff
14:59 harry-wood: next meeting… We can go again for next week if you like
14:59 Severin: OK for me
15:00 harry-wood: I may be super busy then myself, but will try to tune in
15:00 PierZen: ok
15:00 nico: I"lll try to make it as well
15:00 nico: Picking of tasks, let's use the disucssion page of the wiki and the wiki sections
15:00 harry-wood: next week at the same time? so that's Thu 29th at 14:00 UTC
15:00 PierZen: bon jou nan tout
15:01 nico: Harry/ Scchuyler, you'll post on HOT minutes and possible participattion?
15:01 harry-wood: Schuyler had a plan to get people working to flesh out that wiki page
15:01 nico: ok
15:01 harry-wood: but… currently the content has mysterious disappeared without a trace
15:02 harry-wood: like some kind of glitch in the matrix.
15:03 harry-wood: Ah! I figured it out… compare: and :-)
15:04 harry-wood: I will tidy that up
15:04 PierZen: people had problem with the longer name. Hot works for all.
15:06 harry-wood: ok redirected
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15:08 harry-wood: So yes. I have to go. I'm reluctant to suggest we go ahead with the plan Schuyler outlined for that wiki page… because I dont have much time to do it myself, and maybe Schuyler can talk a bit more about how he sees that working, and do an example.
15:09 harry-wood: suggest we wait to here back from him about that for the moment.
15:10 harry-wood: For now let's declare this meeting closed and try to meet back same time next week(?)
15:11 PierZen: good week all.