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Activation WG Meeting Tuesday, Feb 10, 2015

People present (lines said)

  • mataharimhairi (64)
  • althio (42)
  • sev_hotosm (201)
  • BlakeGirardot (153)
  • pierzen (12)
  • pgiraud (2)
  • russdeffner (26)
  • clairedelune (41)
  • nicochav (26)

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Meeting summary

  • AGENDA: Coming shortly - See HOT Email Discussion list
  1. Activation Documentation Project
    • Mhairi, is a part time staff member of HOT, helping in the implementation/project management of the Hewlett Grant and HOT's field work as well as other software development projects.
    • Mhairi is responsible for the overall project.
    • The project consists of 2 parts
    1. Creation of documentation for the HOT Activation Process and an Activation Coordinator Curriculum
    2. Three initial training workshops using the HOT Activation Coordinator Curriculum
    • Creation of the initial draft documentation will be initiated at a sprint held in Washington DC from the 27th-29th April
    • Draft budget for project:
    • Budget is currently an estimate, with some of the allocated funds still to be allocated by the Activation group.
    • A moodle online course(es) should be considered for Activation Coordinator Certification.
    • ACTION: Mhairi to contact main HOT email list to create a list of activation coordinators for further follow up on the project.
    • Training WG and Activation WG should keep coordinated on project developments.
    • A mentor/mentee relationship was discussed for helping bring people up to speed on activation coordination with some people doing that now.
    • Some discussion about selection process to make sure trainees will use their training as it is a major investment in them, focusing on people really motivated and already participating in Activations is core.
  2. Activation WG Terms of Reference
    • Please review and comment on
    • We would like to get them finalized and submitted to the board.
    • Some discussion of meeting frequency in ToR.
    • Was suggested maybe AGW could have regular, weekly meetings as just updates/knowledge sharing sessions, with 2nd Tuesday meetings being longer and for decisions.
    • It was also suggested maybe we start with 2 meetings a month and make them at two different times to help accommodate different time zones.
  3. Miscellaneous
    • ACTION: Blake to see about creating an Activation WG email list to continue discussions about Activation Coordinator project and everything else activation related.
    • TM2 Planing and priorities email discussion and IRC chat are coming up.
    • Tech WG is looking for input from Activation Coordinators and Project Managers about what development priorities, what might be missing from TM2, what needs adjustment.
    • There are a number of tech and development initiatives in the works as well, Google Summer of Code projects for example so input from the community is important for setting priorities.
  4. Activation/Project Updates
    • Claire updates CAR
      • Claire met with UNHCR staff in DRC and they have current polygon data for CAR refugee camps in DRC.
      • Not in hand yet, but when file(s) received claire can forward to Sev, Amadou or Fran.
      • UNHCR are interested to get camps mapped from recent (3 month or newer) imagery.
      • Bing needs to be date checked and if not recent a request could be sent to imagery coord for most recent imagery.
    • Severin updates CAR
      • Entry points from DRC to CAR are mapped, imagery was missing for camps.
      • MapGive provided imagery last week for CAR cities and could provide more if humanitarian orgs request it.
      • New imagery to cover cities in "Bing holes", Rafai and Obo, that will complete the map of all the admin level 1 and 2 araes.
      • CAR coordinators would like to be included in the loop with DRC UNHCR contacts.
      • edvac and nicochav spent hours to finish import of UNICEF data in the western half of the country (education, health and water points).
      • Severin is testing new procedures to map roads based on multiple reference layers being conflated to create task polygons with 500m on each side of the road.
      • Tasking manager project feedback welcome.
    • Nicochave updates Nigeria
      • Emailed local IM/GIS officers to determine if OSM/HOT mapping activity would be relevant.
      • They confirmed OSM is still of value for baseline data needs.
      • Specifically places, residential areas, buildings and road networks.
      • This mapping SHOULD NOT be promoted on social media or website channels.
      • Should be low key and discrete with public TM jobs that are quietly recruited for people who are interested in doing the mapping.
      • This low key approach is something we have done in the past and are currently doing in other conflict areas as well.
      • Start will be on Fotokol and Gambaru, but the area of concern is wide.
    • Severin updates South Sudan
      • Juba is progressing well now.
      • Other towns are also mapped through the Missing Map Project with whom we will coordinate more
      • Help for monitoring and prepare jobs is welcome!
      • Identifying Areas of Interest is difficult, working with local OCHA IM officers to help determine.
      • Road network really need to be made more consistent
    • Severin updates Malawi
      • Potentially it is more Mozambique and Malawi floods
      • There is already a job on Lower Shire in Southern Malawi, progressing slowly
      • Another flood extent layer is available now
      • An official activation could be done. We have contacts with humanitarian stakeholders in Malawi (from the HOT Project in the field during the last Summer), not yet in Mozambique.
      • Could use help to identify/map affected areas around Zomba, Mulanje, Phalombe and Blantyre City.


Feb 10 15:03:19 mataharimhairi: Hello Activation WG?
Feb 10 15:03:39 BlakeGirardot: Hi
Feb 10 15:03:43 michael63: Hi
Feb 10 15:04:21 mataharimhairi: Excellent! Just wanted to make sure all was in working order.
Feb 10 15:04:30 mataharimhairi: First time on the IRC chat
Feb 10 15:05:59 althio: Hello
Feb 10 15:06:23 BlakeGirardot: Howdy althio
Feb 10 15:06:25 sev_hotosm: Hello all
Feb 10 15:06:43 BlakeGirardot: Hi Severin
Feb 10 15:07:02 sev_hotosm: Happy to see you joined us Mhairi, you saw my email regarding the time for the meeting?
Feb 10 15:07:48 mataharimhairi: I did indeed Severin. Thank you for that.
Feb 10 15:08:04 sev_hotosm: sorry for the late delivery of the agenda, sent to another list
Feb 10 15:08:21 russdeffner: I am listening in, mainly here to hear about this Activation Documentation thing
Feb 10 15:09:20 BlakeGirardot: (I am glad to handle the meeting summary and irc log posting for this meeting)
Feb 10 15:09:52 sev_hotosm: this is why Mhairi is online, as it is one topic she is in charge
Feb 10 15:10:26 mataharimhairi: I am here to discuss the activation documentation and answer any questions if I can
Feb 10 15:10:28 sev_hotosm: Thanks BlakeGirardot
Feb 10 15:10:52 mataharimhairi: otherwise I will take note of them and run them by Kate and get back to you, so please ask away!
Feb 10 15:11:25 BlakeGirardot: What is the activation documentation project?
Feb 10 15:11:41 BlakeGirardot: And I heard there was going to be a workshop?
Feb 10 15:12:08 mataharimhairi: Basically it is split into two parts:
Feb 10 15:12:21 mataharimhairi: * The creation of documentation for the HOT ‘Activation Process’ and an ‘Activation Coordinator Curriculum’
Feb 10 15:12:41 mataharimhairi: * The execution of three initial training workshops using the HOT ‘Activation Coordinator Curriculum’
Feb 10 15:13:22 althio: sounds great
Feb 10 15:14:06 mataharimhairi: The creation of the documentation will be initiated at a sprint held in Washington DC from the 27th-29th April, which will outline and create the initial draft.
Feb 10 15:14:31 sev_hotosm: just before the HOT Summit, to simplify
Feb 10 15:14:40 mataharimhairi: Yes, correct.
Feb 10 15:15:43 mataharimhairi: I was wondering if people have had a chance to see the following HOT Activation Budget Draft, which outlines the scope of the initiative better:
Feb 10 15:16:11 mataharimhairi:
Feb 10 15:17:07 mataharimhairi: Sorry, it was my fault for not sending this out prior to the meeting. And would have been better to give some background information on the topic.
Feb 10 15:18:29 sev_hotosm: beyond the two parts described by Mhairi, it is still under discussion and comments are welcome
Feb 10 15:20:13 althio: reading through
Feb 10 15:21:10 russdeffner: sorry if I missed something, but how are you, Mhairi, involved - as the doc specialist?
Feb 10 15:21:13 sev_hotosm: (my mistake, I should have introduce Mhairi, who is a part time staff of HOT the NGO, helping in the implementation/project management of the Hewlett Grant and HOT's field work as well as other software development projects.
Feb 10 15:21:33 mataharimhairi: Yes, please provide as much feedback as possible. The outlined budget is currently just an estimate, with some of the allocated funds still to be allocated by the Activation group.
Feb 10 15:21:39 russdeffner: oh, thanks Sev, great to meet you Mhairi!
Feb 10 15:22:08 mataharimhairi: Nice to meet you too Russ.
Feb 10 15:22:10 mataharimhairi: And everyone else!
Feb 10 15:22:11 sev_hotosm: Maybe you can present yourself on the IRC better than I would do Mhairi :)
Feb 10 15:22:38 mataharimhairi: Haha. Alright. You pretty much covered it though :)
Feb 10 15:22:45 sev_hotosm: I also know you live in Indonesia
Feb 10 15:23:09 mataharimhairi: I am working part-time with HOT as a technical project manager on numerous projects.
Feb 10 15:23:10 sev_hotosm: But not the whole details of your technical background
Feb 10 15:23:48 mataharimhairi: Yes, I am based in Bali - to be close to my family as I'm half Indonesia, half Irish.
Feb 10 15:24:04 sev_hotosm: basically everything except the OpenAerialMap Project led by Cristiano
Feb 10 15:24:17 mataharimhairi: And my background is in GIS and volcanology!
Feb 10 15:25:22 mataharimhairi: I just started in mid January as well, so you will have to forgive me for my slight learning curve at the moment, and bare with any silly questions I may have.
Feb 10 15:25:37 sev_hotosm: no problem
Feb 10 15:25:53 althio: thanks and welcome!
Feb 10 15:25:59 russdeffner: Great! And I'm very happy the Board of HOT US Inc has made the decision to put some funds into the whole Activation doc/formalizing
Feb 10 15:27:25 mataharimhairi: It is a great initiative, and duly needed. I'm very excited to get it off the ground and work with the Activation group on this. Ultimately I am here to assist with the project, so ask me all the questions please!
Feb 10 15:27:39 sev_hotosm: what still requires to be discussed is what documentation we want to produce
Feb 10 15:27:54 sev_hotosm: as it can require more than one person to follow the whole thing
Feb 10 15:28:02 sev_hotosm: eg if we want to make a MOOC
Feb 10 15:28:30 sev_hotosm: also: what kind of activators do we want to build
Feb 10 15:28:40 russdeffner: I suggest an Activation Coordinator certification program - most likely through moodle...
Feb 10 15:29:02 russdeffner: the Training WG is working on the general moodle thing now
Feb 10 15:29:53 pierzen: Hi all, I take note of the board decisions I would have like that some orientations be discussed with the memberrship and the senior activators, inform them before enhancing.
Feb 10 15:30:46 BlakeGirardot: I would think there is going to be outreach to the existing activation coordinators for the curriculum
Feb 10 15:31:27 russdeffner: Yes, I think everything is still under discussion
Feb 10 15:31:36 sev_hotosm: this is the point pierzen, consider this docuement as a first draft. I put the comments you can read when Mhairi delivered it after discussing with Kate
Feb 10 15:32:35 mataharimhairi: Yes, this is just the draft, and it is vital that we reach out to the existing activation coordinators as they will contribute greatly towards the execution of the initiative
Feb 10 15:32:53 BlakeGirardot: But the discussion are going to be going fast if there is the sprint in 2 months
Feb 10 15:33:03 mataharimhairi: Is there a list of the current coordinators I could get a hold of?
Feb 10 15:33:14 sev_hotosm: hmm not really
Feb 10 15:33:46 russdeffner: probably best to hit the mailing list to reach coordinators
Feb 10 15:33:59 sev_hotosm: We will also discuss today about the Activations, the ongoing ones (continue/close) and new ones
Feb 10 15:34:06 althio: Blake may have some detailed feedback on moodle My question: I wonder if it is appropriate to build and run a MOOC such as moodle for "only" this number of participants Is it efficient (time+money) compared to plain text and images documents?
Feb 10 15:34:13 mataharimhairi: Thanks Russ. I'll send out an e-mail.
Feb 10 15:34:17 sev_hotosm: and yes just send an email to the hot lsit
Feb 10 15:34:28 russdeffner: but the notes from this group are probably read by most of them
Feb 10 15:35:16 BlakeGirardot: althio: We can talk about moodle for things, but really, there is not much additional work for moodle, createing the text content is basically the same amount of work, moodle or not.
Feb 10 15:35:48 althio: very well :)
Feb 10 15:35:51 russdeffner: and with moodle we have tracking/badge/certificate capability (I think)
Feb 10 15:36:18 BlakeGirardot: Quizzes for evaluating knowledge would be the only additional work, which is not trivial, but does come with benefits over "here read this and we hope you do :) "
Feb 10 15:36:20 sev_hotosm: including videos, etc?
Feb 10 15:36:50 althio: you can also have quizzes on paper or emails ;)
Feb 10 15:37:10 sev_hotosm: catching desktop processes?
Feb 10 15:37:14 BlakeGirardot: Oh, the moodle is no additional work then if you are creating them anyway :)
Feb 10 15:37:50 sev_hotosm: what the schedule for the moodle?
Feb 10 15:38:06 BlakeGirardot: Ya, videos are no problem, in fact, the are very typically used for instruction.
Feb 10 15:38:34 BlakeGirardot: I think if the process of creating the "Activation Documentation" is done with a mooc in mind
Feb 10 15:39:03 BlakeGirardot: the schedule for moodle is taken care of as course planning and content creation are really the major tasks.
Feb 10 15:39:06 sev_hotosm: that is the point to be debated
Feb 10 15:39:07 BlakeGirardot: the software is very little
Feb 10 15:39:11 sev_hotosm: sorry
Feb 10 15:39:15 sev_hotosm: discussed
Feb 10 15:39:40 sev_hotosm: (forgot debate=conflictuous in English, not the case at all in French)
Feb 10 15:40:16 russdeffner: it's also an area where the Training WG and this WG need to collaborate, which is somewhat covered with a few of us being in both
Feb 10 15:40:51 russdeffner: but it shouldn't be a big issue, just need to keep each-other informed
Feb 10 15:40:57 sev_hotosm: definitely
Feb 10 15:41:17 sev_hotosm: the thing is also to have in mind what capacities we want to build
Feb 10 15:42:25 sev_hotosm: basically an Activator is experienced about Crisis mapping + builds contacts with humanitarian stakeholders and exchange continuously with them
Feb 10 15:42:45 sev_hotosm: last point can be only done during an Activation, not through a training
Feb 10 15:43:34 BlakeGirardot: ( Does anyone object to me requesting the creation of an Activation WG email discussion list so we can extend and follow up on some of these things easily via email? )
Feb 10 15:44:16 sev_hotosm: for the training workshops, currently "people who want to act as HOT activators, as well as interested partners that would like to have a better understanding of HOT’s activation methods"
Feb 10 15:44:40 sev_hotosm: IMHO the most important is people already deeply invovled during activations or in OSM
Feb 10 15:45:05 sev_hotosm: basically many people will be interested to attend :)
Feb 10 15:45:19 althio: [ creation of an Activation WG email discussion list: +1 ]
Feb 10 15:45:41 russdeffner: Oh, great points - my initial certification idea is based on Incident Command training (like I did as a firefighter in the US)
Feb 10 15:46:05 russdeffner: so basically you need an existing coordinator to 'sign-off' on various aspects of the work
Feb 10 15:46:15 sev_hotosm: BlakeGirardot good idea
Feb 10 15:46:57 russdeffner: so as a trainee, they would sit in on things like exchange with partners...
Feb 10 15:47:36 russdeffner: and the current coordinator would guide them and 'sign-off' on a task like "working with partner orgs"
Feb 10 15:47:50 BlakeGirardot: Just one item related to the trainee's and expenses
Feb 10 15:48:02 BlakeGirardot: trainees I mean
Feb 10 15:48:08 sev_hotosm: one issue with the workshops, one by continent is to be able to gather all the good candidates in a single place
Feb 10 15:48:38 sev_hotosm: mataharimhairi is there a travel budget for them?
Feb 10 15:50:48 mataharimhairi: there is a budget for 2 trainers in the 1st workshop
Feb 10 15:51:04 mataharimhairi: and 1 trainer for the following two workshops
Feb 10 15:51:38 russdeffner: I guess maybe we just need to work on overall curiculum and then see what can be done via training vs. expeerience
Feb 10 15:51:39 sev_hotosm: russdeffner yes actually this is what I do with Amadou and wahat Nicolas will do with Rafael (spoiler inside!)
Feb 10 15:51:53 mataharimhairi: and some allocated funds for participants
Feb 10 15:51:54 BlakeGirardot: I see funding for trainers and existing activation coordinators, I thought I saw some for trainees but now I dont?
Feb 10 15:52:04 mataharimhairi: currently 5 flights covered per workshop
Feb 10 15:52:16 mataharimhairi: with some per diem
Feb 10 15:52:27 sev_hotosm: mataharimhairi so basically it would be required the trainees are from the same city?
Feb 10 15:52:27 althio: if no travel budget that means you rely even more on an open online course
Feb 10 15:52:29 althio: "Flights for Scholarship Participants"
Feb 10 15:52:37 mataharimhairi: but I believe there can be up to 15 participants at the workshops
Feb 10 15:53:26 mataharimhairi: perhaps there will be funding from other sourced parties
Feb 10 15:53:52 mataharimhairi: such as if it is interested parties wanting to understand the activation process better.
Feb 10 15:54:14 mataharimhairi: than they would be funding it themselves if associated with an organisation.
Feb 10 15:54:59 mataharimhairi: but this is something we need to consider and perhaps look again at the budget. I will bring up this with Kate.
Feb 10 15:55:04 BlakeGirardot: This is fair amount of money, I really hope the trainees stick around to do activations.
Feb 10 15:55:06 sev_hotosm: yes interested parties generally have funds to organize such events by themselves
Feb 10 15:56:55 sev_hotosm: BlakeGirardot I agree
Feb 10 15:57:57 BlakeGirardot: I guess it is seperate though as mataharimhairi said: Documentation, course design will retain value
Feb 10 15:57:59 mataharimhairi: I really hope so as well. I'm sure the selection process will be rigorous enough to ensure that the selected participants are worthy of the scholarship and will continue to utilise their training.
Feb 10 15:58:41 sev_hotosm: I do not see the real benefit to have 15 Activators if they are from the same place. We could rather focus on a reduce number per country and eg provide them the means to support Activations
Feb 10 15:59:03 sev_hotosm: (brainstorming)
Feb 10 16:00:29 BlakeGirardot: Like scholarships to the HOT summit, outreach to people around the world is going to be very important. diversity is a huge benefit to our organization
Feb 10 16:00:56 mataharimhairi: Yes, agreed. Diversity is very important to reach the furthest.
Feb 10 16:01:35 sev_hotosm: BlakeGirardot definitely, but focusing on people really motivated and I would say already committing in Activations is core
Feb 10 16:01:43 althio: Do we need Activators on the ground? Or rather several Activators across several time zones to follow 24/7?
Feb 10 16:02:30 sev_hotosm: to avoid the training is attended by people only motivated by a fancy line on their CV (what is unfortunately very common)
Feb 10 16:03:31 BlakeGirardot: I don't think activators need to be on the ground
Feb 10 16:03:33 BlakeGirardot: but
Feb 10 16:03:34 sev_hotosm: althio I would rather focus on people from South. 24/7 is actually not mandatory
Feb 10 16:03:51 BlakeGirardot: local knowledge, contacts and language skills
Feb 10 16:04:15 BlakeGirardot: would be beneficial
Feb 10 16:04:46 BlakeGirardot: It sort of comes back to the overall HOT mission: Building bridges
Feb 10 16:04:59 BlakeGirardot: between different groups
Feb 10 16:05:00 sev_hotosm: and OSM skills as well. Not possible to make an OSM training from scratch
Feb 10 16:05:27 BlakeGirardot: (I dont know if that is the official hot mission but we mention it a lot :)
Feb 10 16:06:43 althio: Very good points thanks Blake and sev
Feb 10 16:06:47 russdeffner: not exactly :) Official one is: The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team [HOT] applies the principles of open source and open data sharing for humanitarian response and economic development.
Feb 10 16:07:31 russdeffner: but building bridges is in-between the lines there somewhere
Feb 10 16:07:43 BlakeGirardot: nods happily. Feb 10 16:08:27 BlakeGirardot: I requested the Activations WG email list so maybe we can follow up there on some of this
Feb 10 16:08:34 sev_hotosm: great
Feb 10 16:08:46 BlakeGirardot: I mean to say: I sent in the email request to have it created officially :)
Feb 10 16:09:44 sev_hotosm: so to continue the discussion about the Activation documentation, I propose to continue on this list. A new list is generally created really quickly
Feb 10 16:09:46 mataharimhairi: Excellent Blake. That will be extremely beneficial once it's created.
Feb 10 16:10:32 sev_hotosm: regarding aims and set up
Feb 10 16:10:45 mataharimhairi: How is the discussion continued on this list? Is it taken off the chat and placed elsewhere?
Feb 10 16:11:14 BlakeGirardot: Oh we just send an email with the topic we want to discuss further. a
Feb 10 16:11:23 BlakeGirardot: But this meeting log will be posted as well
Feb 10 16:11:32 BlakeGirardot: to the AGW irc log archive
Feb 10 16:11:48 BlakeGirardot: linked to off the osm wiki page for the AGW
Feb 10 16:12:22 BlakeGirardot: all of the WGs
Feb 10 16:12:25 BlakeGirardot:
Feb 10 16:12:30 BlakeGirardot: have links to meeting logs
Feb 10 16:12:35 BlakeGirardot: except the communications wg
Feb 10 16:12:40 mataharimhairi: Thanks Blake. I will follow up on all of this.
Feb 10 16:13:18 mataharimhairi: Currently the e-mail is just sent to the HOT mailing list? While we wait on the Activation WG e-mail :)
Feb 10 16:13:20 sev_hotosm: Great
Feb 10 16:13:44 sev_hotosm: currently there is only one mailing list
Feb 10 16:14:04 sev_hotosm: but we see we should have thematic ones
Feb 10 16:14:04 BlakeGirardot: Ya, that is up to you mataharimhairi I think the main HOT email list is good for everything, eventually when we have our own WG email, we can feel free to really discuss in detail
Feb 10 16:15:13 mataharimhairi: We will start with the HOT mailing list, as we don't know how long it will take to get the other one set up.
Feb 10 16:15:34 mataharimhairi: And I would like to bring on board all the Activation coordinators if possible
Feb 10 16:15:39 BlakeGirardot: mataharimhairi and sev_hotosm: I don't know when you want to annouce the workshop, but visas take time and arraingements for child care etc.
Feb 10 16:15:43 sev_hotosm: yes and anyway it is a good way to debrief the discussion from today
Feb 10 16:16:14 sev_hotosm: you mean the one for the documentation along the HOT Summit?
Feb 10 16:16:35 BlakeGirardot: Ya, thats the one i mean
Feb 10 16:17:00 BlakeGirardot: Unless I don't understand its purpose, but I will follow up on the email list. Hopefully today *fingers crossed*
Feb 10 16:17:08 sev_hotosm: Final April I think
Feb 10 16:17:53 mataharimhairi: Yes, it is best we announce it as soon as possible. I will send around an e-mail to get all the coordinators e-mails, and send them the budget draft
Feb 10 16:17:57 sev_hotosm: still a bit of time to design it, but yes we cannot be slow
Feb 10 16:18:49 mataharimhairi: That way we can at least start to decide who should attend the documentation sprint in April
Feb 10 16:21:40 sev_hotosm: Other documentation topic is the TOR. Did everybody read them (they are a few months old)?
Feb 10 16:22:00 sev_hotosm: So far they have not been officially adopted
Feb 10 16:22:25 sev_hotosm: BlakeGirardot Are the TDR in other WG being adopted?
Feb 10 16:22:31 sev_hotosm: sorry been adopted
Feb 10 16:23:36 BlakeGirardot: I think 2 other WG have put theirs to the board
Feb 10 16:24:15 BlakeGirardot: But that is just my rough memory
Feb 10 16:24:17 russdeffner: sev_hotosm - do you know when the documentation person will be hired?
Feb 10 16:24:35 russdeffner: or in other words - has the position been posted yet?
Feb 10 16:24:36 sev_hotosm: No
Feb 10 16:24:45 sev_hotosm: I do not thnik so
Feb 10 16:25:08 sev_hotosm: actually I do not know more than what is in the document
Feb 10 16:25:17 russdeffner: ok, just wondering
Feb 10 16:25:34 sev_hotosm: just checked it is not
Feb 10 16:25:37 mataharimhairi: I will be writing a terms of reference this week for the documentation specialist position
Feb 10 16:25:47 sev_hotosm: there would have been an email
Feb 10 16:25:49 mataharimhairi: which will be posted on the HOT website
Feb 10 16:26:32 russdeffner: ok, thanks
Feb 10 16:26:34 althio: Blake or Russell: did you have the occasion to add to the agenda: interaction between ActivWG and TechWG regarding TM2 planning?
Feb 10 16:26:36 mataharimhairi: hopefully the position will be advertised soon, as we would like to hire them at the latest two weeks prior to the sprint
Feb 10 16:26:45 sev_hotosm: actually one of my comment is about the position itself :) Is hiring one person during 4 months full time the best approach?
Feb 10 16:27:18 BlakeGirardot: That is a good point althio.
Feb 10 16:27:53 russdeffner: oh, I'd hand that to Blake - I barely follow the Tech stuff (much more a mapper than a coder
Feb 10 16:28:14 BlakeGirardot: It is brought up, but I need to bring it up here
Feb 10 16:28:21 BlakeGirardot: But I don't want to interrupt sev_hotosm
Feb 10 16:29:11 sev_hotosm: althio yes we need to open a thread on this on the list
Feb 10 16:29:23 mataharimhairi: sev_hotosm I did make some notes to your question, but just before the meeting so you probably didn't get a chance to see it!
Feb 10 16:29:30 sev_hotosm: so regarding the TDRs please read them and comment
Feb 10 16:29:44 althio: neither do I -- but if I forget about it ... would be worse
Feb 10 16:29:56 mataharimhairi: This amount or the time hired does not just cover the sprint, but the work on the documentation for the activation 'Process' and ' Coordinator Curriculum' that will follow. The sprint is really to initiate the work flow and to create an outline and draft.
Feb 10 16:30:00 sev_hotosm: ideally we should have a vote or something on these TDRs
Feb 10 16:30:02 BlakeGirardot: I agree, thank you for reminding me, I had forgotten
Feb 10 16:30:16 sev_hotosm: to be sure people have read them and agree
Feb 10 16:30:40 BlakeGirardot: sev_hotosm: I have a couple of suggestions
Feb 10 16:30:44 BlakeGirardot: for the ToR
Feb 10 16:30:55 sev_hotosm: mataharimhairi yes sure
Feb 10 16:31:22 mataharimhairi: Sorry, that was just a cut and paste. But the documentation specialist will be overseeing most of the initiative alongside me, as well as the actual write up and follow up support where necessary :)
Feb 10 16:31:23 sev_hotosm: BlakeGirardot feel free to insert comments
Feb 10 16:31:32 BlakeGirardot: I will do
Feb 10 16:32:35 sev_hotosm: there is still this pending question: should we have more AWG meetings as it is basically the core of the hot community
Feb 10 16:33:09 BlakeGirardot: It would be great if we could
Feb 10 16:33:48 sev_hotosm: or having open chats on IRC (+maybe regular times+ and dedicated the 2nd Tuesday of every month 2PM UTC for deicsions to be taken
Feb 10 16:33:58 BlakeGirardot: I just wonder if we can get anyone to attend. I think the weekly meetings, if we could get them going, could be short and helpful and people wouldn't mind attending.
Feb 10 16:34:37 althio: Current trend in other WG is: maybe every 2 weeks, with different times to offer a chances to people in every timezones
Feb 10 16:34:47 sev_hotosm: basically it would be great if we had a shared agenda on voluntary time to know better when and who I can talk with
Feb 10 16:34:55 sev_hotosm: + monitoring teams
Feb 10 16:35:06 BlakeGirardot: I would expect the Activation Coordinator trainees to attend ;)
Feb 10 16:36:33 BlakeGirardot: Ya, but what althio said: different times to make it as easy as possible for people to attend, maybe with a core group facilitating the meetings.
Feb 10 16:37:06 sev_hotosm: (what links to the agenda 1 realted to the activations :)
Feb 10 16:37:11 BlakeGirardot: Maybe every 2 weeks, with the 2nd tuesday meeting being the "main" meeting
Feb 10 16:37:28 BlakeGirardot: is a good start to see if we can get something useful happening
Feb 10 16:38:00 clairedelune: Is the activation wg meeting over?
Feb 10 16:38:11 BlakeGirardot: Hi clairedelune you are just in time :)
Feb 10 16:38:26 clairedelune: starting now?
Feb 10 16:38:41 BlakeGirardot: No, its been on going, but it is not over yet
Feb 10 16:38:51 clairedelune: ok great, thank you
Feb 10 16:39:37 BlakeGirardot: I'll make sure the log and summary get posted, it has been almost one topic for most of the meeting so far, Activation Coordinator documentation and training.
Feb 10 16:39:54 BlakeGirardot: mataharimhairi has been answering our questions about the project
Feb 10 16:40:43 clairedelune: Wonderful, I'll have some updates and questions to share regarding CAR and Iraq emergencies when done with this point.
Feb 10 16:41:54 mataharimhairi: Does anyone have any more questions regarding the coordinator documentation and training?
Feb 10 16:42:15 mataharimhairi: Otherwise I think I might log off and head to bed. It's almost midnight here :)
Feb 10 16:42:38 BlakeGirardot: Thank you very much mataharimhairi, good night.
Feb 10 16:42:43 BlakeGirardot: :)
Feb 10 16:42:48 sev_hotosm: thanks for your participation mataharimhairi
Feb 10 16:43:00 althio: bye
Feb 10 16:43:54 BlakeGirardot: clairedelune: If I remember correctly, you have limited internet access so maybe you should go next?
Feb 10 16:44:30 sev_hotosm: yes let us move on agenda 1 Activation (2 was documentation)
Feb 10 16:44:37 mataharimhairi: Thank you everyone and good night! Looking forward to following this up and getting more input from you all. Bye :)
Feb 10 16:44:39 sev_hotosm: pelase clairedelune provde your feedback
Feb 10 16:45:00 sev_hotosm: (and excuse my typos)
Feb 10 16:45:12 clairedelune: Thanks, regarding CAR activation: I met with HCR staff in DRC
Feb 10 16:45:34 clairedelune: I've got newly traced polygons of the current refugee camps
Feb 10 16:45:55 clairedelune: They would be interested to get them mapped from recent satellite imagery
Feb 10 16:47:16 clairedelune: I couldn't check yet the Bing availability for those areas, if images are too old, a request could be sent to imagery coord for getting most recent images (preferably less than 3 months old, if available, as the camps are growing)
Feb 10 16:48:02 sev_hotosm: by camps you mean the ones of CAR refgees in DRC?
Feb 10 16:48:08 clairedelune: I don't have access to this file right now but can share it with Amadou, Sev or Fran for further action for instance
Feb 10 16:48:18 clairedelune: yes sev_hotosm, exactly
Feb 10 16:49:07 sev_hotosm: Great basically we mapped all the Entry points but not the camps because of the imagery where they cannot even be located
Feb 10 16:49:40 clairedelune: so, should I coordinate with you or someone else about those camps locations?
Feb 10 16:50:16 sev_hotosm: MapGive provided two imagery last week and would agree of new ones if request from hum orgs
Feb 10 16:50:36 clairedelune: I can otherwise try to do it myself tonight or tomorrow but would prefer if someone more involved in CAR activation can take care of those (creating tasks and so on)
Feb 10 16:50:47 clairedelune: that's great news
Feb 10 16:50:50 sev_hotosm: Up to you, great if you can loop us with the HCR contact
Feb 10 16:51:21 clairedelune: Ok, I'll try to get this sorted tonight (or tomorrow the latest)
Feb 10 16:51:25 sev_hotosm: MapGive iamgery cover CAR cities , actually the last 2 big remaining ones
Feb 10 16:51:49 clairedelune: That's over for my CAR point, anyone else has anything to say about CAR activation?
Feb 10 16:52:57 sev_hotosm: adding what I summarized in my email today: Thanks to the MapGive project, we have two new imagery to cover cities in "Bing holes", Rafai and Obo, that will complete the map of all the admin 1 and 2 in the country (except a few minor towns). See the uMap for a clear picture. A blog post should be done shortly.
Feb 10 16:54:00 sev_hotosm: + the import of UNICEF data in the wester half country (educaiton, health and water points) is now oever thanks to edvac and nicochav who spent hours to finish them
Feb 10 16:54:53 sev_hotosm: I am now testing a new method to map roads systematically based on a reference layer
Feb 10 16:55:15 BlakeGirardot: What reference layer?
Feb 10 16:55:15 clairedelune: Wonderful, looking forward your blog post and checking those data.
Feb 10 16:55:49 sev_hotosm: it is actually a mix
Feb 10 16:55:50 sev_hotosm:
Feb 10 16:55:55 sev_hotosm: provided by WFP
Feb 10 16:56:03 sev_hotosm: (=the World Food Program)
Feb 10 16:56:31 sev_hotosm: interested by feedback of course
Feb 10 16:56:59 sev_hotosm: has been done to be sure that we did not forget an important way
Feb 10 16:57:31 sev_hotosm: + to provide to the humanitarian orgs a way to filter the OSM data, between what is high res based and what is not
Feb 10 16:57:41 sev_hotosm: this is actually one big concern for them
Feb 10 16:58:06 pierzen|2: #783, no link to the wiki page
Feb 10 16:59:24 BlakeGirardot: Very interesting
Feb 10 16:59:30 sev_hotosm: ah it may be not published let me check
Feb 10 17:00:18 clairedelune: Sev, I would be very interested to get the details about this method as I am back on mission working on the exact same type of dataset and could try replicating it in another country.
Feb 10 17:00:19 sev_hotosm: weird, it is not private
Feb 10 17:00:36 sev_hotosm: there is another job for Mali
Feb 10 17:01:49 pierzen|2: It is uneasy to select a road with such setup. The only way I succeed is to use the option Take a random task.
Feb 10 17:02:52 clairedelune: Zooming in works well for me for selecting them
Feb 10 17:03:11 sev_hotosm: pierzen you need to zoom in
Feb 10 17:03:59 BlakeGirardot: I am a little confused
Feb 10 17:04:36 sev_hotosm: BlakeGirardot By?
Feb 10 17:04:37 BlakeGirardot: I don't see any different layers mentioned on the description
Feb 10 17:04:51 BlakeGirardot: I mean I see them mentioned, but I do not see them as part of the mapping process
Feb 10 17:04:54 sev_hotosm: sorry maybe the descriptionis not clear
Feb 10 17:05:31 sev_hotosm: the tasks have been made with a 500m buffer from these layers
Feb 10 17:05:37 BlakeGirardot: Well, actually, I see now. The boundaries you used were created from them.
Feb 10 17:05:43 sev_hotosm: exactly
Feb 10 17:06:34 BlakeGirardot: So are the boundaries themselves supposed to be providing us information?
Feb 10 17:06:45 BlakeGirardot: Like we know the roads should be within these boundaries?
Feb 10 17:06:51 pierzen|2: With firefox, zooming-in at something like zoom=18, still no success selecting. Clik either in the space between the two blue lines or on the road itsself, no result.
Feb 10 17:07:29 nicochav: weird pierzen|2 : it worked and still works well on our side with Firefox too
Feb 10 17:07:31 sev_hotosm: basically I was thinking about if this could even be done with not ODbL compatible data as it just a buffer made from them and the result is not included in OSM, basically just used to zoom on areas
Feb 10 17:07:49 sev_hotosm: pierzen Do you use IE? :p
Feb 10 17:08:11 nicochav: sev_hotosm, nope pierzen|2 is on firefox, like you...
Feb 10 17:08:24 sev_hotosm: I am sure he is, was kidding
Feb 10 17:08:54 sev_hotosm: so this is all for CAR now, continuing remaining cities + camps + road network
Feb 10 17:09:08 sev_hotosm: nicochav do you want to talk about Nigeria?
Feb 10 17:09:16 nicochav: right
Feb 10 17:10:00 nicochav: As emailed earlier on, couple of checks run with IM/GIS officers on relevance of OSM and type/mode of activation style were run
Feb 10 17:10:27 nicochav: Answers = OSM still of value to address baseline data needs
Feb 10 17:10:54 nicochav: specifically places, residential areas, buildings and road networks
Feb 10 17:11:23 nicochav: We still need to be cautious and not run this mapping out and loud on the social media and lists
Feb 10 17:11:33 nicochav: and keep it low key, discrete
Feb 10 17:11:48 nicochav: The area of concern is wide
Feb 10 17:12:08 nicochav: Start will be on Fotokol and Gambaru
Feb 10 17:12:20 clairedelune: low profile for which reason? (tasks will be public on TM anyway, won't they?)
Feb 10 17:12:35 nicochav: tasks public
Feb 10 17:13:01 nicochav: but the recommendation was not to overcommunicate on them
Feb 10 17:13:21 clairedelune: recommendation from hum. orgs or who?
Feb 10 17:13:24 nicochav: and rather keep the mapping happening in a soft way, like sev did in car
Feb 10 17:13:37 nicochav: IM/GIS working in hum orgs
Feb 10 17:13:44 clairedelune: ok, perfect
Feb 10 17:14:28 clairedelune: Same strategy will probably adopted on my side, after the new task I've just launched
Feb 10 17:14:38 nicochav: Sources still to be monitored for AOIs as well as dialogue with IM/GIS
Feb 10 17:15:02 nicochav: yeah, I think that for conflict prone area, it's the right move
Feb 10 17:15:56 nicochav: The idea is to co-work with rafael (very active in Nigeria) on this activation
Feb 10 17:16:03 nicochav: pretty all on my side for now
Feb 10 17:16:28 sev_hotosm: yes even if providing vector data of pre-crisis buildings does not provide a critical information for fighting people
Feb 10 17:17:03 nicochav: and if all sides know their ground very well
Feb 10 17:17:09 sev_hotosm: OCHA would not put online base and thematic data if so
Feb 10 17:17:17 sev_hotosm: but better not to overcommunicate
Feb 10 17:17:19 sev_hotosm: yes
Feb 10 17:17:37 nicochav: yep for the communication tone
Feb 10 17:17:41 sev_hotosm: = South Sudan
Feb 10 17:17:52 nicochav: and also on this COD/FOD OCHA note
Feb 10 17:18:45 sev_hotosm: Juba is progressing well now, big piece of cake, and other towns are also mapped through the Missing Map Project with whom we will coordinate more
Feb 10 17:18:53 sev_hotosm: Help for monitoring and prepare jobs is welcome!
Feb 10 17:19:43 sev_hotosm: Unfortunately there are no detailed thematic maps from hum orgs for South Sudan as for CAR
Feb 10 17:20:32 clairedelune: I am here with someone who worked on South Sudan maps for more than 4 years. What are you exactly looking for?
Feb 10 17:20:40 clairedelune: Amenities? Places? Roads?
Feb 10 17:21:03 sev_hotosm: AOIs
Feb 10 17:21:11 sev_hotosm: =Areas of Interest
Feb 10 17:21:31 clairedelune: I know what AOI mean but there are so many possibilities...
Feb 10 17:22:20 clairedelune: We can maybe plan a separate chat on that, is that fine for you?
Feb 10 17:23:06 sev_hotosm: I know you know but maybe not everyone here knows :)
Feb 10 17:23:27 BlakeGirardot: Ya, that helps :)
Feb 10 17:23:33 sev_hotosm: exactly many possibilities so it is important to know what are the main priorities
Feb 10 17:24:05 clairedelune: ok ;)
Feb 10 17:24:05 sev_hotosm: related to the local emergency or the capacity of hum orgs to use the data
Feb 10 17:24:43 sev_hotosm: MSF has requests taht Missing Maps is addressing
Feb 10 17:25:03 sev_hotosm: road network really need to be more consistent
Feb 10 17:25:28 sev_hotosm: will create same kind of job than for #783
Feb 10 17:25:38 sev_hotosm: once WFP has prepared the data
Feb 10 17:25:48 sev_hotosm: (they create the buffer)
Feb 10 17:25:59 clairedelune: is the data prepared by Rome or in field office?
Feb 10 17:26:02 BlakeGirardot: I did some of that in DRC, regularizing the road classifications.
Feb 10 17:26:15 BlakeGirardot: if I understand what you are taling about
Feb 10 17:26:42 BlakeGirardot: so they were consistent after they had been mapped via TM
Feb 10 17:27:20 sev_hotosm: Rome with all the data they gathered
Feb 10 17:27:32 clairedelune: I know that lots of GPS data were collected but am not sure if they've been integrated... will try to check that
Feb 10 17:27:48 clairedelune: Yes Blake, that's very important too
Feb 10 17:27:56 sev_hotosm: is currently the most detailed one on Reliefweb, and you can see it is not very ideal to decide what is the best AOI
Feb 10 17:28:19 sev_hotosm: But I am in contact with the local OCHA IM officer
Feb 10 17:29:12 sev_hotosm: yes WFP cars collect a lot of GPS data but it is not always integrated, depends on the country
Feb 10 17:29:52 sev_hotosm: BlakeGirardot and alhio you were interested by this Activation if I remember the meeting in December?
Feb 10 17:29:54 BlakeGirardot: how do they collect the gps data? phone, tracker?
Feb 10 17:29:57 clairedelune: cars it depends, but their staff too ;)
Feb 10 17:30:18 clairedelune: usually (more or less old) GPS devices
Feb 10 17:30:44 sev_hotosm: it is good we have LearnSOM chapters with OSMtracker and OSMand now for officers in the field collecting in their day to day activities
Feb 10 17:31:08 clairedelune: Exactly, that's a really great addition
Feb 10 17:31:16 althio: i am interested in knowing more about Activation and getting involved
Feb 10 17:31:24 BlakeGirardot: Ya, I am interested in how we can help the work flow to get gps data they are already collecting into OSM
Feb 10 17:31:32 althio: any Activation and a mentor will do ^^
Feb 10 17:31:33 clairedelune: Are you over with South Sudan one Sev?
Feb 10 17:32:10 clairedelune: The first challenge with the GPS data is to actually gather them....
Feb 10 17:32:10 sev_hotosm: Not yet: do you want to join this activation althio and BlakeGirardot?
Feb 10 17:32:23 sev_hotosm: Basically we would coordinate on a PAD
Feb 10 17:32:42 althio: sure I want to try
Feb 10 17:33:11 sev_hotosm: it is not open to public for a simple reason: we talk freely about the issues we have, including humanitarian orgs not being as responsive as we would like
Feb 10 17:33:50 BlakeGirardot: What is a pad?
Feb 10 17:33:54 althio: very well
Feb 10 17:34:01 althio: hackpad is a pad
Feb 10 17:34:08 clairedelune: althio and BlakeGirardot: At the end of the week, I might also need some support for an additional activation, but that one is not confirmed yet. I will get in touch with you if needed.
Feb 10 17:34:30 BlakeGirardot: Ya, I think there needs to be more activation support people
Feb 10 17:34:49 BlakeGirardot: people who know every aspect of running an activation so they can step in to help
Feb 10 17:34:58 BlakeGirardot: any person running an activation
Feb 10 17:35:14 BlakeGirardot: in whatever way that person needs help
Feb 10 17:35:29 sev_hotosm: basically a document we share and can edit together. For CAR I put every action on it and concerns. I think I will publish it on the wiki once the Activation is done, not keeping some potential issues with hum partners
Feb 10 17:36:29 sev_hotosm: BlakeGirardot definitely and OSM relies on doers, so the best way to learn an activation is to participate on one
Feb 10 17:36:31 BlakeGirardot: So please let me know what I can do to help, AndrewBuck and pierzen|2 have been super helpful the past few months helping me learn.
Feb 10 17:37:54 sev_hotosm: basically we need to be sure there si always a running task (for CAR I prefer one by one so that people do not feel overwhelmed)
Feb 10 17:38:10 BlakeGirardot: Oh very interesting
Feb 10 17:38:44 BlakeGirardot: Anc clairedelune you will let me know please if I can help with someting.
Feb 10 17:39:00 sev_hotosm: provide feedback to the contributors
Feb 10 17:39:28 BlakeGirardot: althio and I are in on a lot of that, validations, traing, applications.
Feb 10 17:39:38 sev_hotosm: we should contact them one by one, beginners for expected mistakes, big contributors to imply them more
Feb 10 17:39:42 sev_hotosm: validation
Feb 10 17:39:49 sev_hotosm: discussion with hum stakeholders
Feb 10 17:40:22 sev_hotosm: creating AOIs sometimes (check the Malawi job made from a flood extent layer)
Feb 10 17:40:46 BlakeGirardot: Ya, it is the hum interactions that people like you and clairedelune and nicochav have so much more experience with, I want to make more time for you to do that :)
Feb 10 17:41:16 sev_hotosm: we should coordinate about connecting people, not to duplicate
Feb 10 17:41:47 sev_hotosm: I have a template made from one Nick made
Feb 10 17:43:04 sev_hotosm:
Feb 10 17:43:12 sev_hotosm: = Malawi
Feb 10 17:43:36 sev_hotosm: actually potentially it is more Mozambique and Malawi floods
Feb 10 17:44:36 sev_hotosm: There is already a job on Lower Shire in Southern Malawi, progressing slowly, but another flood extent layer is available now, not as precise as the one for Lower Shire but covering the whole affected areas. An official activation could be done. We have contacts with humanitarian stakeholders in Malawi (from the HOT Project in the field during the last Summer), not yet in Mozambique. Helpful is someone help me to identify/map a
Feb 10 17:44:36 sev_hotosm: ffected areas around Zomba, Mulanje, Phalombe and Blantyre City.
Feb 10 17:44:53 sev_hotosm: oops sorry for the last sentence
Feb 10 17:45:07 sev_hotosm: seems I changed it in the middle
Feb 10 17:45:54 BlakeGirardot: that Iis an interesting letter sev_hotosm, I send a lot of thank you emails. Just curious, what your reply rate is? Mine is probably 25 - 50%
Feb 10 17:46:29 sev_hotosm: hmm I did not check, but I would say something similar
Feb 10 17:46:30 BlakeGirardot: Probably closer to 50%
Feb 10 17:46:46 sev_hotosm: I did not do it much (I should)
Feb 10 17:47:05 BlakeGirardot: people are usually pretty happy, but sometimes the emails are a month or two later = a lot less replies :)
Feb 10 17:47:35 BlakeGirardot: I hate to rush us, but I have to run shortly
Feb 10 17:47:52 sev_hotosm: OK
Feb 10 17:48:00 BlakeGirardot: I have one last itme wheen all the updates are done
Feb 10 17:48:14 BlakeGirardot: item, when all the updates are done.
Feb 10 17:48:40 sev_hotosm: so for Malawi floods have a huge extent, and the country is not well mapped except in the SOuth (where I was last Summer with EMir and Maning)
Feb 10 17:49:02 sev_hotosm: which item?
Feb 10 17:49:08 BlakeGirardot: Where is the flood extent mapped?
Feb 10 17:49:35 BlakeGirardot: or do we have polygons for that?
Feb 10 17:50:03 sev_hotosm: yes I put the link
Feb 10 17:50:12 sev_hotosm: it is from the WFP geonode
Feb 10 17:50:17 sev_hotosm: not high res though
Feb 10 17:50:44 sev_hotosm: sorry the link was in the email but not on the copy/paste here
Feb 10 17:50:55 BlakeGirardot: Ok, then I can find it.
Feb 10 17:51:08 sev_hotosm:
Feb 10 17:52:02 BlakeGirardot: I see. So we would visually use that as a guide for creating TM jobs?
Feb 10 17:54:23 BlakeGirardot: I am not suggesting I go and make TM jobs, I mean in general, that is how we would use that dat.
Feb 10 17:54:30 BlakeGirardot: data*
Feb 10 17:55:47 sev_hotosm: yes
Feb 10 17:56:22 sev_hotosm: but any help to check the flood extent + creating landuse=residential is welcome!
Feb 10 17:56:41 BlakeGirardot: I see very interesting.
Feb 10 17:56:56 sev_hotosm: Malawi is not an official Activation so far
Feb 10 17:57:09 sev_hotosm: wondering if we should
Feb 10 17:57:43 sev_hotosm: the current TM job does not progress fast
Feb 10 17:57:55 sev_hotosm: despite there is not much to do
Feb 10 17:58:34 BlakeGirardot: I see.
Feb 10 17:58:55 sev_hotosm: situation on the ground is improving slowly
Feb 10 17:58:56 sev_hotosm:
Feb 10 18:00:12 sev_hotosm: are you interested to work on the flood extent to set what should be done around the mentioned Cities?
Feb 10 18:00:26 sev_hotosm: Do you have GIS Background to deal with such layers?
Feb 10 18:01:01 BlakeGirardot: No, I am not a GIS person, learning qgis at the moment. Layers in josm, no problem.
Feb 10 18:02:26 sev_hotosm: you can display such shp layer with the opendata plugin
Feb 10 18:02:51 BlakeGirardot: Oh I see. I didn't see a download link, I'll look again.
Feb 10 18:03:40 sev_hotosm: we can connect later if you want, IRC or Hangout chat (where you can easily find me)
Feb 10 18:03:44 BlakeGirardot: Bah , i see it.
Feb 10 18:04:15 BlakeGirardot: Ya, I want to help where you need it
Feb 10 18:04:36 BlakeGirardot: I have sent you a few emails in the past month, you don't seem to get them?
Feb 10 18:04:36 sev_hotosm: I mean to share the areas to be checked
Feb 10 18:04:48 sev_hotosm: direct ones?
Feb 10 18:04:50 althio: Blake you are using qgis - right now?
Feb 10 18:04:52 BlakeGirardot: Yes
Feb 10 18:05:00 BlakeGirardot: sev_hotosm: yes
Feb 10 18:05:22 BlakeGirardot: althio: This second no, but I have it installed, used it pansharpen landsat imagery
Feb 10 18:05:47 sev_hotosm: ah I missed the one from yesterday about this meeting
Feb 10 18:06:00 sev_hotosm: Hmm and another one about Conflicting directions in project #835
Feb 10 18:06:06 BlakeGirardot: those are them :)
Feb 10 18:06:07 sev_hotosm: sorry
Feb 10 18:06:21 althio: opendata plugin - is it for JOSM then?
Feb 10 18:06:27 BlakeGirardot: althio: yes
Feb 10 18:06:34 althio: ok
Feb 10 18:07:00 BlakeGirardot: Ok, I have to run, but I will make a meeting summary and post the log
Feb 10 18:07:03 BlakeGirardot: when I get back
Feb 10 18:07:33 althio: bye and thanks for eveything
Feb 10 18:07:37 BlakeGirardot: The last I tem I have is that I am organizing a meeting or group to discuss TM2 dev planning
Feb 10 18:07:39 sev_hotosm: for the TM isntructions mistake someone else told me this as well, copy pasting too fast without checking enough
Feb 10 18:08:04 BlakeGirardot: Ya, I saw it got mentioned again. I just don't like sending public emails like that :)
Feb 10 18:08:09 sev_hotosm: I do not have this last msg, is it recent?
Feb 10 18:08:38 BlakeGirardot: I thought I sent two about the same time re: the instructions and then one yesterday, so 3 total, but I don't quite remember about the instructions ones.
Feb 10 18:08:39 althio: this is an item for this meeting AWG
Feb 10 18:09:01 BlakeGirardot: OH yes, not an email
Feb 10 18:09:04 althio: not an actual message yet about TM2 dev planning
Feb 10 18:09:07 BlakeGirardot: TM2 planning not an email
Feb 10 18:09:14 BlakeGirardot: Just my item for this meeting
Feb 10 18:09:45 althio: sings along with Blake ;) Feb 10 18:10:11 BlakeGirardot: hopefully pierzen|2 and everyone else who want to help make general area priorities for TM2 development can participate
Feb 10 18:10:19 BlakeGirardot: it will not be one meeting
Feb 10 18:10:24 sev_hotosm: but current TM is not already TM2?
Feb 10 18:10:33 BlakeGirardot: it will be an on going discussion
Feb 10 18:10:45 BlakeGirardot: Ya, TM2 exists now
Feb 10 18:10:51 BlakeGirardot: but could use some development
Feb 10 18:10:52 sev_hotosm: related to the frontpage redesign by Nitika?
Feb 10 18:11:00 BlakeGirardot: I think that is part of it for sure
Feb 10 18:11:03 sev_hotosm: ok
Feb 10 18:11:05 BlakeGirardot: but it would help to know
Feb 10 18:11:13 BlakeGirardot: what activation coordinators still feel is lacking
Feb 10 18:11:15 BlakeGirardot: or needs changing
Feb 10 18:11:17 pgiraud: current production version of the tasking manager IS v2
Feb 10 18:11:31 sev_hotosm: yes sure I am interested, but could not make it yesterday for the TWG
Feb 10 18:11:47 BlakeGirardot: no problem, that is why we are going to do some email discussions
Feb 10 18:11:49 BlakeGirardot: about it
Feb 10 18:12:09 BlakeGirardot: i think either on the tech wg email list or we make a new group of interested people
Feb 10 18:13:02 BlakeGirardot: Just more general feedback for planning since we have limited resources and we are going to be doing some google summer of code type events
Feb 10 18:14:05 BlakeGirardot: so I just wanted to let everyone know that will be happening, I will send an email to the main HOT email list
Feb 10 18:14:54 sev_hotosm: Ah OK
Feb 10 18:15:27 BlakeGirardot: and I will make sure eveyone gets included in the new activation wg meeting
Feb 10 18:15:36 BlakeGirardot: not meeting, email list
Feb 10 18:16:22 BlakeGirardot: Thank you very much for all the time and patience everyone.
Feb 10 18:17:34 sev_hotosm: yes, it was a long meeting
Feb 10 18:18:39 althio: see you
Feb 10 18:18:41 sev_hotosm: Do you need help to make the notes document as suggested BlakeGirardot ?
Feb 10 18:19:01 BlakeGirardot: No, I can make the summary document
Feb 10 18:19:03 russdeffner: yes, thank you everyone