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[2/20/2015 1:01:03 PM] Kate Chapman: Hi all, who is in for the meeting in a couple hours?
[2/20/2015 1:02:04 PM] Blake Girardot: Im in
[2/20/2015 1:02:13 PM] Kate Chapman: I believe Kristen is working the HOT booth at SCALE so she is out
[2/20/2015 1:02:51 PM] Blake Girardot: Oh ok. Depending on what else I have going on at the moment, I can probably take notes
[2/20/2015 1:02:51 PM] Cristiano Giovando: I’ll be here
[2/20/2015 1:07:44 PM] Russell Deffner: I am available, I didn't see an agenda doc yet
[2/20/2015 1:09:26 PM] kristen egermeier: I'll be here, I may have to leave early but I'll be at the meeting
[2/20/2015 1:09:43 PM] kristen egermeier: No agenda yet, but here is the doc for it:
[2/20/2015 1:10:00 PM] kristen egermeier: Charlotte will be late
[2/20/2015 1:15:34 PM] ALCE Samuel Paul: I am here but i can't talk!
[2/20/2015 1:15:40 PM] ALCE Samuel Paul: i can read! :)
[2/20/2015 1:28:58 PM] Kate Chapman: Does it makes sense to have a text based meeting?
[2/20/2015 1:29:03 PM] Kate Chapman: We've been mostly doing voice
[2/20/2015 1:31:18 PM] Cristiano Giovando: Either works. We normally do IRC for all other WG meetings…. But since this is the comm meeting, we may need more direct voice communication? :)
[2/20/2015 1:45:32 PM] Russell Deffner: Should we try just text here and if something/someone needs/wants to talk we can quickly open a call
[2/20/2015 1:45:59 PM] Kate Chapman: Yeah, I think that is good. Then Samuel can participate more fully
[2/20/2015 1:46:08 PM] kristen egermeier: Sounds good
[2/20/2015 3:01:25 PM] Russell Deffner: I guess we'll just wait for Charlotte to chime in or should we just get started
[2/20/2015 3:01:47 PM] kristen egermeier: We should get started. She'll be a bit late coming from something else
[2/20/2015 3:01:53 PM] Blake Girardot: Oh is this a text meeting?
[2/20/2015 3:02:00 PM] kristen egermeier: Here is the agenda again:
[2/20/2015 3:02:42 PM] Kate Chapman: Well Samuel mentioned he could only read
[2/20/2015 3:02:53 PM] Kate Chapman: So I asked if text would make more sense
[2/20/2015 3:03:07 PM] Blake Girardot: I vote text
[2/20/2015 3:03:17 PM] Russell Deffner: let's go with text unless we think we can hash something out via voice more easily
[2/20/2015 3:03:35 PM] Kate Chapman: Sounds good
[2/20/2015 3:03:52 PM] Russell Deffner: so Charlotte also should be able to read back and catch up
[2/20/2015 3:04:02 PM] kristen egermeier: Right
[2/20/2015 3:04:12 PM] Blake Girardot: It's a win, win, win :)
[2/20/2015 3:05:19 PM] Kate Chapman: Great.
[2/20/2015 3:05:45 PM] Kate Chapman: I see previous discussion about work flow
[2/20/2015 3:05:56 PM] Kate Chapman: Is there any ticketing being used?
[2/20/2015 3:06:37 PM] Cristiano Giovando: No. That is something I put in because of how the exchange went between me, Severin and Charlotte
[2/20/2015 3:06:58 PM] Russell Deffner: worked well?
[2/20/2015 3:07:16 PM] Cristiano Giovando: it just seems like it’s a slow process and writers probably need to be more proactive to chase project managers
[2/20/2015 3:07:24 PM] Cristiano Giovando: it didn’t :-(
[2/20/2015 3:07:33 PM] Russell Deffner: oh, I see
[2/20/2015 3:07:36 PM] Blake Girardot: What writers are we talking about?
[2/20/2015 3:08:10 PM] Cristiano Giovando: In my case was with Charlotte, who was trying to help Severin writing about the Malaki efforts
[2/20/2015 3:08:33 PM] Russell Deffner: so this is the process for a writer to collect information for a story/blog post/etc?
[2/20/2015 3:08:33 PM] Kate Chapman: Hmm I was thinking trello might be good for status tracking
[2/20/2015 3:08:54 PM] Kate Chapman: I would suggest calls with project managers might speed things up as well
[2/20/2015 3:09:05 PM] Cristiano Giovando: it sounds like she prefers a 15 min call with the project manager and then write from the notes she collects
[2/20/2015 3:09:12 PM] Cristiano Giovando: right
[2/20/2015 3:09:26 PM] Russell Deffner: such as a journalist would do...
[2/20/2015 3:09:32 PM] Kate Chapman: That should be doable
[2/20/2015 3:09:42 PM] Kate Chapman: I would think
[2/20/2015 3:09:43 PM] Cristiano Giovando: so, I think it’s just matter of defining the workflow, so that we know what to expect and have roles
[2/20/2015 3:09:52 PM] Russell Deffner: I guess maybe we should wait for Charlotte?
[2/20/2015 3:10:00 PM] Kate Chapman: Personally I prefer that to email interviews which others do
[2/20/2015 3:10:18 PM] Cristiano Giovando: so, she can bug Severin (in this case) until she gets him on the phone :)
[2/20/2015 3:10:30 PM] Cristiano Giovando: yes, it would be good to see what she thinks
[2/20/2015 3:10:30 PM] Kate Chapman: Yeah having a work flow and sharing with the HOT list so they know what to expect would hel0
[2/20/2015 3:10:40 PM] Kate Chapman: I can intro people as well if that helps
[2/20/2015 3:11:33 PM] Cristiano Giovando: Yes, I mean that’s what I did for her with Severin, I intrude her
[2/20/2015 3:11:41 PM] Cristiano Giovando: *intro-ed her
[2/20/2015 3:12:10 PM] Cristiano Giovando: (stupid autocorrect) :D
[2/20/2015 3:12:42 PM] Cristiano Giovando: Anyway, are there any other writers that we rely on?
[2/20/2015 3:13:36 PM] Russell Deffner: I don't do it anymore, but was a freelance journalist
[2/20/2015 3:13:56 PM] Russell Deffner: not sure I have time to do much extra though
[2/20/2015 3:14:40 PM] Russell Deffner: but we could always try to recruit others
[2/20/2015 3:14:51 PM] Cristiano Giovando: OK, I’m thinking more of people that don’t have many other responsibilities in HOT, but would like to contribute by writing
[2/20/2015 3:15:18 PM] Russell Deffner: but having a general 'procedures' is a good idea
[2/20/2015 3:15:20 PM] Cristiano Giovando: anyway, at least if we define the workflow then it’s ready if we recruit more people
[2/20/2015 3:15:22 PM] Kate Chapman: We should maybe ask
[2/20/2015 3:15:23 PM] Cristiano Giovando: right
[2/20/2015 3:15:41 PM] Kate Chapman: Typically in the past most people wrote about their own projects
[2/20/2015 3:16:58 PM] Russell Deffner: And I think we want to encourage that (even more)
[2/20/2015 3:17:12 PM] Russell Deffner: but also have writers to help
[2/20/2015 3:17:13 PM] Cristiano Giovando: Yes, I think that’s good standard practice, it’s more for situations where people are really busy and a writer is there not knowing how to contribute
[2/20/2015 3:17:36 PM] kristen egermeier: we could have someone serve as the editor
[2/20/2015 3:18:27 PM] Russell Deffner: Yeah, I think we could present it as an option: please send a draft or if you need ask for a writer
[2/20/2015 3:18:42 PM] kristen egermeier: Who could not only encourage more writing but also help tidy up the docs
[2/20/2015 3:18:59 PM] Kate Chapman: Yeah, previously there was a serious called the faces of HOT
[2/20/2015 3:19:03 PM] Kate Chapman: As well which were interviews
[2/20/2015 3:19:51 PM] Cristiano Giovando: I think that would be really nice and rewarding, especially for volunteers
[2/20/2015 3:20:33 PM] Russell Deffner: so do we have someone that can create a proto-type ticketing/tracking system - I think we build the procedure around that
[2/20/2015 3:21:14 PM] Blake Girardot: Really we need a ticket tracking system for this?
[2/20/2015 3:21:22 PM] Cristiano Giovando: Maybe that’s something that we can do, and have Charlotte interview one volunteers from different local communities weekly and write a blog post about it
[2/20/2015 3:21:55 PM] Russell Deffner: Blake, not necessarily - that's just how it is sort of going on the minutes
[2/20/2015 3:22:05 PM] Kate Chapman: I think it would be good to have something simple
[2/20/2015 3:22:07 PM] Cristiano Giovando: Ticketing may be too much, but def something that keeps track and reminds people of doing it once a week or so
[2/20/2015 3:22:08 PM] Charlotte Wolter: Hi. I'm back
[2/20/2015 3:22:12 PM] Russell Deffner: thought we could flesh it out a bit
[2/20/2015 3:22:14 PM] Kate Chapman: Where we could just list a story and it goes through the steps
[2/20/2015 3:22:18 PM] Kate Chapman: Doesn't need to be complicated
[2/20/2015 3:22:22 PM] Kate Chapman: Could be done in github or trello
[2/20/2015 3:22:22 PM] Russell Deffner: hi Charlotte
[2/20/2015 3:22:50 PM] Blake Girardot: The trouble is, not every story needs the same steps
[2/20/2015 3:23:00 PM] Kate Chapman: It could just be a list somewhere
[2/20/2015 3:23:08 PM] Blake Girardot: Depends on who is writing it the steps needed really
[2/20/2015 3:23:08 PM] Kate Chapman: The Google doc we made before would be fine
[2/20/2015 3:23:18 PM] Cristiano Giovando: But it need to assign roles and remind people
[2/20/2015 3:23:32 PM] Kate Chapman: Yeah so it could just be new, draft, publish
[2/20/2015 3:23:34 PM] Kate Chapman: Or something like that
[2/20/2015 3:23:36 PM] Blake Girardot: Charlotte has one set of step, I would have another, a self author just needs a grammer read over maybe
[2/20/2015 3:23:39 PM] Kate Chapman: Doesn't have to be a ton of steps
[2/20/2015 3:23:49 PM] Kate Chapman: And you can skip the steps you don't need
[2/20/2015 3:24:01 PM] Charlotte Wolter: I now am linked to Severin on Skype. Even that took a while.
[2/20/2015 3:25:11 PM] Russell Deffner: Maybe would just put that on our 'next two weeks of comm' (permanent) agenda item
[2/20/2015 3:25:39 PM] Russell Deffner: i.e. this 'story'/post is being researched/edited/etc
[2/20/2015 3:25:49 PM] Charlotte Wolter: I do track each attempt to contact someone. I haven't tried to call because I wasn't sure if that's OK, but I'll do it from now on.
[2/20/2015 3:26:16 PM] *** Group call *** [2/20/2015 3:26:17 PM] Kate Chapman: Well you should schedule a time and not just call
[2/20/2015 3:27:04 PM] Kate Chapman: Sorry I can't jump on right this second
[2/20/2015 3:27:10 PM] Kate Chapman: I missed where we said we were switching to voice
[2/20/2015 3:27:10 PM] Cristiano Giovando: Are we getting on voice?
[2/20/2015 3:27:19 PM] Kate Chapman: I need 5 minutes
[2/20/2015 3:27:19 PM] Blake Girardot: Ya, test works better for Sam
[2/20/2015 3:27:21 PM] kristen egermeier: No, Charlotte just thought we were
[2/20/2015 3:27:22 PM] Blake Girardot: text
[2/20/2015 3:27:25 PM] kristen egermeier: We're good on text
[2/20/2015 3:27:32 PM] Blake Girardot: Its fine, we can text, its late here
[2/20/2015 3:27:38 PM] Charlotte Wolter: No, I disagree.
[2/20/2015 3:27:48 PM] Charlotte Wolter: Most have no sense of what is news.
[2/20/2015 3:28:14 PM] Charlotte Wolter: We can't have blogs and tweets that just ramble on about what they are doing
[2/20/2015 3:28:25 PM] Charlotte Wolter: to have an impact, they need to be real news.
[2/20/2015 3:29:05 PM] Charlotte Wolter: Why would I want to read a blog that doesn't have any news?
[2/20/2015 3:29:12 PM] Cristiano Giovando: Sure, but sometimes just updates on projects are enough for communicating what we do
[2/20/2015 3:29:26 PM] Charlotte Wolter: And it's "grammar."
[2/20/2015 3:29:44 PM] kristen egermeier: I actually enjoy reading the blogs that folks have written about their experiences in the field. It helps me understand the process
[2/20/2015 3:29:54 PM] Cristiano Giovando: because people are interested to know what happens in projects, especially when they don’t have time to follow all the details
[2/20/2015 3:30:00 PM] Kate Chapman: right there are updates, but then major announcements
[2/20/2015 3:30:03 PM] Kate Chapman: These are different things
[2/20/2015 3:30:32 PM] Charlotte Wolter: OK on voice for me
[2/20/2015 3:31:03 PM] Russell Deffner: sorry, you probably missed where we decided to use text for this meeting
[2/20/2015 3:32:00 PM] Cristiano Giovando: We can do voice if that’s easier for you Charlotte
[2/20/2015 3:32:06 PM] Charlotte Wolter: Sure updates, but with something that's new.
[2/20/2015 3:32:11 PM] Séverin MENARD: Hi everybody
[2/20/2015 3:32:21 PM] Charlotte Wolter: Severin, what did you think of the tweet I sent you?
[2/20/2015 3:32:45 PM] Blake Girardot: Text is easier for me, besides I would never learn to spell if we went to voice.
[2/20/2015 3:32:55 PM] Séverin MENARD: connected and seeing the CWG is running so I jump in if you do not mind (I know you do not!)
[2/20/2015 3:33:05 PM] Séverin MENARD: HI Charlotte, great you are there
[2/20/2015 3:33:06 PM] Russell Deffner: please do
[2/20/2015 3:33:24 PM] Séverin MENARD: I actually answered your email a few minutes ago
[2/20/2015 3:33:41 PM] kristen egermeier: Here is the agenda- for those who have come late:
[2/20/2015 3:33:54 PM] Séverin MENARD: you just made a confusion about the shelter topic
[2/20/2015 3:34:33 PM] Séverin MENARD: HOT is not providing shelters, but a shelter cluster Information Manager requested a new TM job to be created
[2/20/2015 3:34:46 PM] Séverin MENARD: thanks Kristen
[2/20/2015 3:36:15 PM] Séverin MENARD: Usually I tweet (from my own account) when creating a new TM job, when it is over, when publishing a blog post
[2/20/2015 3:36:41 PM] Séverin MENARD: + sometimes to boost again a bit the contribution on a long lasting TM job
[2/20/2015 3:36:44 PM] Charlotte Wolter: I have no problem being pushy. I did it for 25 years. But project managers have to take the responsibility to be responsive. Also, historically, being pushy hasn't been looked on with favor in OSM and HOT. But I can do it if someone wants.
[2/20/2015 3:36:51 PM] Séverin MENARD: any suggestions?
[2/20/2015 3:37:46 PM] Kate Chapman: @Severin suggestions for?
[2/20/2015 3:38:50 PM] Séverin MENARD: when should we twit
[2/20/2015 3:39:00 PM] Séverin MENARD: Ah regarding the workflow, I am not sure about the 15 min Skype call, regarding the duration: explaining the context, what is at stake, etc to someone who does not know at all about the Activation will obviously take more time
[2/20/2015 3:39:13 PM] Charlotte Wolter: Kate, you mentioned enjoying reading what people are doing on blogs. That's great because we know them and have worked with them. But this stuff is for the outside world, and that's where the content has to be different, Maybe less personal and more newsy.
[2/20/2015 3:39:48 PM] Kate Chapman: @Charlotte I read what groups outside of my personal circle are doing on blogs
[2/20/2015 3:39:50 PM] Kate Chapman: A lot of people do that
[2/20/2015 3:40:09 PM] Kate Chapman: @Severin it depends on your style with tweeting
[2/20/2015 3:40:25 PM] Kate Chapman: Some people are more personal, some are all business, some just retweet stuff. etc
[2/20/2015 3:40:39 PM] kristen egermeier: Charlotte, I also mentioned that. I think it's helpful on a humanitarian level to understand that side of what we do. It's not just mapping. It's why we do what we do.
[2/20/2015 3:40:55 PM] Charlotte Wolter: But I do know the basics about all the Activations and have participated in many of them.
[2/20/2015 3:41:07 PM] Séverin MENARD: @kate I was not talking about style yet, first about "tweets triggers" (if this makes sense)
[2/20/2015 3:41:19 PM] Kate Chapman: What would indicate you should tweet?
[2/20/2015 3:41:30 PM] Cristiano Giovando: @Charlotte, there are probably more technical projects that would need communication in a technical way, so it may be a complex process to have you learn those details. it maybe be easier instead for you to work on interviews about what volunteers do in the field or in their communities
[2/20/2015 3:42:09 PM] Charlotte Wolter: Do you think no one is capable of understanding what's going on in Malawi but you? I would disagree with that.
[2/20/2015 3:42:16 PM] *** Call ended, duration 15:52 *** [2/20/2015 3:42:20 PM] Cristiano Giovando: it’s more like story-telling, and it would highlight HOT’s efforts in community building
[2/20/2015 3:42:44 PM] Kate Chapman: I think we can help each other write more compelling stories. One thing that does not get a lot of traffic is posts that are like "book reports"
[2/20/2015 3:42:56 PM] Kate Chapman: We do need to report what we are doing in places, but having a human element sometimes is good
[2/20/2015 3:43:02 PM] Séverin MENARD: sorry, seems I was not clear, this is not what I meant
[2/20/2015 3:44:05 PM] Russell Deffner: so I think some of this goes into the next agenda item regarding who facilitates/moderates each platform, is there anything more to add to agenda item 1? Do we want to further define the procedure now or do we need time to think/work offline on it?
[2/20/2015 3:44:23 PM] Séverin MENARD: I takes maybe let us say 30 minutes to know about it
[2/20/2015 3:44:26 PM] Charlotte Wolter: OK, but who is the audience for blogs and tweets?
[2/20/2015 3:44:44 PM] Russell Deffner: the world :)
[2/20/2015 3:44:49 PM] Charlotte Wolter: I'ce already read everything that you wrote. I doubt it would take 30 minutes.
[2/20/2015 3:44:52 PM] Séverin MENARD: 15 minutes seems short
[2/20/2015 3:45:08 PM] Kate Chapman: You can always schedule 30 minutes and then if it only takes 15 then great
[2/20/2015 3:45:27 PM] Charlotte Wolter: Kate, I don't feel that we have dealt with the issues that you call "work flow."
[2/20/2015 3:46:17 PM] Séverin MENARD: so it is better if the supporting writer remains the same, otherwise the whole context would need to be explained every time
[2/20/2015 3:46:29 PM] Charlotte Wolter: OK, I'll do that.
[2/20/2015 3:47:11 PM] Séverin MENARD: And basically what lacks when coordinating activation is time, not writing skills :)
[2/20/2015 3:47:26 PM] Charlotte Wolter: My issue with "work flow" is that some peole haven't been responsive. That's the key to making this happen.
[2/20/2015 3:48:34 PM] Cristiano Giovando: @Severin, yes PMs should also just post to the blog directly, and then editors can eventually review before publishing
[2/20/2015 3:48:34 PM] Kate Chapman: @severin I do think we could make the posts more compelling, there are styles that are more readable
[2/20/2015 3:48:50 PM] Kate Chapman: But part of the idea was if people didn't have time to help them
[2/20/2015 3:48:52 PM] Séverin MENARD: It took me only 15 minutes to draft the text I shared with you, but it took me several days to get/take that available time for the communication
[2/20/2015 3:49:07 PM] Kate Chapman: Maybe we just need to schedule better
[2/20/2015 3:49:37 PM] Cristiano Giovando: Yes, or just have reminders for PMs to send updates and that’s it :-)
[2/20/2015 3:49:38 PM] Charlotte Wolter: OK, Severin, when do you have 15 minutes when we can talk. Pick a time, any time, I'll be available.
[2/20/2015 3:49:50 PM] Charlotte Wolter: Ditto for Cristiano
[2/20/2015 3:50:26 PM] Russell Deffner: Yes (regarding scheduling better), we don't have any publishing deadlines, just a desire to time things to get the most impact
[2/20/2015 3:50:42 PM] Séverin MENARD: reminders can help. But it may also depends on the kinf of crisis.
[2/20/2015 3:50:48 PM] Charlotte Wolter: I agree. Sooner is better than later.
[2/20/2015 3:50:53 PM] Séverin MENARD: Eg Malawi is not a big media focus, to say the least
[2/20/2015 3:51:16 PM] Charlotte Wolter: But it can be in our media.
[2/20/2015 3:51:30 PM] Séverin MENARD: a few contact in the field but overwhelmed and not always responssive (the say the least as well) :)
[2/20/2015 3:52:12 PM] Charlotte Wolter: That's where we have an advantage. We have people all over the world who are involved in efforts like Malawi. Those are things we should write about regularly.
[2/20/2015 3:52:30 PM] Cristiano Giovando: OK. So I would propose to encourage and remind PMs to post blogs and ask Charlotte if they need editorial help. Charlotte on her own can reach out to local community volunteers and interview them to write stories (story telling)
[2/20/2015 3:52:35 PM] Séverin MENARD: I mean it is different from eg Ebola with a lot of requests and exchanges, many info that you can find online about the situation on ground
[2/20/2015 3:53:08 PM] Russell Deffner: have to step away, be back shortly
[2/20/2015 3:53:13 PM] Cristiano Giovando: And we can facilitate the connections between local volunteers and Charlotte
[2/20/2015 3:53:16 PM] Séverin MENARD: so sometimes if there is a reminder for posting news, the answer can be: well, we do not have somethign really new
[2/20/2015 3:53:23 PM] Charlotte Wolter: Do, Severin and Cristiano, when can we talk?
[2/20/2015 3:53:46 PM] Cristiano Giovando: I can talk after this meeting
[2/20/2015 3:54:00 PM] Cristiano Giovando: OK, let’s move on with the agenda then :-)
[2/20/2015 3:54:09 PM] Séverin MENARD: me too
[2/20/2015 3:54:17 PM] Charlotte Wolter: OK, I'll call you. Severin?
[2/20/2015 3:54:39 PM] Charlotte Wolter: I'll call Cristiano first, unless you have to run.
[2/20/2015 3:54:53 PM] Cristiano Giovando: sure, no problem
[2/20/2015 3:55:09 PM] Séverin MENARD: OK
[2/20/2015 3:55:24 PM] Charlotte Wolter: OK
[2/20/2015 3:55:55 PM] Cristiano Giovando: What’s next?
[2/20/2015 3:57:13 PM] Cristiano Giovando: I guess the next item on the agenda is somehow related to the discussion above
[2/20/2015 3:57:30 PM] Cristiano Giovando: or who is responsible/managers for what channel
[2/20/2015 3:57:31 PM] Kate Chapman: Which one is that?
[2/20/2015 3:57:35 PM] Kate Chapman: Ah okay
[2/20/2015 3:57:38 PM] Kate Chapman: So I was just talking to Kristen
[2/20/2015 3:57:46 PM] Kate Chapman: We were thinking it might be good to send items to her to schedule them
[2/20/2015 3:57:50 PM] Kate Chapman: For things that aren't urgent
[2/20/2015 3:58:43 PM] Cristiano Giovando: OK. You mean blog post drafts?
[2/20/2015 3:58:45 PM] Charlotte Wolter: Can Kristem OK a tweet?
[2/20/2015 3:58:59 PM] Charlotte Wolter: Also, does ahe have access to post one?
[2/20/2015 3:59:30 PM] Kate Chapman: I will make sure
[2/20/2015 3:59:43 PM] Kate Chapman: She has access
[2/20/2015 3:59:50 PM] Charlotte Wolter: Great!
[2/20/2015 4:00:53 PM] Cristiano Giovando: It looks like someone needs to set Russ up for posting on the Website
[2/20/2015 4:00:57 PM] Cristiano Giovando: (per the agenda)
[2/20/2015 4:01:04 PM] Cristiano Giovando: Kristen, can you fix that?
[2/20/2015 4:01:45 PM] Russell Deffner: sorry, I'm back
[2/20/2015 4:01:51 PM] Cristiano Giovando: Then the next item is about the HOT announce list. Any update?
[2/20/2015 4:01:56 PM] Kate Chapman: @Russ you have an account but the permissions are wrong?
[2/20/2015 4:02:08 PM] Blake Girardot: I am ready
[2/20/2015 4:02:09 PM] Kate Chapman: Is that the case? Something happened in the website upgrade where a lot of people don't have posting permissions that used to
[2/20/2015 4:02:17 PM] kristen egermeier: I can work on that
[2/20/2015 4:02:17 PM] Blake Girardot: to pull the trigger on the hot announce list
[2/20/2015 4:02:23 PM] Russell Deffner: I was also thinking we need one or two people who are 'expert' in the particular platform to compose
[2/20/2015 4:02:30 PM] Russell Deffner: or help compose
[2/20/2015 4:02:42 PM] Russell Deffner: yes, have account but not able to post
[2/20/2015 4:02:43 PM] Blake Girardot: It is a total go, all ready to go, email to announce composed. done.
[2/20/2015 4:03:06 PM] Blake Girardot: I just haven't found the time to do it. how about monday
[2/20/2015 4:03:17 PM] Blake Girardot: I learned from out last meeting, timing is important
[2/20/2015 4:03:24 PM] Blake Girardot: I don't want it getting lost in weekend email
[2/20/2015 4:03:28 PM] Cristiano Giovando: @Blake: OK, yes, that went out as a test right?
[2/20/2015 4:03:41 PM] Cristiano Giovando: and who’s on the list for now?
[2/20/2015 4:04:02 PM] Blake Girardot: Ya, I think it is all tested. the only thing I haven't done is make a custom footer for it saying there is also a discussion list here: blahblah
[2/20/2015 4:04:22 PM] Charlotte Wolter: In the news business we always say Tuesday or Wednesday are best fo putting things out because that's when reporters are lookngn for stories and most weeklies go to bed on Thursday.
[2/20/2015 4:04:42 PM] Cristiano Giovando: OK. Then we should link it from the Website and the wiki
[2/20/2015 4:04:54 PM] kristen egermeier: @Russ, you should be good again
[2/20/2015 4:04:57 PM] Blake Girardot: I don't expect a lot of press coverage, but sure I can wait until tuesday :)
[2/20/2015 4:05:12 PM] Charlotte Wolter: :)
[2/20/2015 4:05:16 PM] Blake Girardot: :)
[2/20/2015 4:06:06 PM] Cristiano Giovando: Good. Next is about upcoming posts
[2/20/2015 4:06:32 PM] Russell Deffner: wait
[2/20/2015 4:07:21 PM] Russell Deffner: so part of what I was getting at, was it's great for Kristen to schedule stuff and set up a scheduler etc as discussed last time (or was that Katrina)
[2/20/2015 4:07:32 PM] Kate Chapman: Kristen
[2/20/2015 4:07:42 PM] Kate Chapman: I think Katrina was going to research some options
[2/20/2015 4:08:02 PM] kristen egermeier: I'm scheduling the postings that have been sent to me
[2/20/2015 4:08:05 PM] Russell Deffner: but when a draft comes into the comm email, we should have designated people that would compose messages for their various platforms
[2/20/2015 4:08:29 PM] Russell Deffner: am I miss-remembering what we decided last time?
[2/20/2015 4:08:43 PM] Charlotte Wolter: A draft what?
[2/20/2015 4:08:53 PM] Kate Chapman: Well, I think Katrina was suggesting she would look for an application to help with it
[2/20/2015 4:08:57 PM] Kate Chapman: Kristen was going to help in the publishing
[2/20/2015 4:09:43 PM] Charlotte Wolter: Don't you just paste it in on Twitter and hit "OK."?
[2/20/2015 4:10:00 PM] Russell Deffner: yes, I thought we had a process set up and I sent a draft 'announcement' for the new members, and no one responded to my ask for editing and what platforms to use, etc.
[2/20/2015 4:10:31 PM] Charlotte Wolter: Where did you send it?
[2/20/2015 4:10:39 PM] Russell Deffner:
[2/20/2015 4:10:42 PM] kristen egermeier: @ Charlotte. Basically, but I will help in determining importance, schedule of posting etc.
[2/20/2015 4:10:46 PM] Kate Chapman: @Russ I saw it and should have responded
[2/20/2015 4:10:48 PM] Kate Chapman: Sorry about that!
[2/20/2015 4:10:53 PM] Kate Chapman: Maybe we could release some stats with it
[2/20/2015 4:10:54 PM] Kate Chapman: If you have them
[2/20/2015 4:11:09 PM] Kate Chapman: Though it could just be simple as well
[2/20/2015 4:11:19 PM] Charlotte Wolter: Sorry, I don't think I saw it.
[2/20/2015 4:11:23 PM] Russell Deffner: yes, so should we instead specify one or two people as editors, or per platform or something?
[2/20/2015 4:12:34 PM] Charlotte Wolter: Well, if you want me to look at stuff, I will watch better.
[2/20/2015 4:12:51 PM] Charlotte Wolter: The Communication email list.
[2/20/2015 4:12:57 PM] Russell Deffner: on top of this, were we not/should we not sending something to the main list about "if you have a story/post" send it to the comm list and we'll work with you to publish it
[2/20/2015 4:13:12 PM] Kate Chapman: Yes, we should send a note about that Russ
[2/20/2015 4:13:20 PM] Kate Chapman: I wonder if with the communications list if we should use headers
[2/20/2015 4:13:27 PM] Kate Chapman: e.g. something like [Feedback Needed]
[2/20/2015 4:13:31 PM] Kate Chapman: So that it is clear
[2/20/2015 4:13:49 PM] Charlotte Wolter: That sounds good.
[2/20/2015 4:15:33 PM] Russell Deffner: Blake, would/could that message be added to the announce list message - or I could type something up separate
[2/20/2015 4:18:16 PM] Russell Deffner: sorry to put a halt, I think we can also start listing the announcements coming in the next two weeks...
[2/20/2015 4:18:44 PM] Blake Girardot: One sec, sorry
[2/20/2015 4:18:58 PM] Blake Girardot: Whatever it is the answer is yes Russ
[2/20/2015 4:19:07 PM] Séverin MENARD: Is there a public list somewhere for the announcement?
[2/20/2015 4:19:30 PM] Russell Deffner: not sure I understand Sev
[2/20/2015 4:20:48 PM] Russell Deffner: @Blake - let me know if you would prefer not to alter your Announce mailing list Announcement
[2/20/2015 4:23:03 PM] Cristiano Giovando: OK, unless there’s anything else, the last item on the agenda is about upcoming blog posts
[2/20/2015 4:23:25 PM] Cristiano Giovando: Anything specific about those or are we good?
[2/20/2015 4:23:37 PM] Cristiano Giovando: I will also get out the one for OAM
[2/20/2015 4:24:03 PM] Russell Deffner: I just had a quick question regarding the new member blog post...
[2/20/2015 4:24:17 PM] Cristiano Giovando: and Sev, Charlotte and I will work together for the Malawi project
[2/20/2015 4:24:20 PM] Kate Chapman: There are two things coming up, but not quite in the next 2 weeks for blog posts
[2/20/2015 4:24:26 PM] Kate Chapman: The start of the flood mapping program in Dar es Salaam
[2/20/2015 4:24:33 PM] Kate Chapman: And the World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction
[2/20/2015 4:24:36 PM] Kate Chapman: Both are around mid March
[2/20/2015 4:24:54 PM] Kate Chapman: Yantisa Akhadi is attending the World Conference on DRR for HOT
[2/20/2015 4:25:00 PM] Kate Chapman: And Jeff Haack and I are going to Dar es Salaam
[2/20/2015 4:25:24 PM] Russell Deffner: I looked back and we haven't announced new members on the "Updates" page of website before; any objection/reason why we haven't and/or shouldn't?
[2/20/2015 4:25:34 PM] Charlotte Wolter: Those sounds like good newsy items: blogs and tweets.
[2/20/2015 4:25:37 PM] Kate Chapman: I think the reason was nobody ever did it
[2/20/2015 4:25:42 PM] Russell Deffner: :)
[2/20/2015 4:26:02 PM] Kate Chapman: @Charlotte yes, for the thing in Dar es Salaam Jeff or I can write a blog post
[2/20/2015 4:26:13 PM] Kate Chapman: Iyan could probably write something for the conference, might want a little editing
[2/20/2015 4:26:41 PM] Russell Deffner: Ok, I'm just going to drop the 'Greetings,' from the email announcement and post it to the blog
[2/20/2015 4:26:51 PM] Russell Deffner: *regarding the new member post
[2/20/2015 4:27:06 PM] Blake Girardot: @russ I do not mind changing the announce list announcement, i'll get with you to get your changes.
[2/20/2015 4:27:28 PM] Cristiano Giovando: Sounds good. For the other things let’s coordinate on the comm list. Charlotte - are you on that list?
[2/20/2015 4:27:44 PM] Charlotte Wolter: Yes
[2/20/2015 4:27:50 PM] Cristiano Giovando: @Kristen - anything you may want to report from the event you are at?
[2/20/2015 4:27:56 PM] Charlotte Wolter: Just let me know what you need done.
[2/20/2015 4:28:13 PM] kristen egermeier: It starts today, so I'll let you know. I'll at least have a picture of our booth :)
[2/20/2015 4:28:29 PM] Charlotte Wolter: Kridtem, are you in LA for that event?
[2/20/2015 4:28:45 PM] kristen egermeier: Yes, I live here
[2/20/2015 4:29:08 PM] Cristiano Giovando: Cool - Anything else? Otherwise we should wrap up
[2/20/2015 4:29:14 PM] Charlotte Wolter: Oh, I wondered what an actress was dong in D.C.
[2/20/2015 4:29:22 PM] Charlotte Wolter: Yes
[2/20/2015 4:29:29 PM] kristen egermeier: Lots actually. It's a great theatre town
[2/20/2015 4:29:33 PM] Russell Deffner: @Blake - will try to get that to you today
[2/20/2015 4:29:57 PM] Blake Girardot: maybe just after this you can tell me and I'll do it
[2/20/2015 4:30:07 PM] Blake Girardot: I don't need specifics unless you want to give them to me
[2/20/2015 4:31:01 PM] Cristiano Giovando: All right, thanks guys! @Charlotte and @Sev I’m going to call you in 5 minutes
[2/20/2015 4:31:06 PM] kristen egermeier: Thanks everyone!
[2/20/2015 4:31:07 PM] Russell Deffner: yes, thanks everyone!
[2/20/2015 4:31:16 PM] Blake Girardot: Thanks everyone, good night
[2/20/2015 4:31:29 PM] Charlotte Wolter: Bye