Humanitarian OSM Team/Working groups/Community/2014-03-15

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This meeting was not so much a Working Group meeting as a "Community Sprint" AKA "HOT Saturdays". But the meeting laid the groundwork for the Community Working Group

mailing list summary of the meeting

Hackpad doc - Note that this has since been re-used (updated) for later meetings

A key outcome of this meeting was identifying five types of community member, and some actions related to them:

Type 1- Connectors/Teachers Priority : training and mentorship programme to cross-train new leaders Reason: more leaders, less burnout

Type 2- Mappers

  • Outreach to share about learnosm and how to get involve into HOT
  • Clean up general communications on wiki and websites to provide a clear path to Get Involved
  • Research Communities to outreach to (see below):

Type 3 - Partners/Mission Supporters

  • need policy and guidance on how to mutual communication with partners, a W3 ( who does what when)
  • there are some items in membership code of conduct.

Type 4 - Techies

  • Setting process for how to get devs involved in the tech working group (more outreach, clear tasks)
  • promote the tools we have developed

Type 5 - Business of Mapping

  • Talking points for the membership on how to talk with partners and potential funders (note -process is to hand off to ED)
  • outreach strategy to get these folks involved and/or supporting HOT