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This HOT group works to engage and foster the growth of the global HOT community. Recognising that this is a large and open-ended task, the group will need to decide upon targeted actions, and deliver improvements in small steps. An improved community is a one which works together better, and which fosters and supports the growth of local groups around the world. Where necessary it may develop policies to be adopted by HOT in pursuit of these goals.

Get Involved

  • Review our Terms of Reference (ToR)
  • You can join the Community WG email list to engage in discussions and communicate with us via our Community WG Google Group (easy to join, not circles)
  • Or join our next meeting...




'HOT Community Calls' (not necessarily 'official' meetings):

Past meetings:

  • /2015-01-10 - TOR, Conflict Resolution process, 2014 Community Thank You Message
  • /2014-10-11 - Finalising TOR bullet points and deciding on a task tracking approach
  • /2014-09-20 - Discussing the scope of the group and drafting TOR doc
  • /2014-03-15 - A "HOT Saturdays" community sprint laying the groundwork for this group

HOT Community Working group

The following are archived notes from Community Meetings (early 2014):

Type 1- Connectors/Teachers Priority : training and mentorship programme to cross-train new leaders Reason: more leaders, less burnout

Type 2- Mappers

  • Outreach to share about learnosm and how to get involve into HOT
  • Clean up general communications on wiki and websites to provide a clear path to Get Involved
  • Research Communities to outreach to (see below):

Type 3 - Partners/Mission Supporters

  • need policy and guidance on how to mutual communication with partners, a W3 ( who does what when)
  • there are some items in membership code of conduct.

Type 4 - Techies

  • Setting process for how to get devs involved in the tech working group (more outreach, clear tasks)
  • promote the tools we have developed

Type 5 - Business of Mapping

  • Talking points for the membership on how to talk with partners and potential funders (note -process is to hand off to ED)
  • outreach strategy to get these folks involved and/or supporting HOT