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Meeting of the HOT Community Working Group on 11th October 2014 at 12:00 UTC


  • Finalising Terms of Reference bullet points
Fleshed out but generalised a bit
Note these are now at Humanitarian OSM Team/Working groups/Community/TOR and ready to be shown to the community and board
  • Membership profile pages
Good community building activity, getting people to fill them in.
Need to discuss with Mikel/Clara tech WG where they are with setting them up
  • Deciding on a task tracking approach
Discussed wiki/google doc/hackpad/trello/github
Gone with a github issue track (for the moment at least) which is here:

IRC log:

(times are in UK time UTC+1)
13:01 harry-wood: Hello
13:01 harry-wood: It's Community Working Group time
13:01 harry-wood: *trumpet noise*
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13:02 heatherleson: Happy Saturday
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13:02 heatherleson: the TOR -
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13:03 harry-wood: Yes I've just been fiddling with that document these past 15 minutes
13:03 harry-wood: I said I would do that after the previous meeting
13:03 harry-wood: and only just got around to it
13:03 harry-wood: I guess that's the beauty of having meetings. Reminds you to try to get things done
13:04 heatherleson: all good
13:04 harry-wood: My main changes have been to generalise the bullet a bit more
13:04 heatherleson: ::looking::
13:05 harry-wood: So instead of saying "build a mapping partner/mentorship programme" I've changed it to say "Guide people into getting more involved. e.g. build a mapping partner/mentorship programme"
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13:06 heatherleson: kk
13:06 harry-wood: For the reference to the membership code of conduct. I feel like it needs to be expressed the other way round "seek ways of discouraging unhealthy disruption"
13:07 harry-wood: Sort of negative, but it makes more sense that way
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13:07 heatherleson: yeah, I am going to rewrite this
13:08 heatherleson: Also I had some conversations with pierre and andrew about ‘rewards’ and ‘thanks’. I will ask if I can make that public
13:08 heatherleson: revised: Encourage and support a healthy, positive peaceful collaboration, guided by the membership code of conduct.
13:09 heatherleson: I think that by adding ‘positive’ we imply an engagement of dialogue and clarity
13:09 heatherleson: we may not always understand each other, but we can try.
13:09 dan4dm: hi all (hi both?) - FWIW I am here :) - I'm probably not an official WG member but since I made it to IRC, here I am
13:09 heatherleson: Hi Dan!
13:09 harry-wood: Hiya
13:09 heatherleson: all welcome. you are a Hottie and your input is welcome
13:10 dan4dm: :)
13:10 harry-wood: And you said something on IRC. that makes you a WG member :-)
13:10 harry-wood: no going back now
13:10 sev_hotosm: Hi dan4dm, ther eis no official WG member, the door is open for everyone to participate
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13:12 harry-wood: Is this the best link for the Membership Code Of Conduct?
13:13 heatherleson: HI Sev
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13:13 sev_hotosm: Hi Heather and all
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13:13 harry-wood: guess it is. Adding that as a link
13:13 harry-wood: hi Sev
13:14 harry-wood: I moved two bullet points to the bottom, and I think they should be deleted
13:14 heatherleson: re- reading
13:14 harry-wood: Worthwhile activities for sure, but they sit with other working groups more than this one I would've thought
13:15 heatherleson: actually I think they are hugely important for the community working group
13:15 heatherleson: non-technical people need to have a channel to include input
13:16 heatherleson: I also think that the community working group has to be focused on moving us to be a more localized and translated group. Super hard, but important.
13:16 emirhartato: hi everyone
13:16 heatherleson: happy to understand more though.
13:17 heatherleson: hi emir!
13:17 heatherleson: are you back in indonesia now?
13:17 dan4dm: emirhartato: hi
13:17 harry-wood: Maybe we could say "ensure there is a channel" for these things
13:17 dan4dm: harry-wood: that sounds good to me
13:17 emirhartato: heatherleson: yes. and just finished my 2nd day of osm training in east java
13:20 heatherleson: +1 on that Harry
13:20 heatherleson: Emir -fantastic
13:20 harry-wood: ok done
13:21 harry-wood: I'm pretty happy with that list of bullet points now.
13:21 harry-wood: Lots to work on!
13:22 harry-wood: Actually a key thing I thought the community working group should push forwards, is the development of profile pages for members
13:23 harry-wood: happily Mikel and tech WG have prioritised that too
13:23 harry-wood: so perhaps a key thing now is to have a look and see that everyone's filling out that info for the website
13:24 dan4dm: you mean pages like
13:24 dan4dm: ?
13:24 harry-wood: yeah like that
13:25 heatherleson: i agree
13:25 heatherleson: i haven’t done mine. let’s start with that?
13:25 harry-wood: is there a listing page somewhere. I need to work out how it works
13:25 heatherleson: one minor adjustment - “ Improve channels for participation in design of HOT tools, and for providing translations/localization of tools and documentation. Work to make such processes more inclusive, international and non-technical “
13:26 dan4dm: i can only see a list via
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13:26 heatherleson: localization is important. Spanish is maybe dialects
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13:27 harry-wood: It's very new. I see some bug reports from Mikel. They're still working on this part of the website
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13:27 harry-wood: obviously this page looks a bit ermm… unfinished…
13:27 heatherleson: it is only for members right now, but I think we could widen it in time
13:27 harry-wood: But I think that's supposed to list people
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13:27 heatherleson: ok, this page should match the wiki
13:28 harry-wood: aha ok
13:28 heatherleson: since we have 5 working groups. Shall I open a ticket for the web team?
13:28 heatherleson: hmm. i see the membership names but it is on a subpage from the board - they should have their own dedicated page -
13:29 harry-wood: Yeah that's also not powered by …anything clever. It's just CMS content. It should be a list of users linking to their user profile pages
13:30 heatherleson: the github ticket -=
13:30 harry-wood: But I assume clara & mikel are working on it
13:30 heatherleson: iti is a closed issue though
13:30 heatherleson: hmm
13:31 harry-wood: So I think we probably need to hold off a little while, but at some point it could be a good Community Working Group activity to do a full audit of user profiles.
13:31 harry-wood: it could be a good opportunity to contact some of our quieter members, and find out more about them
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13:32 dan4dm: so the list of people here - is that the set of people you have in mind?
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13:33 harry-wood: yeah. Those are the "members".
13:33 harry-wood: Obviously we also need to have a meetings where we nominate new members more often!
13:34 heatherleson: grand
13:34 heatherleson: mabye we could start wtih a prioirty action list next. But first = can we vote on the TOR? I think just to make sure that it is a firm document
13:35 heatherleson: Heather -aye, Tor is ready
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13:35 harry-wood: votes yes Tor is ready
13:35 dan4dm: yes
13:35 dan4dm: votes yes
13:37 dan4dm: just in case others missed the link: we're voting on Terms Of Reference here
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13:39 harry-wood: Good well that's three yes votes and some silence
13:42 harry-wood: heatherleson: do you think we should have a wiki page of current action items?
13:42 dan4dm: so a technical thing, I guess it'd be nice if was a dynamic list of the user profiles on the system. that'd require creating many profiles with no content yet.
13:42 emirhartato: I already read it yesterday. It looks good for me.
13:43 harry-wood: dan4dm: yeah I think they've created many user accounts
13:43 emirhartato: sorry I was having a bit trouble with internet here
13:43 harry-wood: So my guess is they're gearing up to build a list that way. I'll have to have a look through the github issues
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13:46 heatherleson: ok, so how can we track to do items and priorities? Maybe we should just use github? I ‘ve seen it used for text and non-technical work.
13:47 harry-wood: Oh yeah. could use github
13:47 harry-wood: trello is the other thing for doing this
13:47 heatherleson: how does everyone else feell about this?
13:47 heatherleson: I heart trello too
13:47 harry-wood: haven't quite got my head around trello, but the activation WG are using it
13:47 heatherleson: Others?
13:47 heatherleson: i use trello for my day job and for the crisismappers conference work
13:48 harry-wood: Or just a simple TODO list could be done as a google doc/ hackpad/ wiki page
13:48 harry-wood: spoilt for choice! :-)
13:48 dan4dm: i'm not bothered. I use github for almost everything, but I'm a techy type so that probably shouldn't count too strong
13:48 heatherleson: every voice counts
13:48 heatherleson: Emir, Sev?
13:48 emirhartato: Github, Trello, I can use anything
13:48 emirhartato: I just need some times to adapt
13:49 emirhartato: but mostly I use github and hackpad
13:49 emirhartato: and Google Docs :)
13:49 dan4dm: i would say that an advantage of github over some of the other options is it's very public. that's good for clarity, communication, not losing it!
13:49 dan4dm: it'll be in search results etc
13:50 harry-wood: If we did things in github… would it be this repo:
13:50 dan4dm: or maybe it's just me that always loses track of gdocs and things
13:50 harry-wood: (with 'community' label perhaps)
13:50 harry-wood: I definitely have trouble keeping track of google docs
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13:50 heatherleson: I agree that gdocs is where things go to get lost
13:50 emirhartato: dan4dm: you're not the only one
13:51 emirhartato: my gdocs are messy :/
13:51 heatherleson: it is also not easy for new people to find to get involved
13:51 heatherleson: I do like it as a collaboration tool, but then it needs to be transfered to a wiki or a task management tool
13:51 CGI188: hi there, i can't get potlatch 2 to display the sattelite imagery. can anyone help me?
13:52 dan4dm: harry-wood that repo looks fine to me. I guess I would tweak the readme to not just be 'technical' but otherwise whyever not? we could be quite explicit with the tag, 'community-wg'?
13:53 dan4dm: CGI188, I'm afraid I haven't used potlatch for a long time now, sorry
13:53 harry-wood: Well one reason why not might be that it's confusing having lots of issues lumped together in one repo
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13:53 harry-wood: and I think only admins get to set the labels
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13:54 heatherleson: CGl188 - just an fyi that there is a meeting here, just in case you are confused by the updates. I am sure someone will be able to help soon
13:54 harry-wood: so for that reason maybe a communityWG repo
13:54 CGI188: I've also tried iD, that just gives me a black backround
13:54 heatherleson: yeah, we need a separate repo
13:54 heatherleson: for githbu
13:54 emirhartato: CGI188: hi. I haven't use potlatch. iD/JOSM are my choice
13:54 dan4dm: OK
13:54 harry-wood: You can't have "parent" issues in github can you?
13:55 dan4dm: harry-wood: no
13:55 emirhartato: CGI188: maybe the brightness setting under layer?
13:55 harry-wood: but maybe we don't need that
13:55 dan4dm: CGI188: are you using special imagery? from a task? maybe share a URL and someone might try it themselves
13:56 harry-wood: Just thinking some of our bullet points are quite broad projects, and then under each of them we
13:56 harry-wood: will have some specific smaller tasks
13:57 CGI188: iD is working now. so I'll just use that. sorry for the bother, bye
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13:57 dan4dm: harry-wood: so is it sufficient to have a CommunityWG repo, with tags for the broad projects, then issues within those tags? also can have ticklists within issues
13:57 harry-wood: hmm yeah
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14:00 heatherleson: CGl188 good luck and never a bother to ask for help (sadly he did not see this)
14:00 heatherleson: github should have parents and child projects. I think that is easy to do.
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14:01 dan4dm: I'm off for lunch now. cheers all :)
14:01 harry-wood: Cheers dan4dm
14:01 emirhartato: cheers
14:02 harry-wood: Shall I create a communityWG repo right now?
14:02 harry-wood: or maybe I should call it "community"
14:02 heatherleson: bye dan4dm
14:02 heatherleson: yeah, community is great
14:02 heatherleson: do we need to talk wtih the tech working group?
14:03 heatherleson: i think it is fine to go ahead
14:03 heatherleson: tasks and next steps:
14:03 heatherleson: 1. get up github (Harry) for community
14:03 heatherleson: 2. add a proper read me and process to github - heather but not until next weekend
14:04 heatherleson: 3. TOR to community? Harry?
14:04 heatherleson: 4. TOR to board - Harry for next one/
14:04 harry-wood: 1: DONE  :-)
14:08 heatherleson: hurray
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14:08 harry-wood: Im tempted to decant the TOR doc into the wiki page for the WG
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14:08 harry-wood: (here I mean )
14:09 harry-wood: just because it feels more "locked-down" than having it in a hackpad
14:09 heatherleson: ok, sounds good
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14:09 harry-wood: Cool I'll do that, and then do 3 & 4
14:09 heatherleson: I will add the read me file to github ..if I can. i have to go in 30 minutes
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14:10 harry-wood: Some good progress. Are we ready to declare the meeting done?
14:11 heatherleson: harry, can you add me to the github account - heatherleson, so that I can complete my task
14:11 heatherleson: also great meeting
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14:15 harry-wood: heatherleson: OK I've added you as an 'owner' in the hotosm organisation. You should get an email about that. It gives you commit access to all hotosm repos
14:16 harry-wood: (meaning you push changes directly, rather than issue pull requests)
14:18 heatherleson: ok.
14:19 heatherleson: yeah I had that at Ushahidi. basically I can be issue master and get our notes going
14:19 heatherleson: thanks so much
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14:30 harry-wood: OK i've made a TOR wiki page:
14:30 harry-wood: Thanks everyone