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INEGI has published several datasets, some of them are aggregated at Municipal or State level and some at National level,

Marco Geoestadístico Nacional (MGN) [ National Geostatistical Framework]

The National Geostatistical Framework is a national system designed by INEGI to correctly reference the statistical information from censuses and surveys with their corresponding geographical locations. So the MGN is actually two related things, an official geo-referencing framework and a dataset.

The importance of this dataset is that it includes the administrative level boundaries of all States and Municipalities which are currently (2015) poorly covered in OSM.

Aggregation Level:

  • State
  • Municipality
  • Locality
  • AGEB

Red Nacional de Caminos (RNC) [ National Road Network]

Provides a unique ground transport network that integrates national highways roads and trails of the country, modeled and structured with the technical specifications for Intelligent Transport Systems, to determine routes in GIS-oriented analysis of transport networks, maintaining the connectivity of interconnection services such as airports, ports, railway stations and various destinations between urban and rural locations plus points of interest, among others.

Aggregation Level: Country

Latest update: 2014

Within this dataset there are a number of shapefiles that are of interest:

  • Road Network (Red Vial)
  • Federal-level roadway network
  • Turn Restrictions (Maniobra Prohibida)
  • Bridges (Puente)
  • Points of Interest (Sitos de Interes)
  • Union (Union)
  • Structure (Estructura)
  • Indicates location and name of tunnels and bridges

Conjunto de Datos Vectoriales de Carreteras y Vialidades Urbanas, Edición 1.0 (CVU) [Highways and Urban Roads Dataset , Edition 1.0]

Derived from the 1:50 000 scale topographic mapping and urban localities mapping, It also includes assignation of the highway codes (or numbers) based on information from SCT (Communications and Trasnsport Office) and from topographic data.

Aggregation Level: By State

Latest update: 2012

Información Vectorial de Localidades Amanzanadas y Números Exteriores (IVLA#) [Vector Information of Block-Clustered Localities and Exterior Numbers]

Aggregates the geographic features of Urban and Rural localities such as: street blocks, street centerlines, services, as well as street block fronts, exterior numbers and settlements, among others.

This dataset's data is derived from the cartography of the following institutions: INEGI, Federal Elections Institute, Internal Revenue Service, Mexican Postal Service and it was not updated after its initial release, however it's considered the baseline cartography from which other datasets are generated.

Aggregation Level: By Locality

Latest update: 2010

Directorio Estadístico Nacional de Unidades Económicas (DENUE) [ National Statistical Directory of Economic Units ]

The National Statistical Directory of Economic Units (DENUE) offers the identification data, location, economic activity and size of businesses nationwide, fully updated to 2014.

As a result of the total renovation of this dataset, data from 4 million 926 thousand 061 businesses are presented; of them, 2 million 825 thousand 272 were already registered in the previous version of DENUE and 2 million 100 thousand 789 others were incorporated into this release. Additionally, of the 4 million 410 thousand 199 businesses that were registered in the previous version, (10/2013), a total of 1 million 584 thousand 927 businesses were removed, by reaso of closed or suspended activities.

This is basically a POI Dataset, it's not vector file format based.

Aggregation Level: National

Latest update: 2014