INEGI Import Workflow

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This page describes the import workflow and is part of the Mexico_Main_Road_Network_Import_Project proposal.

Step by step instructions

  1. Go to Tasking Manager ADD INSTANCE LINK
  2. Select the Mexico Road Network Import task.
  3. Take a task
  4. Open the JOSM Change file in JOSM (sorry - iD is not supported!)
  5. Download the OSM data for that same area in JOSM as well
  6. Merge the INEGI layer with the OSM layer
  7. Review the result
  8. Upload using `INEGI:RNC` in the changeset comment.

Changeset size policy

We use the Municipal_Geostatistical_Area_(AGEM) as the task boundaries.

Revert plans

This is a manual import, so no systematic reverts should be necessary. Individual uploads should have the changeset comment `INEGI:RNC` so they are easy to locate and revert individually if necessary.

Data processing

INEGI Import Workflow