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This is a small manual import of power stations from IPR Praha dataset. The import is currently (Nov 2018) at the planning stage.


Import all of the 4841 Prague's 22kV/400V transformer stations into OSM, improve and unify tagging of power stations.


This import was done during first few months of 2019 and have been completed.

Import Source

Data source site: http://www.iprpraha.cz/ (actual dataset: http://giswa1.mag.mepnet.cz/arcgis/rest/services/TI/Elektrina/MapServer)
Type of license: Public Domain
Link to permission: Additionally use of all IPR Praha datasets for OSM explicitly permitted (Czech only emails): https://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/talk-cz/2018-February/018526.html
ODbL Compliance verified: yes

Data Preparation and Tagging

Source table contains various data fields, however only some are relevant for OSM:

  • "NAZEV_TS" - Description/name of the station, only used to detect station type, see below
  • "C_TS" - Reference number of station. Prefix will be added according to the type of the station (transformer station = prefix "TR", switching station = prefix "RS") to match marking used on the buildings
  • "DAT_PROVOZ" - Starting date of operation, will be converted to YYYY-MM-DD format for use as a start_date, from 1928-06-21 to 2017-12-21
  • "geometry" - Lat/Lon position, center of the building, kiosk, location of power station in a building

This information will be applied to OSM data in the following manner, adding extra tags according to the current power infrastructure tagging scheme:

Dedicated power station buildings

In this case all new tags will be added to the existing building geometry. If building doesn't exist in OSM, new one will be created using CUZK:KM or IPR Praha Ortofoto as a geometry source.


There's also a few of powerstations used to power tram railway 600V system. They can be detected by keyword "Měnírna" in the name. In that case following tagging will be used:

Street cabinets/kiosks

Represented as a single node. Imported position will be used after confirming it matches IPR Praha Ortofoto map, existing nodes will be moved as needed.


Indoor substations in the buildings

Will be represented using a single node inside the building, where substation is located, using position from the dataset. Usually it can be seen from the street, with ref marked on the door and can be confirmed using streetview if needed.


Pole transformers

There's only a few of these, all are already mapped. So only new tags will be added when missing:

Data Merge Workflow

As this is fully manual import, every power station location will be loaded in JOSM and:

  • if not already present, new building geometry will be created using CUZK:KM or IPR Praha Ortofoto layers
  • new tagging will be added as described above

All changesets will be uploaded with "IPR Praha Powerstations" in sources and named "IPR Praha Powerstations import".

To track progress and make importing of the tags easier, POI Importer tool will be used.

See also

This import was discussed on the Czech mailing list: https://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/talk-cz/2018-November/020203.html

Import list discussion: https://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/imports/2018-November/005848.html