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This is a list of imagery layers identified by keywords (see Imagery Offset Database/API#Imagery_Identifier). Only those imagery sources that can't be used using TMS/WMS service may be in this table. Please discuss any new entries before adding them to the table.

Keyword Example URLs Description
bing http://ecn.t${0|1|2|3}$quadkey.jpeg?g=587&mkt=en-gb&n=z The Bing imagery, owned by Microsoft; the main source of planet-wide detailed imagery. This layer is addressed in editors in different ways, notably the "g" parameter is arbitrary and cannot be processed using the usual imagery id construction algorithm.
scanex_irs RU:ВикиПроект Россия/Космоснимки: a layer covering Western Russia. Can be accessed in multiple ways, some of which disappear in time, and new ones appear.
mapbox http://{switch:a,b,c}{zoom}/{x}/{y}.png


MapBox imagery. They sometimes change URLs, thus the keyword.