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Mapbox ( offers commercial mapping services. Many of them use OpenStreetMap data and involve large open-source efforts. Mapbox is a main contributor to the Mapnik renderer project, it helped create the new web editor iD and it created Tilemill, the software used to design the OpenStreetMap map style. Mapbox employs a data team actively improving the map.

Tools and products

OSM Tools

  • OSM QA Tiles Daily OpenStreetMap planet dump as vector tiles. Available as country and historical extracts
  • OSM Comments Find unreplied changeset comments and notes of a user
  • OSMCHA A custom instance of OSM Changeset Analyzer to find and query changesets by certain properties
  • OSM Diary A live feed of the latest diary posts from the data team at Mapbox
  • OSM navigation map A map to explore Mapillary images to add navigation data to OSM like turn restrictions and oneways

OSM Changesets

  • OSM changeset map Visualize a changeset on an interactive GL map like achavi
  • Machine learning to detect bad changesets using gabbar
  • Full geometry details for all involved objects in a changeset
    • New changesets are pushed to<changeset-id>.json

OSM-Wikidata Tools

Geospatial Tools

  • turfjs Modular geospatial analytical engine using JavaScript
  • minjur Convert .osm data to .geojson
  • tippecanoe Convert .geojson data to .mbtiles vector tiles
  • tile-reduce Run analysis on vector tiles at scale using JavaScript
  • osmlint Validate OSM data using tile-reduce
  • osm-compare Compare two versions of an OSM feature

Other Resources

Mapping Guides


They also provide various tilesets that can be used by customers:

  • Mapbox Streets - a general-purpose tileset
  • Mapbox Outdoors - an outdoors focused tileset with trails and high resolution terrain data
  • OSM Bright - a starter style for creating your own OpenStreetMap design
  • Terrain-RGB Tiles - Raster tiles encoded with height data in RGB channels

External Links

Mapbox Data Team

The Mapbox Data Team continuously improves OpenStreetMap by fixing errors and adding data using open data sources. All active mapping tasks are ticketed and documented in our mapping repository.

Team members

Here are the OpenStreetMap user accounts of the Mapbox data team. For any questions, please get in touch with the team member listed or with Arun Ganesh. These are only the usernames of people systematically updating OpenStreetMap as part of their job at Mapbox. There are many other Mapbox team members mapping on OpenStreetMap as a hobby - they are not listed here.

The list of data team OSM user accounts is also maintained as an npm module.

Data Team Guidelines

In addition to the rules that apply to everyone in the community, here are the guidelines the Mapbox team reiterates and adds for themselves:

  1. We listen to community. We are looking for your feedback on how to make a better map. Get any time in touch with any of the our data team members. For general feedback message Arun Ganesh.
  2. Quality is paramount. We hold ourselves to the highest mapping standards as documented on the OpenStreetMap Wiki or as established as common practice in the community.
  3. Local knowledge first. Where in any doubt, the locally surveyed information prevails over remote updates.
  4. We disclose all ongoing mapping efforts on the Mapbox mapping repository.
  5. All full time data team members will be listed here on this OpenStreetMap Wiki page and identified on their user profiles.
  6. Where possible we use public tools for coordinating work, allowing anyone in the community to participate.

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Please send any general feedback on Mapbox's work on OpenStreetMap to Arun Ganesh.