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All measurements are in millimetres. Distances are measured from the left and from the bottom of the page (this may change in future). Page size is currently fixed at A4. Font sizes are in millimetres of height.


Single-line comments start with a #


option: name=value


  • dpi - desired pixels-per-inch of the output raster data. (this only applies to maps which are generated at runtime - images will be stretched using whatever pixels were available in the original)
  • tilesource - desired tile server. Preconfigured are "mapnik", "maplint" and "default", everything else is used as a literal URL ([1])


text: Some text (x, y, size)

Single line of text, using the hardcoded font name.


image: filename.jpg (x, y, w, h, "Author", "Description")

  • Filename is relative to current path, must be a JPEG at the moment
  • x,y,w,h are all dimensions in mm of where to put the image on the page.
  • Author, description is used for image credits

New pages


Starts a new page


map: (Lat, Long, SizeKM [, ZoomLevel]) at (x, y, w, h)

  • Lat, Long in WGS-84 decimal degrees
  • SizeKm is the width of the map (east-west distance) in km
  • ZoomLevel is which tileset (zoom-12 etc.) to take the tiles from to create this map (optional)
  • x,y,w,h are all dimensions in mm of where to put the image on the page.


  • Number of pixels in the output map is determined by height/width (mm) and by DPI setting - this affects PDF filesize too
  • Number of tiles used to generate map depends on the pixel height/width of the map, and by the zoom level and map width - the more tiles need to fill that geographical area, the more downloads will be required
  • If the map size (km) is too large or the zoom level too small, then tiles will be stretched to fit, which may lead to a lower output DPI than desired (map image will have correct number of pixels to meet the DPI, but source tiles will have been stretched to create it)
  • Map tiling scheme currently allows white lines due to resampling before all tiles have been added
  • If the zoom level is not explicitly configured, it will be determined automatically ([2]), selecting whatever tileset is most appropriate for the map size. But because this would potentially give you a different style of map depending on your quality settings, it will be an "AUTO" option that you can override if you actually prefer (say) the zoom-14 style of rendering for a particular map.

List of images

attribution: (x, y, size)

Prints a list of all images used, with their description, author, and which page they were used on.

Sample config file