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image Atlas is a program to create printable PDF documents from (among other things) OSM raster maps as found on the tiles@home server. See also PDF atlas.



Sample outputs


Perlmodules GD and PDF::API2, you will probably need to say no to GIF-support when installing GD.


Feature requests

  • Select paper size, preferable both global and for each page.
  • Be able to rotate both maps and images, +/- 90 degrees.
  • Some kind of index map covering all other with a rectangle showing which area the others cover.
  • overlays (grid images, contour maps e.g.) over the current map page
  • line grid with configurable x / y intervals (meters, degrees, etc)
  • Add your feature requests here


  • Auto zoom-select ([1])
  • Configurable Tile Sources (mapnik,, etc) ([2])