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Proposal to import Indonesia's village(DESA) boundaries, data by the BPS(Statistics agency of Indonesia), permission given in collaboration with UNICEF and HOT Indonesia that needs the OpenStreetMap data for future projects.

Import Plan Outline

The import plan is to merge existing data in OSM with the data provided.


  • To complete the current OSM administrative boundaries' coverage of Indonesia.

Import Data

The data to be imported comes from the BPS(Statistics agency of Indonesia). UNICEF and the owner of the data:BPS statistics agency share a COUNTRY PROGRAMME ACTION PLAN(CPAP) and the later provided by email an special permission.

This data contains the following boundaries to be imported:

  • admin_level5 = City / Regency (Kotamadya / Kabupaten),
  • admin_level6 = Subdistrict (Kecamatan)
  • admin_level=7 , Village (Kelurahan / Desa)

An extract of the original SHP files(for Riau archipielago province for example) can be found here: , also it contains the converted .osm file that would be imported to OSM after comparing with the current data in place already.


One of the current problems in OpenStreetMap about Indonesia's data is the incompleteness and inconsistency of administrative boundaries.

The current boundaries of Indonesia can be displayed in real time here: [1]

OSM Data Files

Files are getting prepared by User:capiscuas, with lots of experience in conversion from SHP to OSM boundaries and careful imports.

Import Type

One time import JOSM and manual adjustments

Data Preparation

Data Reduction & Simplification

No data need to be reducted.

Conversion and translation

Conversion from shapefile to osm using python scripts and manual editing by JOSM.


Tags that will be used are:
ref:id:codegeo=* Official ID kept from the original official data. name=* Official name. With "Title" nomenclature instead of "UPPERCASE"

Changeset Tags

Data Transformation


Prepare data in OpenStreetMap

  • QGis and GRASS plugin will be used initially, after that some customized scripts will be applied to convert the data to OSM boundaries format.

Data Transformation Results

  • An OSM file with boundaries to import and properly tagged (using OSM tagging schema) polygons and relations.
  • ̈A reviewed OSM database where only already existing boundaries are tagged as such (consistant tagging)/

Data Merge Workflow


  • User:Capiscuas, contact me if you need help importing/converting SHP to OSM boundaries.


Once the data has been converted to OSM.

  1. A exhaustive comparison with the current data in OSM will be done to not crash anything existant.
  2. An specially username will be created to do the import from JOSM.
  3. The upload and mergings will be scheduled and explained here.
  4. Admin levels = 4 of provinces will be kept since it already exists in OSM and the uploads will be done per province carefully