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Since we received permission to use data from New South Wales Land and Property Information in December 2015 mappers have imported a number of the layers into OSM.

Import Accounts

Import accounts were not used so we are relying on correct source tagging.

Source Tagging

Although there was some initial discussion (see December 2015 list thread) as to how to source tag any import there was no constancy in practice. This page describes an attempt to retrospectively harmonise the tagging to source=NSW LPI Base Map.

Data Imported

Snap shots of the datasets taken in early February 2017 are available from here.

Street Names

Metadata here

Street Geometries

Metadata here

Bounded Localities

Metadata here

Local Government Areas

Metadata here

State Forests

Metadata here

National Parks and Wildlife Service Reserves

Metadata here

Points of Interest

Metadata here

Named Streams

Metadata here


See here for a comparison between OSM and the original data in terms of the geometry.