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In the 16 months since we received permission to use data from New South Wales Land and Property Information mappers have imported large quantities of these data into OSM. A side effect of this activity was a proliferation of ways to tag this source of data. At one point a query of taginfo returned 74 pages of results. So we had "NSW LPI Base Map", "LPI NSW Base Map", "LPI Base Map", "Lpi Base map", "LPI Base Map March 2016", "LPI Base Map Mar 2016", and so on.


Reduce the number of variants to three; one for each product:

  1. The base map.
  2. The aerial photography mosaic
  3. The topographic maps

So as to link back to source=NSW LPI Base Map and source=NSW LPI Imagery

Selection of tag values

Selection of the tag values was based on the most common values before this process was started as this would minimise the number of changes required:

  1. NSW LPI Base Map
  2. NSW LPI Imagery
  3.  ?? Haven't looked yet


Where a source value included a date this was separated out to a source:date=*.

Source values that were descriptions

Where a source value was an explanation rather than just a value it was copied to a note:source=*.

Source tags with multiple values

Source tags with more than one value were split with a semi-colon. However the tags with multiple values are less useful than you would expect. What does "NSW LPI Imagery;Bing" or "NSW LPI Imagery;survey" actually mean? Some from A and some from B, an average of A and B, geometry from A name from B, or something else?

User Account

The changes were made under a separate user account so as to link them back to this page.