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This page talks about importing open data provided by the Province of Biella (Italy).

The import has been discussed on the Italian OSM mailing list. This wiki page is the result of consensus there.

There are specific pages about importing: toponym, road, building and address data.

Import Plan Outline


This import goal is to use the high-quality dataset provided by the Province of Biella in order to steadily improve the data available in OSM.

It will not be a blind import, all data will be edited by a local mappers.

The Province of Biella supports our effort and will be involved in the import phase.


At the beginning of November 2016, the Province of Biella updated the source data. This update was a requirement to start the import. We aim to start the import phase by the end of the year 2016.


Data source site:

With every dataset, a PDF document is shipped with the following statement: "La titolarità piena ed esclusiva del dato <DATASET_NAME> è della Provincia di Biella (ai sensi della L. 633/41 e s.m.i.)". Translation: "Full and exclusive ownership of the data <DATASET_NAME> belongs to the Province of Biella (according to Italian law 633/41 and subsequent modifications and integrations)". Law 633/41 is the Italian copyright law.

Data license:

Type of license: CC-BY-3.0 IT

Additional statement by the Province of Biella:

The data owner states that being listed in the OpenStreetMap Contributors page fulfils the attribution required by their license.

OSM attribution: Contributors#Biella_.28BI.29

ODbL Compliance verified: yes.

Attribution in the Contributors page is fine for data owner as stated above. It will be enough to add the following statement in the Contributors page: “Contains data provided by Sistema Informativo Territoriale Ambientale - Provincia di Biella released under CC-BY-3.0 IT license.”

Import Type

The dataset will be imported as a single changeset for each source data and for every Municipality. The City of Biella address data will not be imported.

The dataset will be loaded in JOSM and it will be merge with existing OpenStreetMap data manually and prior to the upload.

IMPORTANT! Data MUST be imported in the following order: toponyms, roads (depending on current level of mapping), buildings, addresses.

Please refer to specific import pages for details.

Changeset Tags

Changeset will be tagged with:

  • source=Province of Biella Open Data
  • source:license=CC-BY
  • type=import
  • url=

Team Approach

A mapper should choose a town and then import, in different steps all its data (toponyms, roads, buildings, addresses) to better harmonize the Province of Biella data into the OSM data.

A local mapper MUST choose the towns he knows best.

A shared spreadsheet tracks users working on town/data.

This is a list of people who are working on the import, along with each of their import usernames: