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This page talks about importing building data provided by the Province of Biella (Italy).

Please refer to master page for details.

Import Data


Buildings in most of the towns in the Province of Biella are missing. The Province of Biella provides very good building data.


Please refer to master page for details.

Import Type

Please refer to master page for details.

Data Preparation

Tagging Plans

The data is presented as a shapefile.

The shapefile is shipped inside the zip file named "" available at:

This shapefile is periodically updated. This workflow has been validated with the version released on 22/02/2019 (edifici22022019.shp).

The shapefile will be converted to OSM XML using ogr2osm. The projection must be specified as “EPSG:32632 (WGS 84 / UTM zone 32N)”.

Please refer to the osg2osm translation file for further info about tagging.

Dedicated upload account

Please refer to master page for details.

Changeset Tags

Changeset will be tagged with:

  • source=Province of Biella Open Data
  • source:license=CC-BY
  • type=import
  • url=

Data Transformation

ogr2osm will be used to convert the shapefile to OSM XML format using the above tagging plan.

ogr2osm translation file can be found at

Data Transformation Results

OSM XML file for buildings in Biella:

Data Merge Workflow

See #Workflow.

Team Approach

Please refer to master page for details.


Step by step instructions:

  1. Use QGIS, open edifici22022019.shp (specify WGS 84 / UTM zone 32N as Spatial Reference), extract building data for a specific town, and save them as edifici22022019-NOME_COMUNE.shp
  2. Run ogr2osm to export the data in OSM XML: -e 32632 -t -f edifici22022019-NOME_COMUNE.shp
  3. Open edifici22022019-NOME_COMUNE.osm in JOSM. Download OSM data for the same area in another layer. At least two layers should be in JOSM: one with the imported data, one with current OSM data.
  4. Review both data layers for possible conflicts.
    1. Examine tags in both data sets to see if there are any conflicts.
    2. If there are any problems you don't know how to deal with, do not proceed. Instead, ask a more advanced user for advice.
    3. Preserve the work of previous mappers wherever possible. If existing buildings in OSM are of higher quality:
      1. Copy the tags from the import layer version.
      2. Delete the building from the import layer.
      3. Switch to the OSM layer.
      4. Select the building, paste the tags.
    4. If the imported data are of higher quality, select both buildings and use the "More Tools -> Replace geometry" tool (utilsplugin2 must be installed).
  5. Merge the two layers.
  6. Use JOSM Validator to fix remaining issues.
  7. Upload the changeset in OSM.

JOSM currently limits changesets to 10k changes. Therefore the changeset will likely NOT be small enough to be uploaded at once but JOSM should split the work when the changeset limit is hit.

In case of import problem the changeset will be reverted using the JOSM Reverter Plugin


See #Workflow.


Josm validator should catch most issues prior to uploading the data.