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Springdale, Arkansas Building Footprints is an import of building outlines within the city limits of Springdale, Arkansas. The import (as of 2021-01-30) is partially complete, and abandoned. The portion of Springdale in Washington County is complete. However, the portion within Benton County is indefinitely postponed due to lack of interest and time. If picked up at a later date, it will likely be part of an import that includes all of Benton County, Arkansas.


This is similar to the previously completed Fayetteville Building Footprints import. The purpose is the same, which is to provide some additional detail for the second largest city in the Northwest Arkansas metropolitan area.

Import Data


The building footprints were obtained by email (with consent to use in OSM) from the GIS Manager at the City of Springdale. Also obtained were address points (their use detailed in the Data Preparation section), from the Arkansas GIS Office website. All data being used in this import originates from state or local government agencies, and is subject to the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act. Therefore, all of the data resides in the public domain.

Data source site:
Type of license: Public Domain
ODbL Compliance verified: yes

OSM Data Files

Available upon request

Import Type

This was a one-time import done in JOSM.

Data Preparation

Data Reduction & Simplification

The spatial extent of the building footprint data matches the intended import location. Unnecessary tags have been stripped out of the data.

Tagging Plans

The building footprints were spatially joined with state address data points. This allowed for the following address tags to be automatically assigned for most footprints:

In addition to the address tags, the building classification was determined from the address type.

Changeset Tags

Each import is tagged with the following source tag:

  • source=City of Springdale, AR;Arkansas GIS Office

Data Transformation

The data was converted to WGS84 from State Plane Arkansas North, and broken down by Census block groups for import.

Data Transformation Results


Data Merge Workflow

Team Approach

This was done solo (by Michael the Narwhal).


  • The footprints were loaded in for a given block group in Springdale
  • Reconciliation/conflation was then done manually with any existing features in said block group
  • The process continued until the buildings within each block group were imported


See above


The import was checked by referencing the 2019 imagery layers for Benton County and Washington County, Arkansas (more accurate and up-to-date than Bing). These imagery layers are available for public consumption below:

See also

The email to the Imports mailing list was sent on 2019-09-22 and can be found in the archives of the mailing list at [1].