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The US.FO import is related to a ongoing import of nodes with housenumbers for Faroe Islands. Import specific information is tagged with the prefix.


The Data Originates from Umhvørvisstovan (; the Faroese National Survey and cadastre. The data is available from us web site and updated on a regularly basis.


The data comes in different files:

  • kommunur.txt
  • postnr.txt
  • stad.txt
  • veg.txt
  • adr.txt
  • eind.txt

Coordinates have been converted from FK89 to WGS84
on 20100827 the fileformat has changed to include WGS84 coordinates so no conversion is needed


Martin Fossdal Guttesen (User:LiFo) is performing the import on an regular basis. The data has been converted to JOSM file format and being uploaded with JOSM.

The imported data consists of addr:housenumber=*, addr:street=*, addr:postcode=* addr:city=*, addr:country=* as well known tags. Some information from the data set has been added in the form of to track and update addresses
the tags from are =*,á=*,*,*,*,*,ýlingsnr=*
the tags*,ýlingsnr=* are optional and only included in a few nodes


The house number nodes have been used to name streets and correct spelling mistakes. By comparing all house nodes and ways close by, the status is that there are only 24 roads missing in Faroe Islands (Dec. 2009).

There were some overlapping nodes (all were in the exactly same spot) and some were missing a house number, it was reported back to and they corrected it immediately and updated there files on the web site.

In the initial import there were an spelling mistake in the source tag, I had misspelled Umhvørvisstovan as Unhvørvisstovan, it has been corrected on 17 December 2009.(they have all been corrected 17 April 2009 )

one of the national telephone companies use the data to show a map when you search for phone numbers or people