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Bicycle repair stations provide tools and in some cases supplies for self-repair of a bicycle. The goal is to bring a comprehensive set of tool station locations into OSM, for later distribution in apps, maps, and cycling specific guides.

Import Data

Vendor Dero sells bicycle repair stations. They do not control the timing or placement of the stations, but do have a QR code on each station for "repair instructions". Cyclists who scan this code send location data to Dero, populating their map. Other stands are mapped based on a press release sent to Dero. The project goal is to make Open Street Map the "go to" map for someone searching for bike repair tools for all vendors including Dero.

Sources and Import Status

You can track the status of this import at

Data source site:
Data license: OdBL
Type of license (if applicable): OdBL
Link to permission (if required): An OdBL is embedded in the feed listed above.
OSM attribution (if required): Not required
ODbL Compliance verified: yes

This is a recurring import, performed by a python script. The import is underway.

Sample Node Tagging

 service:bicycle:pump      = yes
 service:bicycle:chain_tool = no
 operator=Whole Foods

See Tag:amenity=bicycle_repair_station for details. Note that the search [amenity=bicycle_repair_station][source=osmsync:dero] will be used during future conflation efforts, at least as a hint. The vast majority of these stations are opening_hours=24/7 : the goal here was to be mostly correct with local mappers supplying a restriction in the rare cases it is needed. A few tool stands inside transit stops, in particular, may be incorrectly tagged as open 24/7.

Notes and Data Quality

While spot checked nodes have generally been reasonably near to the actual location, the data quality could be better in other cases. The proposal here is to build a note for suspect nodes asking a local mapper to more precisely position the pin. The vendor uses OSM as a base map, but sometimes relies on the description of a facility manager or installer, as to where to place the pin. OSM users can do better!

So far all the tool stands searched for have been found, with positions ranging from perfect to +- 30 meters.

Changeset Tagging and Accounts

The changeset will document the name of the script used. It's unclear if this is bot=yes or bot=no, because of the human review. This is a solo project between the author and the marketing department at Dero. To facilitate updates, the upload will be made using the account of the person running the script.


The script compares the current OSM data set with the Dero dataset using a fuzzy match. The script produces a changeset file used in JOSM. The Dero database does not contain a primary key.

Importantly: the location in OSM is assumed to be more precise. If an OSM editor tweaks a location based on local knowledge, that new location will be respected as long as it is within a threshold (currently 40 meters).

External Support for Tag to Date

  • JOSM Preset - Yes
  • iD Preset - Yes
  • Vespucci Preseset - Yes
  • OpenCycleMap - Proposed
  • VeloMap - Pending
  • Potlatch Preset - No
  • Default OSM Website Stylesheet - No
  • Wiki Vote - No

See Also

Survey Photos

Here is an actual node from the project 3339010296.

Dero Area View
Dero Side View
Dero Backside View
Dero Tool Side View
Dero Tool View