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West Virginia State Forests Import is an import of Public Lands - State Forests from WV GIS Technical Center.


Add the missing State Forests' boundaries in West Virginia. Some are already there but incomplete, so needs to be reviewed.


State Forest Status Note
Cabwaylingo Node and Relation
Camp Creek Way and Node Already mapped in OSM by other mapper

from USGS topo maps

Calvin Price Way and Node Already mapped in OSM by other mapper

from USGS topo maps

Coopers Rock Node and Relation Already mapped in OSM by other mapper

from USGS topo maps partially, so just it needed to be completed.

Greenbrier Node and Relation
Kanawha Node and Relation
Kumbrabow Node and Way
Seneca Node and Relation

Every missing state forest has been imported.


Looks good to me, according to what I know of the State; not sure what else can be done with OSM-compatible data —Sterling (talk) 17:03, 15 August 2021 (UTC)

Import Data


Data source site:
Statement of license:from Frank LaFone on behalf of Kurt Donaldson stating "Secondly, we'd love for any of our data to be put into OpenStreet Map. Broadly speaking, unless it states explicitly otherwise, all the datasets on our clearinghouse are Public Domain datasets. We mostly deal in those datasets which we can freely share with the public. That should be sufficient for inclusion in OpenStreet Map." [1][note 1]
Type of license: Public Domain
ODbL Compliance verified: yes

Import Type

A one-time import done manually.

Data Preparation

Data Reduction & Simplification

The data fields are based on the PAD US schema, and those are going to be tagged shown in the tagging plans, it's simple as it goes. The relations, ways need to be reviewed, since it may happen that a single State Forest has multiple ways instead of being a part of a relation.

Tagging Plans

  • access= yes
  • name= [as provided by the data source]
  • boundary=protected_area
  • leisure=nature_reserve
  • owner= West Virginia Division of Natural Resources - Office of Land and Streams
  • operator=West Virginia Division of Forestry
  • source = West Virginia GIS Tech Center / WV Division of Forestry[2]
  • fixme=fix the boundary if possible[or similar fixme][note 2]

Changeset Tags

comment= Imported [State Forest name] in West Virginia.

source= discussed in #local-west-virginia, #imports on OSM US Slack and imports mailing list

wiki_documentation=[this wikipage]

Data Transformation

Using JOSM to compare the existing data (if there is), and then decide if it's better to leave as-is (it's suggested most of the time, if the quality is good), and review the geometry by choosing one of the available imageries to know how accurate it is.

Data Merge Workflow

Team Approach

ottwiz plans to do all the work with his own import account ottwiz_import, with Sterling working as QA.


Detail the steps you'll take during the actual import.

Information to include:

  • Work one area at a time.
  • Commits will be limited to a single state forest, or a small group of nearby boundaries.


Manual (JOSM)

See also


Check the history of ottwiz_import


  1. The explicitly stated is only for the dataset #442 Citing: "The imagery web service is for viewing only and aerial imagery from county sources is not redistributed without authorization." But in this case for dataset #58 this doesn't hold, since there's no statement about restriction of use.
  2. As the dataset was checked, the data accuracy is around 90%, so at some points it's advised to improve the data.


  1. Source of the statement
  2. "Data originator is the WV Division of Forestry (WV DoF)." according to the dataset's description. However, WV GIS Technical Center is the aggregator, so they should be sourced as well.