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For some reason I’ve taken up surveying as a hobby. Purveyor of clean and tidy cartography. If you have questions concerning my work or about areas in and around Gilmer and Harrison, feel free to e-Mail me as I rarely check my messages on here.

Areas of interest

Specific projects I’m working on

Thoroughly and completely mapping all of Gilmer County

Estimated progress: 40%.

Something in between macro- and micromapping:

  • Highways, driveways, tracks, trails and sidewalks
  • General landuse areas
  • Waterways and ponds
  • Building outlines
  • Names of nonresidential establishments

Cemetery detail in Harrison and Gilmer Counties

Estimated progress, Gilmer: 85%.
Estimated progress, Harrison: 2%

Genealogy is also one of my hobbies, so finding and mapping cemeteries has become a side project of mine. In particular, I have been / will be trying to encourage adoption of my proposed Find A Grave cemetery ID tag.

Fixing glued landuse areas

Estimated progress: 0%.

The vast majority of landuse=* areas I’ve mapped are glued to highway=* ways per the “match the surrounding style” doctrine. After an entire eleven months of this, I’ve just now learned it’s Considered Harmful™. There’s an argument to be made about at what point a desire for accuracy becomes micromapping, but considering the majority of what I do is micromapping, I guess I’ll have to deem it moot and follow the practice of my more experienced and established peers… even though they still debate it to this day.

In the end, though, this project is ultimately on the back burner.