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Available languages — Micromapping
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Micromapping or micro-mapping in OpenStreetMap (OSM) refers to the mapping of small scale features. This may include mapping such objects as a building entrance, as well as the footway and steps leading to that entrance. Another aspect is to improving the visual representation of a scenery (here: usually a very limited city area) for 3D for example. Therefore this includes improving geometries (buildings, landuse, ...) but also to add very small objects as city furnitures (streetlamps, benches, ...) and village green (trees, hedges, ...) Most mapping in OSM is not concerned with such fine detail, but rather with larger scale objects such as roads. Some advantages of micromapping are to enable advanced and detailed routing, especially routing for the mobility and vision impaired.



  • more time consuming to enter data for mappers
  • requies more accurate information (sometimes consumer GPS is not sufficient)
  • sometimes makes it harder for beginners to alter the data
  • If it is requied in some Proposal, it may off people from using it
  • (technical) increase of volume will increase requirements in processing power, but wiki:Moore's law and cheaper hdds every year are always there. This might be more complicated when we will speak about geospatial queries rather than simple linear read/write patterns.

List of proposals and tags that might be considered as micromapping

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