India/Administrative Boundaries

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Administrative Boundaries
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Political Boundaries
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Local Government Boundaries

Most tagging of boundaries is carried out in accordance with the table in Tag:boundary=administrative.

Boundaries should be marked on a containing way (for small areas) or a relation for larger areas. Administrative boundaries should be marked 'boundary. The admin level for each way or relation should be set according to the following table.

admin_level Division type Notes Overpass data csv
Rural Urban
2 National borders of India International standard
3 Zonal Council / North Eastern Council Proposed
4 State / Union territory Effective and stable
5 District (Zilla Panchayat) Current use
6 Subdistrict (Tehsil / Taluka / Taluk / Mandal / Circle / Subdivision / Commune Panchayat) Current use
7 Block/Revenue Circle
9 Revenue Village
10 Revenue Survey No