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Administrative Boundaries
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Political Boundaries
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Local Government Boundaries

Most tagging of boundaries is carried out in accordance with the table in Tag:boundary=administrative.

Boundaries should be marked on a containing way (for small areas) or a relation for larger areas. Administrative boundaries should be marked 'boundary. The admin level for each way or relation should be set according to the following table.

admin_level Division type Notes Overpass data csv
Rural Urban
2 National borders of India International standard
3 Zonal Council / North Eastern Council Proposed
4 State / Union territory Effective and stable
5 District (Zilla Panchayat) Current use
6 Subdistrict (Tehsil / Taluka / Taluk / Mandal / Circle / Subdivision / Commune Panchayat) Current use
7 Block/Revenue Circle
9 Revenue Village
10 Revenue Survey No

One of our members had contacted Survey of India, and has received the clarification that Admin Boundaries till the Village layer can be freely used for commercial and non-commercial uses