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This page is a proposal and has not been accepted. Discussions can be found on the Project India mailing list[1][2]

The reference document for classifying Indian places is the Indian Census 2011 MDDS Geographical code directory[3][4] and 2011 Census metadata doc[5]. The osm tag names closely match the areas under the census classification, but may not be exact for classification of suburbs or localities.

For name=*, try to use the exact names in the MDDS directory for consistency, any other name can be in name:en=* or alt_name=*

Data sources

Reference lists

Spatial data


Urban areas administered by:

  • M.Corp. Municipal Corporation/Corporation


Urban areas administered by:

  • C.M.C City Municipal Council
  • M Municipality
  • M.B. Municipal Board
  • M.C Municipal Committee
  • M.Cl Municipal Council
  • N.P Nagar Panchayat
  • N.T Notified Town
  • N.T.A Notified Town Area
  • S.T.C Small Town Committee
  • T.C. Town Committee/Town Area Committee
  • T.M.C Town Municipal Council


Urban/suburban areas administered by:

  • T.S. Township
  • C.B. Cantonment board/Cantonment
  • E.O Estate Office
  • I.N.A Industrial Notified Area
  • I.T.S. Industrial Township
  • N.A. Notified Area
  • N.A.C Notified Area Committee/Council


Urban neighbourhoods, localities, layouts or colonies. Also any named notable area. eg. Nariman Point


Rural areas administered by:

  • T.P Town Panchayat
  • G.P Gram Panchayat


Rural habitation clusters outside villages