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Information on custom map tiles and generating your own for India.

Setup a tileserver with correct Indian Boundaries

The map tiles on the default OSM homepage display the international borders of India as per the defacto ground situation. To comply with Indian law, please use one of the OSM India tileservers or setup your own instance with the boundaries of Jammu & Kashmir as per the Survey of India.



OpenStreetMap India Tileservers

There is an experimental OSM map of India here. This may be used to experiment with tags unique to India. The source code for the map is here

Custom styles

Supporting India specific features

With the map data getting better day by day, there is a ever growing need for the creation of new tags and icons that will be specific to India. In order to document and list the proposals for review and dicussion this page has been created. Add your proposals here for review and discussion.

See Also

Outdated Tileservers

  • A local test server for India and surrounding region has been set up in November 2009. This map is hosted on the NRCFOSS-AU server and can be used to experiment with tags specific to India. Feedback can be posted to lawgoff or the Talk:WikiProject_India page.
  • MapQuest launched for India.