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Cycling has seen a large amount of uptake in Ireland over the past decade. GIS data for cycle infrastructure is hit and miss so this page documents efforts to track cycling facilities.

Cycle Lanes & Tracks

For mapping and tagging guidance, please see Key:cycleway
For mountain biking trails, please see the Mountain_biking page

The National Trails Office has published a classification system for onroad and offroad cycling tracks. We intend to add additional information shortly about how to add grade information to OSM.

Cycle Networks

For mapping and tagging, please see Cycle routes#Relations.

Route types in Ireland

  • International (e.g. EuroVelo)
  • Greenways (e.g. Great Western Greenway, Royal Canal Greenway)
  • Routes that are part of the National Cycle Network
  • Local routes


Ireland is home to two EuroVelo routes (EV1 and EV2). Sadly, most of the routes are still at the planning stage but some stretches are fully developed.


Ireland has been successful in launching a number of national greenways with more in the plans. The majority of these are documented on OSM.

National Cycle Network

Reference to a National Cycle Network has been made since the mid-2000s but a register of such a network does not appear to be published. Work is underway to identify if such a register exists so it can be added to OSM.

Local routes

Club cycling is quite popular in Ireland and numerous local routes exist (but are not widely known / documented). In addition, a number rural communities have developed local routes for tourism purposes. The hope is to ensure these are documented and more widely publicised.

Bicycle Parking

Within urban areas, cycling has become extremely popular for both commuting and leisure purposes. This leads to an increased demand on parking facilities. Most local authorities have invested in parking infrastructure but mapping of such infrastructure has been poor to date.

As of July 2017, dónal is attempting to kickstart an effort to map cycle parking in major urban areas.


OSM projects by Irish users will be tracked here.