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Clonakilty, County Cork, Ireland
latitude: 51.621944, longitude: -8.886389
Browse map of Clonakilty 51°37′19.00″ N, 8°53′11.00″ W
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Clonakilty is a town in County Cork, Ireland at latitude 51°37′19.00″ North, longitude 8°53′11.00″ West.

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Cycle mapping Event

As part of the Clonakilty Bicycle Festival join us in mapping Clonakilty’s cycle facilities and infrastructure, by bike of course.

People with previous experience with OpenStreetMap more than welcome.

More about Mapping parties

  • When: Saturday September 13th
  • Where: Clonakilty
  • Meeting Point: Asna Square
  • Meeting Time: 4pm

If you can't make is at that time give a shout we should be around for a while

  • Contact
Phone: xxxxxxxx
  • Event schedule: [suggested]
4pm - meetup
Divide up workload
  • If you own a GPS, GPS-equipped smart phone, or laptop computer, please bring it along.
  • Bring a bike
  • Weather: This event is rain or shine.

Festival Event Page

Festival website

Getting started with OSM

OSM in the Area

There is nothing returning from this query at the moment, hopefully there will be after this event !

OSM is 10 !

Mapping objectives

To map the cycle facilities paths/lanes and parking etc. in Clonakilty.

Cycle Mapping Resources/References


  • Bbox for Clon: (-8.9557457,51.604399,-8.8424492,51.639356,12,51.62262679190376,-8.906307220458952)
  • Surrounding area: (-9.0041542,51.555115,-8.7507820,51.654907,11,51.63253708656979,-8.92244338989253)