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The new option to tag GAA pitches has been consolidated in favour or predecessors used:

sport=gaelic_games which describes a sport, is not an abbreviation and gives an outsider an initial idea what direction to think of.

The term "Gaelic Games" is used by the GAA themselves.

An icon that can be submitted to renderers is in preparation.

If specific kinds of gaelic games need to be specified, that can be done by sub-tagging:


Previously used tags are now depricated:

In sport=gaelic_football;hurling the semicolon is allowed for tags with multiple values, but some people do not like it. The advantage was that it has a meaning for everybody worldwide what it is, in comparison to sport=gaa, which has no semicolon, an acronym is used with is discouraged, and nobody out of Ireland knows what it means. Capital letters or dots (GAA or G.A.A.) were against tagging rules.