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The Isle of Man (Mannin), Europe

latitude: 54.2007, longitude: -4.5681
Browse map of the Isle of Man (Mannin) 54°12′02.52″ N, 4°34′05.16″ W
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The Isle of Man (Mannin) is a British Crown dependency in Europe at latitude 54°12′02.52″ North, longitude 4°34′05.16″ West.

This page contains information relating to mapping activity on the Isle of Man, and the free map (and map data) of the Isle of Man being built up by the contributors.


Currently (August 2023), admin_level=6 is used for "Sheedings" and admin_level=8 for "Parish / Village / Town".

Other admin_levels are not used.

Usage of official data

In 2007, the Isle of Man Government offered the use of their 1:100,000 small scale map of the Isle of Man to allow us to derive information from, for inclusion in OpenStreetMap. This allowed us to gather place name information, rivers, town and plantation boundaries, etc. all of which are of great value to the project. The following year, Cloudmade mapped the Island and donated the data to the project, adding a much greater level of detail to the data.

Isle of Man 2001 aerial imagery

Thanks to the further support of the Isle of Man Government, in 2009 we were offered the use of both the 1:25,000 scale tourist map of the Island from 2007, and the 2001 high resolution aerial imagery from which to derive data.

The aerial imagery is available as a Tile Map Service:

Please remember that it's nearly 20 years old now, so some things have changed since the shots were taken. Please add a source=Isle of Man Government aerial imagery (2001) tag (or similar) to any objects derived from the aerial imagery.

Isle of Man 2007 1:25,000 map

The 1:25,000 map can be used through the following tile sets:

Please add a source=Isle of Man Government 1:25000 map tag (or similar) to any objects derived from the map.

Using the tiles

To use the imagery, simply click one of the direct links above. A source tag will automatically be added to your changeset.

To use the imagery in JOSM, add a custom source to the slippymap plugin, levels 9 to 18 (or 9 to 16 for the 1:25,000 map).

Mapped features

Category Name Data
Douglas way 38652636
Castletown way 25986135
Port Erin way 25989717
Ramsey way 25985917
Peel way 25987836
Port St Mary way 25988845
Ballasalla way 38256631
Onchan way 25987815
Kirk Michael node 283505157
Colby node 283489994
Ballabeg node 283519563
Glen Vine way 38336588
Union Mills node 283493479
Crosby way 38336596
St Johns node 283504450
Foxdale node 283481432
Jurby node 283501062
Bride node 283510000
Isle of Man relation 6041206
Calf of Man way 25987471
Ayre relation 1061144
Garff relation 1061145
Glenfaba relation 1061147
Middle relation 1061146
Michael relation 1028022
Rushen relation 1061135
Road circuits
Snaefell Mountain Course (Isle of Man TT circuit) relation 188240
Southern 100 Course relation 188641
Steam Railway relation 148241
Manx Electric Railway way 25986379
Snaefell Mountain Railway way 25989689
Groudle Glen Railway way 27036461
Douglas Horse Trams way 59285960
Orchid Line, Wildlife Park relation 231795
Long Distance Footpaths
Millennium Way
Raad ny Foillan relation 231798
Cycle routes
1 (Douglas) relation 192623
2 (Castletown) relation 192635
2a relation 192846
2b relation 192847
3 (Port Erin, Port St Mary, Ballabeg and Colby) relation 192856
3a relation 192859
3b relation 192858
3c relation 192857
4 (Peel) relation 192889
4a relation 192890
5 (Ramsey) relation 192912
6 (Laxey) relation 192630
Bus routes (work in progress)
3 relation 198595
5 (Douglas to Ramsey, via Peel) relation 176527
8 (Port Erin to Peel) relation 174760

Helping out

Anybody can help out with mapping the Isle of Man for the Openstreetmap project - you just need to create an account and start editing.

For more information on how you can help the project out, see the Getting Involved section.

Mapping names in Manx and English

Many streets on the Isle of Man show their name in both English and Manx Gaelic, and each of the settlements also has a Manx name. Wherever we know it, we are storing both the English and Manx versions of a name, and using the English as the default version to show on the map.

To map names in English, simply use name tag, but if you can add the Manx name as well, please add that as name:gv and also duplicate the English name in a name:en tag.


(please add your name to the map if you're working on improving the map data for the Isle of Man)


Changes made to Isle of Man data can be monitored through the Changeset browser or using the equivalent RSS feed. Note that this list also includes changesets which span the Island (e.g. global changes to items in both Canada and Europe) but don't change anything within the Island itself.

Using the data

There are a number of ways you can use the free geodata for the Isle of Man. The downloads listed below are map extracts covering just the Isle of Man, updated weekly with the latest data.

Sites using the Isle of Man mapping data:

Mapping Parties

The first Isle of Man mapping party was held in 2007, and the map has come on immensely since then, especially with the help of a thorough mapping by a group from CloudMade (SteveC, NickB & Blackadder) in 2008. With the majority of the Island's roads now on the map, along with rivers, plantations and other geographic features, it's time to start adding finer detail to the map. On 1st August 2009 the second Isle of Man Mapping Party was held in Douglas to gather additional information to add to the map. A third mapping day was held in 2010 to add more detail to the map of Douglas.

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