Isle of Man Mapping Party 2007

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Open Street Map of the Isle of Man

On Saturday 1st September 2007, the Isle of Man hosted its first mapping party with the main aim being to map the streets of Douglas and the surrounding areas.

Areas to be mapped

Areas to map around Douglas
Number Places Town Description
1 Spring Valley, Anagh Coar/Annacur, Kirby Douglas Largely residential area between Cooil Road, Vicarage Road, Peel Road and New Castletown Road.
2 Pulrose, Kewaigue, South Quay Douglas Area between New Castletown Road, Peel Road and Old Castletown road, to Douglas Harbour
3 Central business district and shopping area Douglas Area between Circular Road, North Quay, Sea Terminal, Loch Promenade, Broadway, Derby Road and Bucks/Woodbourne Road
4 West Douglas Area between Quarterbridge Road, Alexander Road, Peel Road, Circular Road and Bucks/Woodbourne Road
5 Middle Douglas Area between Alexander Road, Broadway, Ballanard Road, Tromode Road
6 Snugborough, Strang Douglas Area between Strang Road, Peel Road, Quarterbridge Road
7 Willaston Douglas Area between Mountain Road, Glen Crutchery Road, Ballanard Road
8 East Douglas, West Onchan Douglas / Onchan Area between Broadway, Glencrutchery Road, Promenade
9 North Onchan Onchan
10 East Onchan Onchan

The plans

  • Meet Saturday morning at 9.30 in the Java Lounge on the corner of Duke Street and Victoria Street. The Java Lounge has free wifi with the purchase of a drink.
  • Intro to mapping.
  • Choose areas to map. Mixture of areas suited to foot, bike or car transport.
  • Meet for lunch in The British at 1pm.
  • Meet for coffee at the Java Lounge again 6pm.
  • Go through the process of uploading the information and begin mapping.

What information to collect

(in approximate suggested order of priority)

  • GPS tracks for streets
  • Names of streets
  • One-way restrictions
  • Pub locations
  • Postbox locations
  • Postcode locations
  • Phonebox locations
  • Hotel locations and names

Who's interested

Name Has GPS unit Needs accomodation Days available
Dan Karran Yes No Saturday (and possibly Sunday morning)
Owen Cutajar (maybe) Yes No
Nick Black) Yes No