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Author Ben Abelshausen
License GPLv2 and MIT (free of charge)
Platforms Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, and Windows
Version 0.31 (2016-12-15)
Language English
Programming language C#

Routing and optimisation library.

Itinero is an open source routing library/server for .NET. Apart from the routing core, there is also a logistical optimization and a public transit module available. Initially based on OsmSharp it has grown to a fully featured routing engine with a focus on optimization and logistics.

A short overview of some of the supported features:

  • Fast planet-wide routing.
  • All the default routing algorithms like Dijkstra, A* and Contraction Hierarchies.
  • Multiple built-in routing profiles with support for custom vehicle profiles based on lua scripts.
  • Full turn-restriction support.
  • Advanced routing support with for example u-turn prevention, also toward logistical optimization.
  • Multi-weight payloads in the contraction hierarchy to calculate large weight matrices with multiple weights in one go, usually time/distance/custom metrics.
  • Preprocess and save routing data to disk for distribution or later use including lua vehicle profiles.
  • Support for analytics about the network and heatmaps.
  • OpenLR support.