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通常、単一の機関や組織によって管理・指示される自転車道の体系。多くは路線番号のつけ方が決まっています。 Show/edit corresponding data item.
グループ: プロパティ
文書化された値の数: 1

このキーの値は、よく network=* の値と並行して使われます。サイクリングルートには、すでに階層の中のルートの相対的なレベル(icn=国際, ncn=国, rcn=地方, lcn=地域)を示すために network=* が使われていますので、 cycle_network=* は道路番号を割り当てたり、道路番号付けを管理したりする(政府などの)主体や組織をより詳細に識別するために役立つようにします。




  • cycle_network=US:US – Explicitly-numbered national bicycle routes in the United States Bicycle Route System, approved by AASHTO. These are sometimes signed; improved signage is ongoing
  • cycle_network=US – The USA's three quasi-national (and quasi-private) bicycle routes East Coast Greenway (ECG), Mississippi River Trail (MRT) and Western New England Greenway (WNEG): while each are independent "national in scope" routes in the USA, neither ECG, MRT, nor WNEG are members of any particular national cycle network
  • cycle_network=US:ZPublic (government-published/sanctioned) or quasi-private (neither government-sanctioned nor approved by AASHTO, but public data) wide-area regional cycleway network routes, where Z is a brief name or standardized abbreviation for the name of the regional network. For example, US Government's Department of the Interior, National Park Service's routes are in a network tagged cycle_network=US:NPS. There are also private routes characterized as wide-area regional cycleway networks which should not be in OSM as they violate our ODBL, but in some limited cases, are. For example, <3 routes in Adventure Cycling Association's private (commercial, proprietary, copyrighted) network are tagged cycle_network=US:ACA
  • cycle_network=US:XYState bicycle routes, where XY is the two-letter postal abbreviation of the state
  • cycle_network=US:XY:LocalityLocal bicycle routes where Locality is the name of the local jurisdiction (county/city/town/local routes).

While public/government-published bicycle routes are generally compatible with OSM's ODBL, use good judgement entering into OSM quasi-private route data; only enter route data compatible with OSM's license and/or with explicit permission. Public (often government-published) route data can always be entered into OSM, quasi-private route data can usually be entered, but private route data should not be entered.