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ハイキングコース記号の機械で読み取れる形の説明 Edit or translate this description.
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This renderer specific tag was invented to automatically render symbols for hiking routes on the OSMC Reit- und Wanderkarte and is understood by the OSMC map generator for Garmin maps. It is also used at CMarqu's hike'n'bike map. The idea is to compose the symbol from different input graphics and text components. This tag is intended to be read by rendering software and, thus, completes rather than invalidates the symbol=* tag which should contain a human-readable description of the symbol.

Syntax of the tag is:


with the subparts:

  • waycolor - Name of the color in which the the route path itself should be painted. (Please note that the color white is not allowed on the OSMC map.)
  • background - Graphics describing the background of the symbol. For most symbols a simple single-colored background will suffice but more complex patterns are allowed. (For example: use "white" for a simple white background)
  • foreground (optional) - Main graphics of the symbol, generally a geometric figure and a color, e.g. "blue_bar". The image will be overlayed over the background image and should therefore be partly transparent. This field can be empty if a text symbol is used.
  • foreground2 (optional) - A second foreground image can be used to depict multicolor markings or to repeat the symbol.
  • text (optional) - Text to print over the symbol. It should not be longer than 3 letters. Use simple ASCII letters only, exotic ANSI/UTF-8 glyphs are not supported. This and textcolor may be omitted when not needed.
  • textcolor (optional) - Name of the color in which to print the text.

Subparts can be left empty or may be left out if they are unneeded. The minimum configuration is a waycolor and either a foreground or some text and a background.


Valid elements for a osmc:symbol are found in this list of symbols. Note that the set currently targets hiking paths used primarily in Germany. In other countries, other symbols may be defined and documented elsewhere (possibly in a page on this wiki)

Please note that, in order to be truly useful to renderers, the number of different values for the subparts should be kept small. Always try to approximate the symbol of your hiking route using existing values first. If you need a frequently used symbol added, contact Nop with suggestions. Don't invent a new tag, simply use text/textcolor or refrain from using osmc:symbol altogether.

Finally, don't just add a osmc:symbol to a hiking route because it looks good on the map. osmc:symbol should always reflect the route symbol that is used as waymarker or on guideposts to give the direction.


This copy of values may be obsolete. Also check this complete list of symbols.


Label background

simple round circle frame
     black black black_circle
     blue blue blue_circle
     brown brown
     green green green_round green_frame
     orange orange
     purple purple
     red red red_round red_circle red_frame
     white white white_round white_circle
     yellow yellow yellow_circle yellow_frame

Label foreground

Shape blue yellow red green black white
arch red_arch black_arch white_arch
backslash green_backslash
bar blue_bar yellow_bar red_bar green_bar black_bar white_bar
circle blue_circle yellow_circle red_circle green_circle black_circle white_circle
crest red_crest black_crest
cross blue_cross yellow_cross red_cross green_cross black_cross white_cross
diamond blue_diamond yellow_diamond red_diamond green_diamond black_diamond white_diamond
dot blue_dot yellow_dot red_dot green_dot black_dot white_dot
drop red_drop
drop_line red_drop_line green_drop_line
fork blue_fork yellow_fork red_fork green_fork black_fork
lower blue_lower yellow_lower red_lower white_lower
pointer blue_pointer yellow_pointer red_pointer green_pointer black_pointer white_pointer
rectangle blue_rectangle yellow_rectangle red_rectangle green_rectangle black_rectangle white_rectangle
slash blue_slash green_slash white_slash
stripe blue_stripe yellow_stripe red_stripe green_stripe white_stripe
triangle blue_triangle yellow_triangle red_triangle green_triangle black_triangle white_triangle
x blue_x yellow_x red_x green_x white_x
other shapes



Other shapes

  • shell_modern
  • shell
  • ammonit
  • mine
  • hiker
  • heart
  • tower

Label text color

Maps that show osmc:symbol

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