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多言語の名前 を示す方法が他にある場合を除き、翻字を当てたらどうかと思うことがあります。翻字のコードに関する規準は見られず、このページでは現行のコードを列記することにします。

For Chinese, the following have been proposed:

zh_py=<Chinese pinyin (toneless)>
zh_pyt=<Chinese pinyin (with tones)>

However, from the Multilingual names page, and in practice, it seems the convention is:

name:en=<Chinese pinyin (toneless and with some basic words translated)>
name:zh_pinyin=<Chinese pinyin (with tones)>

アラビア語 は一般に DIN_31635を採用して翻字しています。

ar_din=<Arabic DIN 31635>

For Japanese, common romanisation systems are Hepburn romanisation, Kunrei-shiki Rōmaji (ISO 3602) and Nihon-shiki Rōmaji (ISO 3602 Strict). The Hepburn romanisation is the most common one (eg, used in Wikipedia [1] and Wikivoyage), and therefore the recommended one.

ja_Latn=<romanisation of Japanese>

カンナダ語 の言葉は標準の ISO 15919 を採用して翻字しています。 詳細は name:kn:iso15919=* をご参照ください。

Avoid transliteration

As discussed at Names: Avoid transliteration, transliterations are in most cases unnecessary, since it is usually possible to automatically transliterate between scripts in the renderer. Transliterations should only be added in general where it is possible to verify the transliteration from an official source (not Wikipedia), e.g. if the named locality has signage in the target script in addition to the native script.