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GraphView layer for a junction with turn restrictions in JOSM

GraphView is a plugin for JOSM that visualizes routing information. It is intended to help mappers spot errors that affect routing but not show up in ordinary maps. GraphView also offers a feature to color the graph based on tags (such as maxspeed) for a quick overview of tagging in an area.


After installing GraphView (usually using the JOSM plugin manager), there will be a new icon in the vertical toolbar that toggles visibility of the GraphView control panel on the right. Click "create/update graph" in the control panel to create a new layer with a routing graph.

You can configure some aspects of the routing graph (e.g. the vehicle to create the graph for) directly in the control panel. The GraphView preference settings offer more options.

Feature support

GraphView currently supports

Not yet implemented are


While this plugin can help you to find possible errors, it is not authoritative and not guaranteed to be consistent with the wiki and real-life routing software. In fact, it is likely that there will be differences. Do not blindly trust this plugin!

If you find bugs in GraphView that are not caused by missing features from the "not yet implemented" section above, please add a notice to the talk page.