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ImageWayPoint is yet another photo mapping plugin for JOSM, but for photographs which are not geotagged. It may be useful for people who use Mom for capturing GPX tracks.


  • Adds an new item to the File menu to load pictures and makes a new layer from them in the map view.
  • Will match image filenames to filenames stored in either the name, comment or description attribute of a GPX waypoint.
  • Displays the images in a ToggleDialog (so it appears as a panel on the right of the screen and can be shown/hidden with a click on a button of the left toolbar. It can be set in a separate window by clicking the sticky button)
  • Displays the pictures as a little camera icon in the map view. The selected picture appears in red.
  • Allows rotation of images


The JAR file for the plugin is here. It can also be downloaded and installed directly from the plug-in tab in the JOSM preference dialog.

The source code is contained within the jar.


The code for this plugin is heavily influenced by (and the images shamelessly stolen from) Christian Gallioz' AgPifoJ plugin. The author of ImageWayPoint gratefully acknowledges Christian's generosity in creating AgPiFoJ and making its source-code available.