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This is an improved plugin using the Kendzi3D source code.

The installation and run steps are the same, as well as the movement of the camera.This plugin still depends on kendzi3d-jogl and log4j.

Note: If plugin doesn't load first time, please try again, is a bug. Keep in mind, this pre-release is still in alpha.


  • Improved the accessibility for users, adding existing type of roofs is easier, all you need to do is drag and drop the roof type on the selected building.
  • Made colouring of the building and roof easier and now it supports HEX colours, you can choose any colour from a colour palette.
  • The roofs can be rotated by a predefined angle(0,90,180,270 degrees), depending on the roof type.
  • Most existing roofs can have a specified roof height that doesn't interfere with the building's height.
  • Zoom in/out can be used with mouse scrolling, it is working on mouse wheel, not only from keyboard.


Some short clips containing this updated plugin's features:

Selecting roof type

Colouring building

Add colour at walls and roof for buildings.

Rotation of roof direction

Rotation with 90 degrees

Changing of roof height

Roof height is described in meters.

Zoom in/out

Zoom in and zoom out for mouse wheel