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OpenStreetBugs was a database and a website for marking errors in the OpenStreetMap data. It is now deprecated as its functionality has been replaced by Notes, a core feature of openstreetmap.

This plugin integrated OpenStreetBugs into JOSM.
You could view bugs, add comments, close bugs and report new bugs.


Please use the JOSM bug tracker to report bugs or ask for new features. Simply create a new ticket and describe your problem as detailed as possible.


Use the plugin manager to install the plugin.

Alternatively, you can download it directly from [1] and put it into your plugin directory


Load OpenStreetBugs issues into JOSM

The plugin automatically downloads OpenStreetBugs issues as soon as the plugin dialog is opened. If you drag or zoom the map, the plugin will download the issues on the fly, so that you don't have to update the issues manually. If you don't like this behavior, you can disable the auto download feature in the settings of JOSM. Open the settings dialog, select the Einstein tab, find the entry osb.auto_download and set it to false.

Select an issue

There are two ways to select an OpenStreetBugs issue. You can select an issue in the list of the OpenStreetBugs dialog or you can click on an issue in the map. If you want to click on an issue in the map, the OpenStreetBugs layer has to be selected.

Change an issue

To edit an issue, select the desired one, as described before and then either use one of the buttons in the OpenStreetBugs dialog or use the right mouse button on an issue in the map or in the list in the plugin dialog to open a context menu.

Report a new issue

First press the green "+" button, then select the osm object which has an issue. A comment window will open to allow you to add details.


You can find some configuration parameters on the Einstein tab in the settings dialog.

osb.api.disabledDisables the communication to OpenStreetBugs. For development purposes only.
osb.auto_downloadControls the auto download function. The plugin will download data from OpenStreetBugs, if the map is dragged or zoomed
osb.button_labelsSwitches between two layouts for the dialog. You have to restart JOSM to apply this setting.

Osb buttton labels.png Osb no button labels.png

osb.include_dateAdds a timestamp to each new bug or comment
osb.nicknameThe nickname, which will be added to your comments
osb.uri.*The API URIs for the different actions. Don't touch this!

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