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Splinex JOSM plugin is based on the idea of Spline-drawing-tool, but allows to fully edit a spline like as in vector graphics editors before converting it to a way.


  • Click+drag on free ares to add new nodes and set control points of Bézier curve.
  • Click+drag existing nodes or control points to move them.
  • Double click on the resulting spline to finish.
  • Double click on the first point of the spline to close it.

Ctrl does the following:

  • Disables snap to existing nodes
  • Disables automatic movement of counterparts when dragging control points
  • Sets new control points when dragging a node (useful to convert sharp corners to curves)


Green lines are tangents with control points at ends, red line is the resulting spline:


Splines can be useful for drawing tunnels: on the satellite you can see only entrance and exit, GPS doesn't work at tunnels either. One can approximate tunnel path by aligning tangents along entrance and exit roads:



  • Virtual nodes to add new segments in the middle of the spline
  • Angle snapping
  • Adaptive subdivision
  • Modeful drawing -- implement two different mapmodes to draw and to edit splines. Currently only modeless Potlach-like drawing is possible.
  • Ability to set control points without click+drag
  • Statusbar hints