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Allow the user to:

  • not to leave/defocus JOSM
  • short mouse ways


  • mousewheel as joggdial?
  • zooming
  • embedd as JOSM dialog
  • snapshots of geotagged photos e.g. for traffic sign analysis
  • multiple videos/perspectives
    • fold videos instead of splitting the video/gps track with external tools?
  • no GPS track nescessary (for adding objectsin an allready very good mapped szenario)


  • Video
  • start/pause
  • time slider
  • position in GPS track
  • fast forward/rewind
  • jumping
  • playback loops
  • slow down playback speed


  • length of jumps
  • length of loops
  • speed of fast forward
  • normal playback speed
  • shortcuts


  • menu
  • seperated window, integrated dialog, video on layer?
  • timeline
  • controlbar (start/stop, FF, RW)
  • options for controls
  • ?Sync menu


  • 1. user add GPS track
  • 2. Add Video to this track
    • is length ok?
    • what does the timestamp say?
  • 3. Syn with GPS track
  • 4. Use slider or clicks within the editor or shrtcuts to navigate trough the timeline


  • Video might be shorter than GPS track
  • GPS track might be shorter
  • Startdate of video might be before/after GPS startdate(file and GPS ones)
  • moving slider(video time)->Frame(video)->position in GPS track
  • Pgpslayer(videotime)= simpleInterpolate(getNearestGPSPoints(videotime))