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Current version 0.60b (not published)

JOSM video mapping plugin

The video mapping plugin should allow users to link a video against a recorded GPS track. It will be designed for multiscreen systems for a quick see&add workflow.

  • playback multiple videos within JOSM
  • control playback with shortcuts
  • link videos against GPS track -> jump to video time

Started at the "GIS Projekt" at the cair of Geodäsie und Geoinformatik at the university of rostock it became the topic of my bachelor thesis.

Maintenance, development, state

The code is unmaintained since about 2012.

It simply does not work under Linux, and possibly under other systems either due to dependence on buggy, outdated libraries.


My research had been kindly supported by test samples of the following companies

Elmo header logo.gif ELMO cooperation lend a SUV Cam II helmet camera
Logo of the Eastman Kodak Company (2006–2016).svg Kodak GmbH lend a Kodak Zi8 Pocket Camcorder
Rollei-Logo.svg Rollei with a Movieline P3
Medion logo old vector version.svg Medion with a P47350
Cisco logo.svg Cisco with a Flip Ultra HD
Logo aiptek.jpg Aiptek with a PocketDV T8, a AHD A100 and a PenCam Trio HD
Logo blickvang.jpg Blickvang with a GoPro HD Hero 960 helmet camera
Stadtrundfahrten Rostock

And of couse by the OSM community [1], [2]


Have a look at the /history2, /history Development:

  • V 0.1 min JOSM Plugin with interaction on JOSM layer (see GPSracer Plugin for ideas)
  • V 0.2 video functionality in JAVA
  • V 0.3 GPS interaction
  • V 0.4 sync video<->GPS track
  • V 0.5 advanced comfort (shortcuts, options, UI improvements...)
  • V 0.6 multiple videos and gps track interpolation (stage 2 bachelor thesis)
  • ... (further extensions /Design#ideas)
  • V 0.9 adding vehicle physics and estimating view angle?
  • V 1.0 adding OCR functionality to recognize housenumbers, traffic signs,....?


  • register for GPS track layer
  • create video window, player, controls
  • follow/interpolate position in main view
  • register shortcuts for video control
  • better JOSM integration (context menu, deployment)
  • stability

Video framework

Cause Java has no good video engine I use the brilliant native library by the VideoLan Project (GPL, Credits). To make it accessible within Java I use the VLCj library provided by Eduardo Sherington (aka William Mark Lee) that comes under GPL, too.

Test recordings


Camcorder setups


  • 5km/h
  • need a steady cam tripod for >15min (big camcorders becomes heavy over the time...)
  • with jumping/slowmo very comfortable


  • 15-30km/h
  • easy wearables: tripod+knapsack
  • only carrying in hand is possible but not recommend for own security!


  • very nice within city 30-50km/h
  • hidden objects by transporters, trucks, buses, trams,... if you film the opposite lane
  • countryside only a few objects


  • 30-70km/h AVG 25km/h
  • heavy acceleration/turns -> mount tripod
  • heavy vibrations possible
  • have to take a good place esp. in front
  • 2nd floor avoids hidden objects


  • very fast 30-40km/h -> deinterlacing/artifacts
    • looking to the side doesn't work
    • even big lettered shops unreadable
  • tripod not necessary
  • no interaction necessary


  • traffic signs not recognizable
  • small shops unreadable
  • to much rails
  • only very few hidden objects by other trams


  • zoom might get better results cause less speed

rapid transit(sBahn)

  • ~80km/h
  • very poor results: only big houses/signs identifiable
  • mostly surrounded by green


  • 130km/h
  • only ways parallel to the rails visible
  • areas surrounding the train stations good visible


  • produce mostly photos that are stitched together


  • price from 30€(webcam) over 120€(pocket camcorder), 500€(amateur camcorder), 1000€(adv. camcorder) till x000€(prof. TV camera)
  • industry cams? (outdoor mount)
  • Video suites suck

Sony HDR-XR500VE

  • embedded HDD and GPS
  • HD is realy great

Panasonic NVS-GS300

  • DV tapes suck, cause you have to stream it to PC
  • 60-120mins

ELMO SUV II Helmet camera

  • 1.50m cable
  • has manual focus
  • can slow down FPS
  • powerfull-> you can point to interesting things
  • filming to (oppo)side is difficult cause of focus and limited point of view
  • filming to front is very cool but might reduce your attention to the rest of the traffic
  • better than webcam
  • see demovideo:

Kodak Zi8 Pocket Camcorder

  • monitor for review -> you can re-adjust
  • handy enough to carry it over long time in hand (even on a bike)
  • handy enough to take it allways with you
  • brilliant HD quality, 60fps possible
  • camcorder like very fast brightness adaption
  • very inconspicuous (looks like a mobile phone)
  • noise in darker scenarios


  • best results at 10-25km/h and in a city
    • faster means more 'in front' looking cam
    • film objects that are far away (opposite lane)
    • fix focus to infinite
  • have only to decide:
    • if road+signs are important (then direct in front looking cam)
    • or the scenario (then a traversal to left/right)
  • be aware of scratched/unclean windows, rain, reflections, flying hairs -> cloudy weather is cool
  • be aware of refocusing and misplaced setups ->fix focus is good
  • a second person for body cam setup is perfect!
  • GPS cams don't necessarily offer a GPS track
  • Cams run <2h
  • comparable medium quality of digicams/helmet cams
  • luxury camcorders (autofocus,...) not necessary
  • a lot of data (1.5h -> 4.8GB) -> prefer MPEG4 and non HD
  • Analyzing takes ~ 3x recording time (in premapped city areas with high object density)
  • privacy is not a problem most faces unrecognizable and movie has a documentation character.
    You/other might be filmed during illegal actions (red crossings....).
    Yourself will filmed in different ways (reflections,...).


  • good tool for: road features, road structure, streetnames, shops, high grade details (barriers, benches, clocks,...), high density (housenumbers) and QA in general
  • might get problems with some house numbers (bad contrast on the same colored ground etc...)

legal/pricacy issues