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basing on the design and the experiences collected with a seperated video player and first videos we got the following user centered concept:


The user should be able to extract the objects within the video to add them in the JOSM Editor. Cause videos are fast, long and have a high object density it is nescessary to:

  • have max control of the video playback
  • not to leave the editor
  • have short mouse ways


  • mostly keyboard shortcuts for playback control, no conflicts with persisting shortcuts
  • seamless integration of a min video player


The user will follow this procedure:

  • start JOSM
  • add a GPS track
  • add video to this track
  • add multiple sync points per video
    • control video position and GPS position completely independent
    • remove previous ones
  • add more videos
  • navigate thorough the video using shortcuts or UI elements
    • start/pause playback
    • slider for playback speed rate
    • jump x ms forward/backward
    • jump y s by clicking on the timeslider
    • loop z ms around current time
  • add visible objects in JOSM


The user has to be able to set this options:

  • speed rate (directly in playback window)
  • jump length (main menu)
  • loop length (main menu)
  • Center GPS Position? (main menu)
  • Manage sync points (main menu)
  • remove video (main menu)
  • set shortcuts
  • set deinterlacer
  • set coloring/representation

user interface

  • video menu entry (activated on GPS layers) to add a video and with options in submenu
  • Layer context menu
  • video sync form
    • add, delete sync point
    • show all sync points
  • video player form (JOSMDialog recommed)
    • speed slider(snaping 1x position)
    • time
  • shortcuts (similar to VLC):
    • arrow keys: left/right jumps
    • +/- key speedcontrol
  • Camera position shown on Layer


The plugin design has to be flexible enough to deal with the following extensions:

  • intelligent autosync
  • multiple videos
  • no GPS track nescressary: well mapped areas are good enough for georeference
  • photo snapshots: georeferenced photos are good for official review
  • zooming mode: for single screen devices
  • mousewheel as joggdial: speed or per frame control
  • autosnapshot (e.g. for housenumbers) to save diskspace for proof of authentication