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The way downloader plugin allows easy downloading along a long set of interconnected ways.

A typical use is to follow the route of a road which is made up of a number of ways by downloading each way in turn without having to download all the surrounding data.


  • Download and install the plugin into JOSM
  • Download or open a set of data in the normal way
  • Select a way or the last node of an existing way
  • From the menu select Tools-Way Download (or press Ctrl+Shift+W)
  • Any ways attached to the end of the existing way will then be download and added to the map.

In fact the plugin simply requests a very small bounding box around the end node of the way, thus causing any ways which are a continuation of the same road to be downloaded. It then jumps the view, and the selection, to the end of that way. This allows you to repeatedly request a "way download", to quickly spider along the way. Using the menu is a little slow for this purpose (too many clicks). Use the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+W) or add the action onto your toolbar by editing your preferences

The plugin also detects duplicate nodes and offers to fix them. The idea of this was to be useful within TIGER fixup of motorways, although duplicate nodes have been fixed for all major U.S. roads now.

The plugin does not download bounding boxes covering the full extent of the way, so you shouldn't really undertake editing on the road which JOSM is displaying, since it lies mostly outside of the downloaded area. It's fine to fix little localised connectivity problems at the tips of ways (e.g. the automated fix of duplicate nodes). For other editing work you would want to download larger bounding boxes around the area you are editing.


Originally created by User:Harry Wood

The jar:

The source code: