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The epsg31287 plugin provides EPSG:31287 projection support for JOSM, which was needed for Geoimage WMS in Austria.

Usage for WMS

This plugin is not necessary anymore to use WMS, as WGS84 projection is provided since December 2010. See (german) Wiki page Geoimage.

Quick guide for add new entry in WMS/Imagery configuration with WMS URL = (including final "&")


Unfortunately it's not 100% precise, so there is need for manual adjustment and a little bit of care before starting to map. Usually the error is just an offset, which can be corrected by adjusting the WMS Layer (button in left toolbar "Adjust the position of the selected WMS layer").


Installation is done by using JOSM installation mechanism:

  1. Start JOSM, Preferences -> Plugins -> activate epsg31287, restart JOSM
    • if "epsg31287" is not in the list: Preferences -> Plugins -> Download list
  2. Imagery (WMS plugin), Preferences -> WMS -> Add -> WMS Url =,Orthophoto,Luftbild_1m&SRS=EPSG:31287&STYLES=&FORMAT=image/jpg& (including final "&")


  1. Download OSM data
  2. select menu EPSG31287 -> set EPSG:31287
  3. activate WMS layer which has been created in step installation - 2.
  4. please note: it's not 100% precise, so there is need for manual adjustment! You have to adjust the position of the WMS by using known objects or traces as a reference (button in left toolbar "Adjust the position of the selected WMS layer")

This projection is now active until JOSM is restarted, to switch back to originally configured projection without restarting: select menu EPSG31287 -> set "xy" (where "xy" is your old projection). If Geoimage WMS layer has been active, it is now hidden.

Before uploading data to OSM, the projection is reset to the originally configured projection, the WMS layer will be hidden. After uploading data, it can be reactivated by selecting EPSG31287 projection.

Known issues

  • It's a new plugin, so please expect hiccups, hangs and other problems. "It's not my fault if your satellite/nuclear power station/missile system fails as a result". For me it's working ....
  • if somebody is willing to help: Source is in JOSM Plugin SVN Repository
  • once again: please note: it's not 100% precise, so there is need for manual adjustment!
  • if you activate EPSG31287 after activating WMS geoimage, JOSM might hang. So please stick to the suggested ordering of usage steps.
  • JOSM will hang after starting the validator when EPSG:31287 projection is still active. Workaround: activate previous projection in EPGS31287 menu.
  • see also German wiki page for more details and discussion.