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Kerala MDR

Kerala have a Major District Roads network of 27,469.950 km.


Tags for the relation

Each way making up any single Indian Highway route is added to a relation and that relation is given at least these tags:

Code District PWD MDR list PWD map Remarks
AL Alappuzha list image
ER Ernakulam list image
ID Idukki list image
KN Kannur list image
KS Kasaragod list image
KL Kollam list image
KT Kottayam list image
KZ Kozhikode list image
MA Malappuram Manjeri image
PL Palakkad list image
PT Pathanamthitta list image
TV Thiruvananthapuram list image
TS Thrissur list image
WA Wayanad list, Churam image
Muvattupuzha list image

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